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February 11, 2021

Familiar User Experience for Work From Home Employees

With work from home (WFH) becoming the new normal, all organizational and employees’ needs and requirements have changed. As business’ cannot be kept shut for too long, solutions providers are coming up with ways and means to enable work from anyplace and anytime. But you must be wondering how to choose the best out of a sea of such third party providers.

Well, Triofox is here to help you with all the solutions. Working from home has never been so easy with its help. You can build a robust mobile workforce to make your organization even more productive. In the section below, we will discuss how Triofox will offer WFH and remote employees access to content on their devices that they work at home.

How Triofox Offers A Familiar Environment For WFH And Remote Employees?

We understand that, given the pandemic, you and your business had to incur a lot of losses. However, you cannot wait for such uncertain situations to turn back to normal so that you can resume services. It is where Triofox comes into play. You can make your employees productive again with such services. You can enable your employees to gain access to all they need right from their homes. Let us take a look at how do they do it.

  • Access From Mobile Devices

While working from home, your employees prefer using their mobile devices more than their PCs. Triofox offers them the platform to access content and data from any such device. It does not matter whether your employees use an iPhone, iPad, or Android (News - Alert) Devices, as they can work through mapped drives.

  • Amalgamation Of Both Worlds

Triofox brings the best of both worlds to you. You can utilize the benefits of both Dropbox and file servers to your maximum advantage. By doing so, you get the security and accessibility of both services. It helps you maintain a large amount of data without the risks of being compromised.

  • Cloud Storage

You can also avail the facilities of owning private cloud storage exclusively for your organization and its employees. Simultaneously, it offers you remote access facilities with high-end security and mobile access. This feature increases the efficiency of your employees, too.

  • Control And Security

Triofox ensures that you can achieve the security and ownership that kept you close to file servers with its file-sharing solutions. The best part, you can also access them from your various mobile devices without any security risks. You can also retain your data ownership with such services.

The Bottom Line

So you see, with all the features mentioned above, Triofox offers a familiar working environment for your employees working remotely until situations get better. Going for such third-party services will lower your costs in this hour of crisis and increasing productivity, which will benefit your organization in the long run. Increasing accessibility and mobility in such a scenario is the only solution to sustainability and holding your position in the market.

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