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March 30, 2021

Some Significant Dates in the History of the Bitcoins

First launched:

Bitcoin cryptocurrency was first introduced on October 31st, back in 2008  in a white paper presented by a person as known as Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was introduced as a reaction to the huge financial crisis of 2008. The first ever Bitcoin cryptocurrency was mined in 2009, on January 3. As soon as the Bitcoin was mined, the transaction of the Bitcoin started. And that happened on 12 January 2009. In such a short duration of time Bitcoin cryptocurrency started gaining a lot of appreciation from traders and from the general public as well.  As the time went by, the developers, executors as well as the users of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency tried their best to modify the present form of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Version 0.2

Leading this fact, on December 16, 2009 the 0.2 version of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was launched. This was a huge milestone for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The Bitcoins became the most popular type of digital currency in time. People loved the concept of end to end Encryption. As we know that the bitcoin cryptocurrency was working without the involvement of any 3rd , that's why people felt no risk using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. For more detail, please check Bitcoin Formula.

The trade value of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a variable quantity, that is why we see that throughout its history the trade price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency kept on changing from high to low and vice versa. To your surprise, the market cap rate value in the year 2010 surpassed one million US dollar. This much increased rate was a surprise itself.

Launch of Litecoin

Advancement and modifications in the cryptocurrencies keeps on happening. The Bitcoin forks presented the first ever Litecoin in the year 2011 in the month of October. The purpose was to extend the use and to increase the adaptation not the already used Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been accepted by a number of big names throughout the World. Among them are Microsoft and PayPal (News - Alert).

The increasing popularity of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency came with a need of having a proper channel for the execution and structured work of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Base of Bitcoin foundation

Keeping this need in mind , the first ever Bitcoin foundation was formed in the year 2012, On September, 27. As the time was passing by more and more people started taking interest in the digital currency including the Bitcoins. This increased fame of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency came with a number of threats to the Bitcoin digital currency. There was a need to take and bring some more reforms in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency venture. Thus in the month of June, 2015 Bitcoin license was formed and established for the proper execution of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This step has a very significant importance in all the regulations that have been taken in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency world till date.

In the year 2017 the Bitcoin cryptocurrency gained a huge price increase as a number of big names have started working with Bitcoin.

Dot-Com bubble Pop

In September 2018, an unexpected and sudden collapse of 80% was seen in the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This decrease in the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency popped the Dot-com bubble upto a great extent calculated upto 78%. This led to a price drop in the Bitcoin market cap below 100 million dollars.

10th Anniversary

The 10th year anniversary of  the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was celebrated on 31, October 2018.

Year 2020

In the year 2020, the 3rd halving event of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency took place. This year has been a tremendous roller coaster for bitcoin cryptocurrency. By the end of the year 2020 the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has gained a huge success and a record breaking rate. Due to Covid 19, people started investing in a more safe zone thus they used digital platforms, including digital trading. In digital marketing , most of the ventures and investors choose Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


As the year 2021 has already started , we can see that this year is expected to be surprising for Bitcoin. It is being estimated that the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency may follow an irregular wave trend throughout the year. As we all know that the bitcoin cryptocurrency haf always shown inexpensive trends. Same point is applicable to this year too. The future of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is pretty Bright. We can see that a number of international central banks have started thinking to launch their own digital currency. But the fact is , that those digital Currencies will not be appreciated to that extent. As we all know, Bitcoin is decentralized in nature but the digital currency launched by the banks will not be decentralized and the banks will always be involved in it unlike Bitcoin.

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