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February 26, 2021

Why Bitcoin When you have Conventional Currency?Why Bitcoin When you have Conventional Currency?

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a very interesting element in the digital trading industry. Bitcoin is actually a type of virtual currency that is available as a specific computer file that can be sent and received anytime anywhere using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network system. If you want to learn about the Bitcoin cryptocurrency then it's really important to know about the execution and the management of the Bitcoin manifesto.


Bitcoins were first presented in the year 2008 by an anonymous person. He presented the idea of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in his paper that is still available as a reflection of this peer to peer platform of money transfer , or virtual money transfer. The idea of Bitcoin was initially presented as a reaction to a huge financial crisis that happened in the year 2008.That was a time when people started losing their trust in the Traditional banking system. Propel were looking for a place where they can secure their money without any fear. People at that time were heart broken and their pockets we're almost empty.

That Anonymous person captured this situation and cashed the whole scenario by providing people a platform where they can work with them independently without the involvement of anyone else. People were seen waiting for something like that. They loved the idea and in this way the First ever Bitcoin purchase was made in year 2009, January. At that time 50 Bitcoins were made. Bitcoins always have a price value that is influenced by a number of factors and keeps on changing. To learn more about this, please visit Crypto Engine.

Enough of intro about the basics of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Now let's get into a detailed comparison between Bitcoin cryptocurrency and ordinary conventional currency.

Why choose Bitcoin?

You may be wondering what makes Bitcoin preferable and different from ordinary conventional currencies.  The answer lies in a number of reasons. These reasons are all explained in the words below.


Bitcoin cryptocurrency is not under any control. This means that the bitcoin cryptocurrency is not linked to any central bank and no government is involved in the circulation and the execution of anything including deals and transactions made by the manifesto of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. All the transactions that are made by bitcoins work in a peer to peer fashion.

 While in case of conventional currencies the national government is the guard and the central banks are the executors. This means that the ultimate ownership of the money remains in the hand of the government officials and banks.

Public Data Base

Another very interesting thing about the digital currency is that whenever a transaction is made at the platform of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency , all details are saved and stored immediately on a public database called the block chain database. All the details of every Bitcoin are permanently stored at this platform. Although it's a public platform but still they make sure to take good care of the privacy of the user by not exposing their identity and address

In contrast to this, the conventional currency has no such service where you can see the details of the circulation of the local currency and other details.

Peer to Peer

For many numbers of investors And traders the most amazing thing about the Bitcoin digital currency is that there is no 3rd party involvement in it. This means that the user of the bitcoins can receive and send money between each other without the involvement of any bank or other 3rd party. Although Bitcoin miners have an important role in the execution of every deal and transaction, they never invade your privacy.

However, in the local currency there is always a need for a central bank etc . No exchange can take place without the involvement of banks etc.

No fear of stealing

As we all know that digital currency has no physical existence that is the reason why there is no chance for it to be stolen away. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is saved in a type of file that is called a Bitcoin wallet. The Bitcoin wallet has a very specific credential details that is only approachable by the person owning it. This is secured by a private key that ensures the full security of your bitcoins. However, there are chances for the bitcoins to be hacked or otherwise be a victim of malicious activities.

But in the case of conventional local currency , there is a huge threat of robbery etc. That's why in some aspects , bitcoins are better than the local currency.

Two in one

Bitcoin cryptocurrency network not only provides you a platform where you can use smart currency for your trading and investment but this is also your chance to earn profit. Investment in bitcoins is a very effective way to generate a very smart amount of gain and profit.

Point to Remember

Although Bitcoins have a number of advantages, you should always keep in mind that no money is flawless. You should always be careful while investing in Bitcoins. Play smartly , so that you can stress less and earn more.

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