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March 04, 2021

Perry Adam Lieber Explains How Technology Has Impacted Health and Wellness

The evolution of technology has had a major impact on every sector and that includes health and wellness. Technology has transformed healthcare as we know it, giving rise to things like telehealth, electronic health records, and wearable technology that monitors one’s overall health and movement.

Perry Adam Lieber of Santa Barbara, California, has spent nearly two decades working in the health and wellness niche and he has seen firsthand how technology led to some major changes. He provides insight into the most significant ways that technology has impacted health and wellness. 

Telehealth Services

Fitness expert and entrepreneur Perry Adam Lieber claims that the rise of telehealth is a major way that technology has impacted health and wellness. Telehealth, otherwise known as virtual healthcare, allows patients to consult with a specialist or doctor from anywhere in the world. This is useful in a variety of circumstances. Telehealth also facilitates remote patient monitoring, helping patients manage chronic conditions, as well as the use of telemedical devices, through which patients can receive home care and support via various applications. Patients can also connect with fitness specialists virtually when recovering from surgeries and other medical procedures to learn how to safely recover at home.

Made Health and Fitness More Equitable

The rise of technology has also served to make fitness more equitable, says Perry Lieber. For example, thanks to websites like YouTube (News - Alert), all people need is an internet connection in order to have millions of fitness classes at their fingertips. Searches for fitness videos can even be tailored to your liking, such as requesting videos that don’t require any equipment or can be done in a small space. Similarly, although the internet is not a substitute for medical care from a doctor, minor problems like aches and pains after working out can often be fixed by a simple internet search. Due to the abundance of information now available within seconds, people can find answers to minor health problems just by opening up their browser, rather than having to book a doctor’s appointment (something that can be costly depending on your insurance). Ultimately, technology as a whole, and the internet specifically, have made health and fitness more equitable for all.

Perry Adam Lieber on Personalized Treatment and Fitness

Another way that technology has affected health and wellness is by providing more personalized treatment and fitness regimens. Wearable technology has the ability to provide important insights into one’s health that can then be used to create hyper-specific, personalized health or fitness plans. This type of health and wellness technology is extremely precise and since what it means to be healthy differs from person to person, this is hugely important. Perry Lieber claims that current technology can analyze an individual’s data and then make recommendations regarding the best form of care or conditioning for that person. Thus, rather than a doctor giving each person the same broad advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle, technology has made it possible to offer solutions tailored to the individual, making it more likely that they will have an impact and be successful.

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