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March 26, 2021

Appointfix: scheduling app for beauty professionals

In our personal and professional lives, we frequently face new challenges; therefore, we need to adapt to the market and new technologies and social-related problems. The recent pandemic came with a considerable challenge, especially for those who need to keep close and direct contact with their customers, like beauty industry professionals.

Most of the countries' governments came with strict rules, and many service-based businesses had to close for a while. We were forced to take care of a lot of health-related stuff. For example, social distancing is one of the measures that forced us to rethink how we work totally.

According to statistics, 76% of clients use mobile devices to make online appointments. Also, 40% of online bookings are scheduled during the afternoon. Beauty industry professionals might consider using scheduling apps that have an online booking feature available with this in mind. Why? Because this way, they avoid scheduling appointments at every hour of the day a client calls.

Why choosing an appointment scheduling app is worth the time/price?

  • Comfort & safety

Social distancing is not only a safety measure anymore but also a practical solution when it comes to appointment scheduling. People suffer a lack of time nowadays, so optimizing the appointment scheduling process with an online booking system is essential.

  • Efficiency

You may not notice this one right from the first day of using an appointment app, but you'll understand the facts better in time. People choose comfort against anything else if they have a choice in this. They will look for a barbershop; for example, they can book 24/7 without leaving their homes or making a phone call. They will choose a professional that keeps them up to date with their appointment. The client will also receive notifications about when and where to come, making sure they do not forget the appointment. They will choose the saloon that can make a booking on short notice. All of these are available via a dedicated app.

  • Time & money saver

Time is one of the rarest commodities these days, regardless of who you are and what you do. Moreover, there is a close relationship between productivity and time-saving. Thus, the more time you save, the more time you have to keep track of your business and invest in other things that matter in the long run, create customer-oriented programs, invest in learning new things, or even deal with your customers more efficiently. You will also save a lot of money, though, since you won't need dedicated employees to work 24/7 to take calls and make appointments.

Fast and easy appointment scheduling

When it comes to using an appointment scheduling app, Appointfix is an excellent option to consider. We all know that beauty is one of the most developed industries out there, with almost 50 billion $ revenues in the USA in 2019.

As an appointment scheduling app, Appointfix lets you better manage your clients, your scheduling, and most of all, your time. You can quickly eliminate downtimes; send reminders and mass messages about new offers. You no longer have to call clients to make sure they come at the scheduled hour, and you don't need to schedule an appointment manually anymore.

Features available

There are many booking apps available nowadays; therefore, it can be quite stressful to make a choice, especially if you haven't tried at least some of them yet. However, the most helpful thing would be to take a quick look at all the app's features and make your choice based on what best suits your needs. Regarding Appointfix, here are some of its features:

1. Online booking

Appointfix's online booking system lets your customers book their appointments at any hour, on any day of the week, from wherever they are using your free booking website.

You no longer need an assistant or a call center. Moreover, your customers will be able to see all your available time slots and choose what's best for them. This helps you have a more efficient and compact work schedule by saving a lot of time and improving your productivity in the short and long run.

You are in total control of your booking page. You can allow your customers to book any available time slots, or, if you want, you can manually accept or decline the appointment requests.

2. Scheduling

You can create, view, and update appointments, no matter where you are. Appointfix allows you to flip through your appointment calendar with the Day, Three Day, Week, Month, and Mini Month views.

Another great thing is that Appointfix is fully integrated with Amazon Echo and Google (News - Alert) Home, which means you can use your voice assistant of choice to tell you what's on your schedule for the day while having breakfast or drinking coffee in the morning. Appointfix informs you about your next appointment or allows you to create a new one if you need to.

3. Reminders and marketing messages

Appointfix lets you send appointment reminders to each of your customers and make sure they don't forget about their appointment with you. You can also send marketing-related text messages and inform them about all your new offers, sales, and so on.

4. Client management

Appointfix stores your client's details such as photo, phone number, and email address. You can call or text a client directly from the app, and you can remember important information about them, such as allergies, by using Notes.

5. Reports

You have access to daily, weekly, or monthly reports, and you can export them for accounting purposes with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can find out what activity brings you the most money in terms of value and percentage.


  • Unlimited appointment scheduling;
  • Fully customizable message templates;
  • Calendar sync across devices;
  • Free online booking system.


  • It cannot be used on the computer;
  • Doesn't have an integration with accounting tools.


There are three plans available in Appointfix: Basic, Premium, and Ultimate. Basic is a free plan, and you can use it on one device. It allows you to create unlimited bookings, text messages, and send reminders via your mobile plan. Group appointments, client management, and calendar sync are also available in the free plan.

Appointfix Premium ($9.99/m | $99.99/y) is for professionals who want even more convenience and productivity. Premium gives you: mass messaging, sync across two devices, financial reports, multiple templates for messages (instant booking notifications, reminders, follow-ups), no Appointfix branding on outgoing messages, and priority support.

With Ultimate ($19.99/m | $199.99/y), Appointfix syncs across unlimited devices, and you can enjoy peace of mind with fully automated reminders sent via our SMS system. Appointfix Ultimate uses a robust SMS delivery system with a nearly 100% delivery rate. It doesn't matter which device you're using the app; we make sure your appointment reminders are always sent.


An appointment scheduling app like Appointfix is a great choice if you are running a small business. It has lots of features meant to improve your work efficiency, and, most of all, it makes it easy to save precious time and money on the way. If you're ready to give it a try, you can install the app from the App Store or Google Play. Cheers and good luck!

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