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January 25, 2021

Best ways to increase your income on the internet

Plenty of people are trying to find ways in which they can increase their money via the internet.

Whether it’s to make a little extra change for the month, or being able to start an online business.

In this article I will go through the best seven ways in which you can increase your money via the internet. These methods have the ability to source a higher increase to your income, or a smaller amount, depending on the work you are willing to put in.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has the ability to be low-cost and an easy way to earn money via the internet. There is no requirement in having your own products to sell; affiliate marketing allows you to earn commission from well-off companies.

Your roll is to gain exposure to a number of services and/or products for the company, either on your social media or blog etc; providing links to what the company has to offer. For every customer that purchases a product/service through your affiliate link you will then earn a percentage of the overall sale. 

The main involvement in affiliate marketing is providing reasons  for individuals to visit your website, blog or social media (Instagram, Twitter (News - Alert) or Facebook) -and in turn building a large following. In order to do so, the content that should be posted would ideally draw in individuals who would be eager to purchase the items that you are trying to sell through your affiliate link. An example, you may make a video or write an article about electronic products, how they are used, and which ones are rated better – in a way that is optimized for internet searches.

2. Starting Your Own E-Commerce Website.

Another way to earn an extra income online is with an e-commerce website. However, I must confess this does require some work. You would be required to sell products via your own website. This could be one that you have created, or ones that are commercially available.

If you are to choose the latter, the easiest way to complete orders would be through drop shipping. You take the customers’ orders, however a third-party would deliver the products for you. ( A tip from me to you would be to choose one category i.e. sports or beauty etc. Then devote the entire website to that.)

If you are to create your own products, then the best way would be to sell them on a well-established platform such as ‘Etsy’ (News - Alert) as well as your own site. Then, you are able to build a list of customers which in turn would eventually allow you to cut out the middleman.

Another way would be through ‘monetizing’. Which is essentially providing advertisements on your website such as ‘Google (News - Alert) AdSense’

3. Publishing Online.

Despite your current occupation, publishing e-books which are nonfiction is a brilliant way to earn extra income. Once the article has been published, all that is left to do is sit back and reap the rewards.

However, if you had written a novel that would need to be read in a genre which happens to be popular – Science fiction, fantasy etc – publishing this as an e-book has the potential to get thousands of views. (Another tip from me to you. The biggest companies that allow you to self- publish e-books are Kindle Direct- Publishing and IngramSpark)

You are able to sell e-books on platforms such as (News - Alert). Once/If you are able to make yourself known as an author you would be able to sell your e-books from your own website, which would in turn increase your profits.

Individuals that purchase self-published e-books expect the same quality of those who are a traditional publisher. If you do not believe you have the ability to provide a perfected final product, you may wish to hire an editor; who would be able to tweak your writing if need be – as well as a designer who could create an eye catching cover.

4. Taking Online Surveys.

Online paid surveys has proven to be an easy way to earn an extra income, or even gift cards. Behind many survey sites are MRFs also known as market research firms, some of which include; American Consumer Opinion, the owner being Decision Analyst. You are also able to proceed with surveys that use aggregators such as Swagbucks or IdeaShifters – which have partnered with many different MRFs and corporations.

Your expectations should not be to earn more than a pound (dollar) or so per survey. You will also probably have to provide a great amount of information about yourself before you can start.

When looking for opportunities to take surveys, you should go with companies that have a great record of paying for the survey responses. As some have been known to be scams to gain your personal information. Also, some online surveys may not be completed because you do not match the demographics that the company is looking for – an example is you would be too young.

5. Freelancing Online.

If you have a skill-based service which is able to be carried out remotely (like IT services or graphic design etc) you could pursue this online as an online freelancer. If you can find and accept enough jobs you could indeed become a freelancer fulltime. If not, you would be able to take on assignments occasionally which would provide that extra income.

You can find work using specific website for freelancing. Upwork and Freelancer are great, as well as major job sites such as Indeed. Another consideration would be joining a grouping specifically for freelancers in your area of expertise. These groups often allow you to post information online about yourself, and the skills that you can provide. Using their email alerts or their job boards they can then forward your information to those looking for freelance help.

A freelance grouping is also able to provide you with a social outlet which would connect you with people who do the same work as you. An example would be Meetup, this would be a great place to start finding people who have the same interests and skill sets.

6. Coaching Online.

Life coaching is also a great online career option, especially if you have amazing communication skills and wish to help others in their professional or personal life. A lot of people just need that little push to get past mental blocks that are in the way of their confidence or happiness. Being an online coach you would be able to give advice to help change their mindset in a way that would benefit their lives.

However, being a life coach does not entitle you to take the place of trained mental health professionals. Life coaches deal with personal growth and/or achieving goals that the individual has set themselves.

The hardest thing about becoming a coach is being able to find your client base. When starting out, you may try advertising online, or speaking at community groups. Having a professional certificate may show you as a credible choice when someone is looking for a life coach. Also, having testimonies of other clients on your website will attract a range of individuals.

7. Offering Online Courses.

Just like e-books, online courses are able to provide passive income after you have made them accessible online. If you have the talent for teaching and a certain set of skills that you would love to share with others, then I would suggest you consider online courses as a way to increase your income.

The best website that you are able to post your courses and get the revenue for them would be Udemy. But just like many online businesses if you are able to gain a reputation that you may be able to offer your courses on your own website.

Additionally to knowledge in a subject area, you would have to have a personality that is engaging when creating your videos.  If you are unable to keep potential clients attention then I doubt they would come back to another class.

8. In Conclusion.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to making money online, considering there are a lot of people who can or cannot work in a setting that may be deemed as traditional for reasons such as COVID-19. A study from Stanford University economist Nicholas Bloom states that 42% of the united states employees are currently working from home as of June 2020.

If you are interested in these opportunities then I advise you to stand out from the crowd, allow potential clients and customers to see that you are a great fit to either buy from or hire. To become successful gain followers, search engine hits and sell yourself, by doing so your business would surely be successful.

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