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January 25, 2021

How VAR Technology Has Impacted Football

VAR, known as Video Assistant Referee was something that was heavily relied upon during Manchester City and Tottenham Spurs Champions League quarter final and it pretty much changed football forever. Why? Because it was the first within its time to be used. The decision certainly was controversial amongst football fans especially when it comes to deciding the validity of goals within the game. City had a heart-breaking moment, where the goal from Sterling was actually ruled out by the technology. 

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VAR systems are used to provide clarity and clear error possibilities within games, and is particularly a good attribute to have within games, when incidents that have occurred could have been missed by the human eye. It certainly tried to eliminate human error within refereeing massively. However, when it comes to the VAR assessment, only the most obvious of errors is detected, when associated with goals, identity, penalties, and red cards.

So, while VR can actually not allow goals to proceed (just like City’s goal by Sterling), on the basis of it being off-side, or involved foul play, it certainly does make the job of monitoring game environments much easier. It allows for penalties to be given or taken away, which obviously is great for a second look and eye into an incident. If a red card was given to a player, the VAR would check if it is actually deserving, or if it should be a yellow card instead. Therefore, the decision could actually be changed within a moment's notice if it was needed and in fact the right decision to be had and made.

VAR technology has been present for goal regulation from as early as 2012. This was first implemented within the World Cup of Tokyo and then shortly later within Eredivisie, the Netherlands top playing league. After further extensive trials and the success integrated within football since its appearance, it was then given the green light for further research and continuation within football. The German League actually welcomed the presence of the technology within their Bundelsiga, in addition to the italian Serie A too. It was all introduced in a more saturated sense, from the get-go between all major leagues and within one season.

People never thought it would be integrated within the Champions League however, that was where it came as a shock to players and fans from all over the world. Particularly when it was added to the Premier League during the year 2018. But from 2019 it became a consistent technology heavily relied upon, within the Premier League, due to the success that it actually brought for example.

VAR has made a huge impact 

VAR has made such a huge impact and change within Premier League football. In fact it has allowed controversial decisions by referees, to be justified and immediately come to a close. Within its first sustained presence within the Premier League matches, we saw 65 checks within the first of the 10 games of the season, go unchallenged and therefore conclude rather easily and simply. Then within the first 100 games, we then saw 600 checks and reconciliations within the games, with 26 decisions actually being changed, due to the technology. VAR is clearly bringing fairness and legitimacy to football games, more than ever so before. 

Although the structure can seem rather ridgid, you will find that this integration is much needed for smooth football. Sure, it can be rather distressing in the momentum of games, but this technology is slowly making sure that games are played fairly and ultimately actually do adhere to the rules, which is very important indeed. Even though it is only used within the areas of red cards, goals, penalties and mistaken identities, it certainly brings minimal human error when it comes to official justification to decisions. You can basically avoid the chaos of disagreements within one swift blow and decision. Making football more simplified and orientated to the core focus of the game-to play it!


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