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March 10, 2021

5 Tips to Improve Your Work-From-Home Setup

With the coronavirus outbreak still going strong, it’s impossible to predict what happens next. Whether you’re using the internet for entertainment or growing a business, things happen and change so quickly that it’s hard to keep track.

The ones who can adapt to these changes are the ones who succeed. During the lockdown, the entire business realm is in a state of confusion. One of the best ways to remain safe during the pandemic and still run a business is to practice a new business model – work from home.

However, that can be stressful for both the employee and employer. Since both you and your business need maximum productivity, let’s see some tips to create the ultimate work-from-home setup.

Get an Ergonomic Office Chair and Keyboard

No matter what you do, you’ll spend long hours sitting down. It would be wise to see buying a comfortable ergonomic chair as a long-term investment. Ergonomic chairs are the best for giving your body and posture the support it needs.

More importantly, these chairs prevent developing backache problems as they provide the necessary lumbar support. Do some research on the internet to see the prices of these chairs. While you’re at it, you should also consider buying an ergonomic keyboard.

It’s simply a must if you want a proper home setup, as this type of keyboard will provide the necessary support for your wrists and hands.


Your entire work from home depends on the online tools you use. They are the lifeblood of your digital work. The best solution is to create a perfect combination of tools that will allow you to make the most of what you have and take your productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency to a new level.

Official workplaces are usually loaded with different tools, but most employees couldn’t take everything they need to create an effective home setup due to the pandemic. We mostly recommend you take a look at some of these tools:

  • Project management tools like Workfront and ProofHub;
  • Communication tools like Zoom, Skype (News - Alert), and Slack;
  • Monitoring and management tools like Officevibe and Hubstaff;
  • Remote access tools like Splashtop Business Access;

When working from home and using online tools, you have to think about your online safety in addition to the safety of your remote workplace. The best solution to ensure an additional layer of protection while working from home is to use a Virtual Private Network. A VPN at home is an excellent way to gain private access to the internet, protect your connection, hide your IP address, anonymize your traffic, and prevent third parties from tracking your online activities.

Virtual Smart Assistant

When it comes to being productive and effective while working from home, it pretty much comes down to your selection of gadgets. In today’s world of the internet, that’s how things are. The first gadget you need to go about your daily tasks is a smart digital assistant like Google (News - Alert) Assistant or Alexa.

Things can be extremely overwhelming when you have to do everything yourself, even when you work from home. Aside from giving your home set up a more professional look, the digital smart assistant tool can be extremely helpful with your work.

You can manage your video conferencing and video calls, to-do lists, conference calls, research, and so much more. Of course, you should also have a steady internet and WiFi (News - Alert) connection in your home to make sure you’re fully optimized.

A Proper System

This one should go without saying, but we’re going to mention it anyway. Your productivity and effectiveness completely depend on your system. If you have a weak machine, you’re hardly going to produce the expected results. Just like your office chair, a system is also a long-term investment.

It may be costly to buy it, but it will be worth every dime if you choose your machine wisely and work hard. Invest in a good system with the latest components. Investing in a good system is a smart move as you can sell it later on for good money. However you take it, it’s a win-win situation.

Working Environment

Your home-working environment should be clutter-free with all the essentials within your reach. Keep it simple and organized. Choose a working station with minimal color combinations and distractions. Take care of the cords and wires by getting a desk that can conceal and organize your cables properly.


These are just some of the ways you can improve your work-from-home setup and organize things a lot better. Think about sitting close to the source of natural light and don’t allow yourself to lead a sedentary life. Take a walk, ride a bike, and exercise whenever you can, as it will help you improve your productivity and improve your mental and physical health.

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