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April 05, 2021

Veda Jamoona Tackles Communication Through Technology

Technology has impacted us in profound ways. Since the internet, communication can be channeled through several distinct developments. New York, New York’s Veda Jamoona has devoted her education to understanding expanded states of consciousness through neurophysiology. By discovering what progress means and how it forms society, a common understanding can be shared.

Communication Developments Through Technology

Digital technology has become increasingly crucial throughout past decades. With the rapid growth of computer software, understanding how others think is both more and less accessible.

Recent digital developments have impacted:

  • news
  • socializing
  • work
  • etiquette

Recent digital developments have impacted individuals in 4 critical ways.


With the advent of technology, many news publications can be found online. While information is more readily available, choosing which source is trustworthy can be difficult. A friend’s page on social media or a popular blog may seem like legitimate places to find accurate information, but that’s not always true.

Between “alternative facts” and “fictionalized news,” small distinguishing elements of a publication can be confusing and misleading. With the increase of online news, many people are becoming skeptical of information that may be true. Recently, people who may never have believed in conspiracy theories before are now unsure what to believe.


Many internet users that participate in social media experience higher rates of anxiety. This could be due to digital devices such as smartphones, where every moment can be captured and broadcasted. With an increase in anxiety, social interactions are frequently more self-conscious.

Serious moments, like relationship breakups or other uncomfortable encounters, are often replicated on sites like Facebook (News - Alert). The need for approval and validation is higher in generations that grew up with online socializing.


Smartphones and other portable, digital devices can create more communication. Because technology has been incorporated into daily life, texts and emails can be received at any time of day or night. With certain applications, an individual can see whether the recipient has opened the message.

The ability to reach others can also benefit people in different countries. Whereas older technology required expensive calling cards, many devices will allow people from different time zones to connect instantaneously.


Online communication has created a type of accountability that can be accessed anywhere. Camera phones and digital recording devices are becoming increasingly tolerated in society. By holding others accountable, individuals can prevent criminal behavior or document criminals themselves.

Major life events that are detailed in the news or caught on camera can stay with an individual for a lifetime. Depending on the situation, this can have a positive or negative impact on social life.

Communication Through Marketing

Businesses and brands also communicate through technology. While different messages may be projected, their goal is usually the same. How a brand or service is presented can have the ability to shape how individuals feel about themselves and the community they live in.

According to certain theories, Veda Jamoona has studied, marketing can often bypass the conscious mind. Specific color schemes, sounds, and images can send a subtle enough message that it isn’t always detectable. Blogs that pose as news sites links to businesses and social media influencers are some of the craftier ways of advertising. Repetition ads, however, are still used throughout the internet.

Some of the most effective marketing campaigns target specific emotions that will steer potential clients or customers in a direction they may not have otherwise chosen. Fear campaigns are notoriously rampant among beauty advertisers and certain health companies. Using dramatic music can have a huge impact on how an individual relates to the content they are either seeing or listening to.

By collecting personal data, more companies are able to communicate to potential customers and clients by targeted advertising. This can include email campaigns or ad placement. Once a business has personal information, it’s often difficult to understand how, when, or if it will get used.

Digital marketing technology has created a significant amount of skepticism in how our society regulates information. Since many people don’t understand how their data is being found, it is often assumed that the practice will happen regardless of knowledge. Since the increase in web technology, many more people are simply clicking “yes” to terms and conditions that they won’t read. The idea of “it’s going to happen anyway” has led some to feel helpless against big tech companies.

Intimacy vs. Communication

Using technology to connect to others can provide instant feedback. Since devices are so common that almost everyone has access to the internet, a response can often feel necessary. Without face-to-face contact outside of a digital device, many people find this kind of technological communication hollow.

Humans crave intimacy. While technology may be found, it is not thought of as a replacement for real-life communication. Technology has made the quantity of connection easier, but many feel that the quality is lacking. The more hidden society has become, the more comfortable we feel. Even a simple telephone conversation is now laborious for many people who are used to email or messaging apps.


Communication is available by several technological methods. Intimacy is only available through a certain amount of vulnerability. As technological advancements continue to develop throughout society, the meaning of closeness may be changing.

Veda Jamoona is interested in working toward a higher state of consciousness by multiple means. Understanding technology’s impact on society can help guide the journey to a more mindful approach in life. Communication is arguably the most important part of life, and how it is done can affect generations.

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