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January 26, 2021

Bitcoin: A Booster

Bitcoin prices act like a catalyst that speeds up your emotions and euphoric behavior. All because of prices only moving in uni-direction that is moving forward and higher and higher making new peaks in the history of cryptocurrencies. The purpose of this article is to act like an auxiliary device for you that brings about all of the enthusiasm, encouragement and trust in the department of the cryptocurrency - Bitcoin; crypto currency. Bitcoin coming into being in 2009 with a kick start and making jaw dropping records. 

History of value and prices:

Bitcoin is the first crypto currency adopting the block chain technology. In 2009 the value of one coin was a few dollars for a little span of time. Due to Bitcoin’s success it is now the baseline for other crypto currencies to keep a check on inflation or other factors.

The first ever transaction according to investopedia was made in 2010 by a bitcoin miner, he bought two papa John’s pizza in Florida for 10,000 bitcoins. In July 2010 the valuation of bitcoin was coming into attention and discussion as it was making it to $ 0.08 for a single coin.

At the beginning of 2013 trading with Bitcoins was done at $ 13.05 per Bitcoin. In the month of April of the same year the prices were making new peaks at $ 220 but also experienced a drop of $ 70. This digital currency was creating a milestone; it traded at $100 and reached at $195 in the whole of October. And in November bringing more good news, of reaching from the difference of $ 875 to the heights of $ 1,075 from $ 200. Mt.Gox operated 70 % of Bitcoin transactions at that time.This price got a maximum life of $1079 before going back to a drop at $ 760 on 7th of December.

There was a consistency of $ 920 in January 2014. February started at $ 850 and ended at $ 580. July experienced the trading at $ 600. 2015 gave birth to a massive spike in November signing out at $ 460. 2016 was a new beginning for traders as it was much of steady and helped 2017 to make it $ 1000 and meteoric rise.

Live price:

Bitcoin is said to be the world’s largest crypto currency in the capitalized market. With the difference of a month of 77 % and of a year of 305 %, this digital currency stands at $3400 up till now. In present, Bitcoin miners earn around 6.25 bitcoins mining per block.

According to NDTV profit, Bitcoin has at a bull run gains 5 %. Bitcoin reached $ 40,000, giving the boost to all the crypto currencies to $1 trillion. This massive jump helped and covered all the losses that happened in the past. While the rival of crypto currency-ethereum reached it 3 %. This leads to higher demand for Bitcoin in the bigger corporates, industries, institutions, even retailers. Get more information on bitcoins on

JP Morgan’s strategist argues that according to the speed of the Boom of Bitcoin, it is currently emerging as the rival of Gold in the late of this year because it can trade as high as $ 146,000. Pandemic is the fuel to this boom as this bull rush accelerated to 700 % from $ 5,000.

Price prediction:

Bitcoin brings a golden future ahead in the form of new gold of the 21st century and the biggest rival of the present gold. In future, the capital market will be still on a bull run. Even the banks are looking at the glimpse of light in order to start with this digital money service. December 2021 will sign out with a new year wish in the form of $ 318,000.

The CEO of Social Capital in an interview to CNBC said, “It’s value is possibly going to be $ 100,000 to $ 150,000 to $ 200,000 in the next five or ten years. “ His

We see a very bright future ahead for the Bitcoin holders. The crypto currency is the building block of life of the modern era for modern money

Frequently Asked Questions:

What a successful trader or investor should be asking about the price.

Q. At what price did Bitcoin start?

Ans. In July 2010, Bitcoin gave birth to its first stable and useful price that is $ 0.0008 to $   0.08.

Q. What was the value of Bitcoin when it was just introduced?

Ans. Bitcoin was at $ 0 when it came into being in 2009.

Q. What is Bitcoin’s future in 2030?

Ans. 4.8 % of predictions state that it will reach at the height of $ 500,000. The experienced investors are confident enough to say that $ 50,000 is obvious.

Q. What is current Bitcoin status?

Ans. According to, On 8th of January 2021, it was said that the approximately price of a Bitcoin was $ 40,000.

Q. What is the highest point previously that bitcoin has ever reached?

Ans. According to sources and several indexes, $ 33,000 was the highest point previously in the history of Bitcoin. Most recently, however, bitcoin has even surpassed the $42,000 mark.


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