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February 18, 2021

10 Plumbing Technologies That Are Changing the Plumbing Sector

With the advancement in technology, the plumbing industry has undergone a drastic change. Technology has seeped into the plumbing sector and brought in various new machinery that is sure to make life smooth and more comfortable. The advancement of revolutionary fluid technologies like the invention of masticating juicers and others has helped in revolutionizing the modern lifestyle.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at some of the interesting plumbing systems that need special mention. 

  • Smart irrigation systems
  • In this system, the function of irrigation is digitally controlled. You have to connect the system to a mobile application for operating, controlling, and scheduling the irrigation. Smart irrigation gives rise to two advantages:
  • Very convenient
  • Saves water considerably

  • Greywater recycling systems
  • With a greywater recycling system, you can recycle water that is not directly linked to human excreta and waste materials. This is not just a secured way of conserving water, but also filters and reuses the water that has been utilized for washing dishes and clothes.
  • Demand-type water heaters
  • If you are looking for a water heater without a storage tank, then this is it! Demand-type water heaters are available in two forms: gas water heater and electric water heater.
  • Leak detectors
  • If you are too busy to overlook a water leakage, you ought to have a leak detector in your house. Whenever you have a serious leak in your house, the detector will detect it and alert you, thereby preventing severe damage to your home.
  • Flood sensors
  • The working principle of both flood sensors and leak detectors are the same. Flood sensors detect stagnant water and make you aware of the potential threats.
  • Smart water heating systems
  • Set temperatures precisely with smart water heaters. The temperature of the water will be controlled by the thermostat automatically. Further, smart water heaters save both energy and water. The digital display screen allows you to monitor everything.
  • Bluetooth showerheads
  • Technology has penetrated the bathroom showers too. You can listen to your favorite song while taking a shower by connecting any Bluetooth device to the shower. Got a call? Receive it and answer while you are relaxing in the shower.
  • Sensor faucets
  • These no-contact faucets are gaining popularity because of their remote sensor technology and convenience. Keeping in mind the hygiene amidst this worldwide pandemic, people are using these sensor faucets in their kitchen sinks for a touchless experience.
  • Smart shower panels
  • The everyday showers are enhanced into smart showers where you can control the temperature of the water. No need to control the levers and knobs manually. Your voice will control the entire work of these smart showers.
  • Smart toilets

Smart toilets are not just impressive, but also perform a bunch of functions automatically. Starting from conserving water to preventing water overflow, flushing automatically, warming foot, automatic deo, and heated seating, smart toilets do them all.


Now that you are aware of all these new plumbing technologies, you can build your washroom in a luxurious manner. Use the above-mentioned plumbing technologies to set up a more convenient and comfortable washroom

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