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April 05, 2021

5 Ways Technology is Transforming Trucking Industry

Technology is rapidly advancing and transforming every commercial sector, and the trucking industry is no exception.

Gone are the days when delivery of goods used to take ages, and clients were left without any updates of the whereabouts of their dispatched goods. Today's commercial vehicles are efficient and highly reliable. And the future looks even more promising!

Let's explore the marvelous and highly innovative technology that's found its way into the trucking future!

1.     Fleet Management

In the last couple of decades, the trucking industry has witnessed a huge turnover of commercial vehicle drivers. Recruiting and retaining drivers and staff for the fleet can become challenging in this scenario.

The latest technology related to fleet management is remarkably changing the management of commercial vehicle fleet. Tech companies have developed specialized software that record driver data. Fleet owners can access this data about truckers and use it for hiring and training new drivers. The use of such software also encourages good driving adherence in truckers and drivers.

Most truck owners and drivers are now also linked through mobile applications and software programs that allow them to exchange real-time data and driving information.

2.   Robotics

Transformers and autobots may not be very remote from the reality of the trucking industry. Truck manufacturers are making great advancement in research related to robotics and artificial intelligence. Yes, we can really expect automated commercial trucks to replace truck drivers in the near future!

Companies like Tesla and Volvo have already begun testing revolutionary technology in the field of driverless trucks and commercial vehicles. However, many observers and critics are skeptical of the true value of such technology in the industry. There's also some fear of how the automated-trucks technology is going to negatively affect jobs in the sector.

3.   Driver Monitoring

Fleet owners can now monitor the drivers for their commercial vehicles in real-time with GPS tracking technology. It is also possible to communicate with the drivers and give them instructions in relation to their location.

It is much easier to enforce better driver behavior through the telematics and GPS technology. Fleet managers can assess and evaluate driver performance based on the information available about the vehicle's location, speed and road sense (braking, speeding etc.). These useful insights are also beneficial for improving vehicle fuel efficiency and employee productivity. These useful tools can significantly improve your company's customer service and satisfaction rates.

4.   Traffic and Road Safety

The trucking industry has achieved the most significant transformation through safety technology. Commercial trucks and vehicles are now manufactured with best-in class safety features. Sensors and alarm systems are immensely useful for preventing any mishap on the road.

Some basic features include rear view cameras, stability control and interior cameras. If you're looking for still more advanced features, you can consider purchasing your commercial transport on Truck1 United Kingdom. You will find options with world-class features like anti-lock braking systems, side monitor cameras, lane departure alert system and blind spot warning devices.

It's true that vehicles with these special features are priced for the premium segment. But when safety is at stake, investing a little more in the vehicle makes definite sense.

5.   Technology for luxury

Passenger transport forms a significant part of the commercial vehicle industry. Technology has contributed towards tremendous transformation in this segment. Buses and coaches with features like audio visual monitors, refrigerators and lavatories have come to rule the passenger transport industry. Mercedes Benz is also testing a Future Bus with its patented semi-automatic driving technology and ultra-cool luxury features.

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