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January 27, 2021

Why should I use a Windows VPS Hosting?

A Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be an excellent tool for keeping your company data private, using reliable Windows servers to host a website. Not only does this make them perfect for security reasons, but they are also quite flexible and can fit into nearly any business or industry. But why should you use them over other options, and what makes them such a good choice?

VPS hosting is balanced

When it comes to using shared and dedicated hosting, you are often putting limits on yourself that you can't break away from. Shared hosting places your site in a space where resources are limited, and downtime is not always predictable, which can become a major problem for websites that need to be up and running 24/7. Dedicated Windows hosting is far more reliable, but it comes with a very high cost and can quickly eat into your budget.

Using a Windows 10 VPS option skips either of these problems by giving you the best of both worlds: you get a partition of a normal server like you would with shared hosting, but you have the same level of control and security as a dedicated server. There is no mixing between sites on the same server, and one can make a change to their operating system without impacting the rest of the sites as well.

VPS hosting is private

Security can be a major concern when building a website for a business, and not all hosting options are safe enough to provide the level of protection you will need. Since everything is isolated, a Windows VPS keeps every website away from one another, with no direct connections between them: if one happens to get infected with a virus, it won’t carry on to other sites on the server. The same can be said with hacking: somebody who gets into one website has no route into the others.

As long as the physical server is kept safe and secure, there is really no reason to worry about your site when using VPS hosting. Using normal security measures on top of the existing safety offered by a VPS host means that you are easily more protected than shared hosting. In some cases, you might even end up having 'strength in numbers' due to the number of sites on the server: there is no guarantee that a hacker will end up targeting yours specifically.

You get more control

A big problem with shared hosting is that the site owners don’t get much control over how their sites are hosted. While they can still redesign the site as much as they want and use it for almost any purpose, there are still a lot of limits: for example, the operating system of the server is set and can’t be changed, and there are various commands that are restricted because they would impact other sites using the same space.

Dedicated servers offer plenty of flexibility, but at an added cost that not all businesses are willing to pay for just one or two tweaks. With a Windows 10 VPS, you can skip this issue entirely and get partitioned Windows hosting, allowing you to alter your own space without touching the other sites using the same server. If you are only interested in dedicated servers for the unrestricted customization and control options, then VPS hosting is a cheaper way to achieve the same thing.

Resources are managed well

Another serious concern with shared hosting is the fact that resources are shared between all sites on the same space: if one site suddenly has a spike in traffic and has to hog more resources, your own site suffers as a result, and you can never truly get consistent speeds or loading times. This may not be a problem for a personal website where nobody really needs to have it load quickly, but for businesses, slow loading times can turn away a huge number of customers before they even look at your front page.

With VPS hosting, you don’t have this problem: everybody gets their own pool of resources, and they can't dip into another site's, so there shouldn't be any issues with one site stopping another from reaching full potential. It may not be the same amount of resources as dedicated hosting, which offers your site a full server, but it is a good middle ground that can work well for most businesses.

It costs less

Most hosting decisions are made because of the cost, especially business ones. The ability to find affordable hosting without compromising your site’s security and performance is an excellent thing, and making full use of a Windows VPS option can make it much easier to run the site in the long-term. This applies to both personal sites and business sites: lower running costs are never a bad thing.

The prices and benefits involved differ depending on who is providing the Windows hosting, which means that there can be multiple services that you will end up comparing. While one service might be focused on storage space, another could offer improved security or faster load speeds: whatever you are looking for, there will be a hosting service that can provide it.

They are perfect for smaller bands

One of the problems with dedicated hosting is that it usually scales up for larger businesses: you are getting a huge amount of storage space and your own dedicated server, with prices to match. This can be ideal for a bigger company that might be making hundreds of small transactions in a day, but for a mid-sized company that isn’t running into speed or storage problems, this won’t have as much value.

Unfortunately, shared hosting is also sometimes too weak for these companies since there is a lot of limitations. Because of this, VPS hosting can end up being one of your most effective choices: you are paying a balanced price for a balanced type of hosting that isn't too extreme in either direction, meaning that smaller businesses can use it as a stepping stone to expand.

This might seem like a strange thing to mention at first, but it makes a lot of sense. Small businesses have shared hosting, and large businesses have dedicated hosting. VPS hosting falls somewhere in-between and can be a great long-term option for any company that is too big for shared servers but not big enough for dedicated servers.

There are a lot of them

There are countless reasons to upgrade to a Windows VPS, even for a personal site, and you have a wealth of options to choose from. Whether it is an IO Zoom Windows VPS or something else entirely, you can compare and contrast a huge list of options that are each able to offer slightly different things.  Some companies focus on storage while others focus on downtime, and each VPS hosting plan can have a particular quirk or list of benefits that sets it apart from the others.

If Windows VPS hosting is something you might want, then it is not hard to track down some options. Remember that a VPS-hosted website is one of the most reliable places to be when growing your business and that there are a lot of ways to customize your hosting to suit the site that you are creating.

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