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February 11, 2021

PHOR 4 Reviews: A Scam or Legit Wifi Booster?

With more people working from home than ever before, the population is quickly realizing just how many dead zones there are in their house.

That's where the PHOR 4 comes into play. The majority will have heard of this amazing gadget by now, but for those who haven't, dive into some PHOR 4 reviews, you'll be winded by the truth.

What Is The PHOR 4?

PHOR 4 is an innovative, plug-esque WiFi (News - Alert) booster that turns poor WiFi spots in residential and commercial buildings into full connectivity zones.

The advanced technology included inside this nifty gadget ensures it is easy to use. It's as simple as plugging it into an AC outlet and watching a drab connection turn into something amazing.

Regardless of the location of the building, the PHOR 4 WiFi extender ensures each indoor zone benefits from a strong and reliable connection. Whether residents work from home, love to stream Netflix media, or listen to podcasts, this handy-dandy gadget will make it happen (all without splashing hundreds of dollars).

The best part? It is compatible with all the main wireless network companies that people use for their home and office needs.

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How Does the PHOR 4 Work?

PHOR 4 works very simply, despite the fact that it is made using advanced technology.

Straight out of the box, the PHOR 4 WiFi repeater will be up and running in no time. As long as there is a working router network nearby, it will thrive.

The gadget needs to be connected to the router which shouldn't take too long. Then, the WiFi booster will begin to send a signal out around the building. This signal will cause the dead spots in the zone to thrive and become bountiful hotspots instead!

Users need to connect their devices to the PHOR 4's signal and not the router. Otherwise, they won't notice a change in the signal. Thankfully, this is easy to switch around in the WiFi settings on phones, laptops, tablets, and computers.

Does The PHOR 4 Really Work?

Countless PHOR 4 reviews explain and prove the brilliant effects the gadget has had on their day-to-day work and leisure life. The proof is in the pudding:

  • "I needed something that ensured the WiFi connection was strong in my bedroom. PHOR 4 solved my issues instantly! Can't get enough of it." — Anne from British Columbia
  • "I love this range extender. Shipping was fast and the gadget feels high-quality in my hand" — Tyler from Texas
  • "I can finally browse the website in my backyard without an issue! This is all I've ever wanted!" — Arlene from New Jersey
  • "This is the best booster I've tried so far. We're not having problems streaming on our TV downstairs now. Cheers." — Rachel from Maine

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Is It Easy to Use the PHOR 4?

To put it simply, yes, it couldn't be easier to use the PHOR 4 WiFi repeater. Users who have no experience using anything tech-related before found it a dream to set up and start to use.

The setup wizard walks buyers through the entire process (not that this is necessary since it's a plug-and-go scenario). But, for those who are less confident in their abilities, the manufacturers will guide them.

Who Is PHOR 4 Good For?

The extender model is great for anyone who uses the internet at home — whether daily or not.

It can handle high-speed, graphically-strong video games, animation software, and huge video calls, allowing users to work hard and play harder.

The manufacturers offer an extensive setup wizard that is easy to follow. So, even if consumers aren't tech-savvy they can still make the most of this internet-enhancing device.

Having said this, it is particularly useful for self-employed, freelancers, and remote employees who need a reliable connection to get the job done. No one likes waiting for their next project to load.

PHOR 4 Reviews: The Benefits of the PHOR 4

This handy gadget seems to be packed with a never-ending supply of benefits that people working, gaming, or relaxing from home can enjoy.

? Enhances Mobile Connectivity. The WiFi booster has dual antennas that are fully adjustable to ensure the signal is emitted throughout large homes and backyards. No more dealing with that pesky "Poor Connection" message on Facetime calls!

? Boosts The Range. Homes that aren't massive also suffer from WiFi dead spots due to the type of construction and materials in the walls. With the PHOR 4, this is negated. It stretches the connection right into the attic.

? Reliable Connection. There's no denying that there are other WiFi repeaters available. However, none of them are quite as reliable as the PHOR 4.

? No-Hassle Returns. It's unlikely that users won't fall in love with this gadget. However, if they do, the manufacturer has provided a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. It's basically a risk-free purchase!

? Barely Noticeable Design. Minimalism is taking the world by storm. The designers behind PHOR 4 certainly tapped into this.

Instead of bulky construction, the WiFi repeater is sleek and compact. Regardless of where it is placed, it will go unnoticed.

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PHOR 4 Reviews: Features and Specs

The benefits are one thing, but understanding how all these advantages come to be is another thing entirely! It's amazing how much the developers managed to pack into the PHOR 4 WiFi booster.

The Features

  • It gets rid of dead spots like a charm.
  • The PHOR 4 reviews state that the unit is fantastic for online gaming, internet calls (Zoom, Skype (News - Alert), etc.), video streaming, working from home, and doing college work.
  • The setup process is easy thanks to the included assistant. No fuss or headaches to be found!
  • The user interface allows for free software updates when they are needed.
  • It complies with IEEE (News - Alert) 802.11n/g/b standards.
  • It's amazing for larger homes.
  • The design is compact and barely noticeable. 

The Specs

  • It is able to support long-distance transmission. Specifically, over 100 mt / 330 ft when it is placed inside and over a whopping 300 mt / 985 ft when it is used outside.
  • High-speed wireless access up to 300 Mbps.
  • The frequency range is between 2.4 and 2.4835 GHz.
  • The wireless transmission power is 20 dBm (News - Alert) (MAX EIRP).
  • The wireless security is 64/128 bits WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES).
  • There are 4 LED status indicators on the front of the unit. These tell the user about the connection of the extender, WiFi, LAN, and power.

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