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February 09, 2021

Why is a Strong Visual Identity Important for Your Business?

A strong and recognizable brand can help a business become more successful, which is why establishing an effective brand identity is on top of our priority list.

You’re probably wondering what goes into creating a brand identity that supports your business objectives, and why is branding so crucial?

What is a Brand Identity?

When you’re creating a brand identity, you’re essentially incorporating your brand values into visual elements that will be used for various marketing objectives. This means that a brand identity is more than just a logo, and consists of different marketing materials including:

  • Professional Website
  • Polished product packaging
  • Social media page
  • Apparel

Developing a cohesive and streamlined brand identity is a crucial part of any effective branding strategy. Brand identity requires research and attention to detail to provide a style that will ultimately meet the goals of a business. Once an identity is created, most companies provide guidelines for how their brand needs to be represented on various channels to ensure consistency.

1. Personality

Identity design essentially sets the tone of your brand and it can be used to spark specific feelings in your target audience. Your brand identity needs to be composed to deliver your company’s message and promote your marketing goals. It’s essentially a set of human features that are attributed to a brand name.

Brand personality is a qualitative feature that adds value to a brand in addition to its functional benefits. Let’s go over some examples:

Dove, for example, chooses sincerity as a brand personality to appeal to feminine consumers. Luxury brands, such as Chanel aim for sophistication and class Their brand personality puts in focus people that are glamorous and trendy.

2. Differentiation

brand identity helps you differentiate your business from the competitors and position your brand appropriately. Developing a professional and custom logo design by the world's best 5% logo designers can help you to stand out from potential competitors in the market. If you don’t have a strong brand differentiator, the only option for a consumer is to compete on the price and that’s something we want to avoid.

Put simply, your professional service differentiators are your brand’s most important assets. They nurture your relationship with the buyers and are drivers of reputation and growth.

3. Awareness

Creating a brand identity package ensures that your brand is the beacon of all your marketing material, which helps to increase brand exposure and awareness. The more places your brand is featured, the more point of contact it will make with the consumer, thus becoming more memorable. Speaking, brand awareness is the extent to which customers can familiarize themselves with your brand under a set of different conditions.

We all know that purchasing cannot occur unless a consumer is not aware of the product and the category that product belongs to. To ensure market success, awareness levels need to be operated across the entire product cycle.

4. Loyalty

Keeping customers close to your brand is a great way to keep them in the long run. The ultimate goal is to subconsciously link them to the brand. But this task is not easy. Research shows that customer loyalty is decreasing, meaning it takes more to achieve this.

By delivering on quality and value is one of the obvious ways in sparking that loyalty. Meaning you never let them down and over-deliver. The services and products you provide must be of the highest quality.

Another way is talking to your clients on a regular basis. By doing this it helps in strengthening the bond between you and your ideal consumer. Speak to your consumers about the buzzing things that are happening within your business and ask them about theirs. Social media is a magnificent way to do that. In this instance, you’re looking for a customer to like you on a more personal level, and the best way to do that is to take an interest.

To Conclude

Visual identity is a driving force in determining whether a consumer is going to pick your product from a bunch of others. Tapping into key points and making sure that they are properly implemented will provide an increase in sales and customer loyalty.

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