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January 22, 2021

Hiring a YouTube SEO expert for your channel: A wise move or a waste of money?

YouTube (News - Alert) SEO service is a well-known concept in the industry, but up until now, the jury is still out on it.

Some creators argue that the things a YouTube SEO expert would do for you are basic things anyone could DIY. At the same time, others say that YouTube SEO experts are unmatched in terms of their experience and know-how.

For the sake of clarity, we think both rationales are quite right.

That is, if you can DIY a channel optimization, and you have the time, you obviously don't need an expert. But if you can't handle channel SEO to get good clicks, then you definitely need help.

So, we wouldn’t call hiring an expert a waste of money because it has its own draws, too.

Reasons to hire a YouTube SEO service

1. A YouTube SEO service can save you time

Whether or not you know so much about YouTube SEO, working with an expert company can save you a lot of time, leaving you to worry only about video creation.

They’re known to handle everything from thumbnails to descriptions, tags to titles, and everything else in between. Meaning, the only thing you’ll spend time on is just video creation.

This can free up a considerable amount of time for you to channel into other activities – be it proper video research, improved content creation, or other obligations.

2. A YouTube SEO service understands the technicalities of YouTube SEO

Unless you’ve done YouTube SEO for a channel before, and you’ve had huge success, I wouldn’t recommend banking on DIY skills.

The reason being that YouTube SEO is a really technical process, and it often requires that you know what you’re doing if you dream of success.

3. A YouTube SEO service can guarantee views, subscribers, and engagements

As you might expect, an expert company has the know-how to guarantee results, which means they’ll never struggle to help a channel get clicks, views, subscribers, etc.

What’s more?

A YouTube SEO service understands perfectly the three main elements necessary to generate free YouTube subscribers, views, and clicks. These elements are image, title, and description.

Thanks to their expertise, they know how to optimize these three elements, thus guaranteeing you clicks, views, and subscribers.

4. A YouTube SEO service understands how annotations and links work

Another technique to get views on YouTube is via annotations and external links. Normally, these two are things anyone can DIY if they have the proper knowledge, of course.

But, in order to ensure you’re always going to get good results from them, it’s better to let a professional handle them.

5. A YouTube SEO service can aid your other efforts

Apart from regular YouTube optimization approaches, people also boost their channel by buying views.

But a lot of time, this act alone is not enough to make a channel successful. You have to combine with organic efforts (like tagging, thumbnail optimization, Google (News - Alert) SEO, etc.) to guarantee results.

My point essentially is if you’re buying YouTube views, it makes sense to work with an expert SEO guy who will help you get genuine clicks and subscribers, too.

These two acts combined will send a channel racing up the ranking of the YouTube algorithm.

Note: Stormlikes is where the best brands and channels buy YouTube views. There, you can also buy YouTube likes, too.

6. A YouTube SEO service can help you appear on Google SERPs

Oftentimes, companies who offer YouTube SEO services are also able to optimize for Google SERPs. Unless you have expertise on the matter – helping sites rank on Google – I doubt you'll ever get better results than an SEO company.

Basically, a YouTube SEO service can help your channel rank and appear on Google, which will, in turn, translate to more exposure, clicks, and viewers for your channel.

7. A YouTube SEO service can help you appear on YouTube’s homepage

One of the most coveted spots on YouTube is its homepage.

Once you’re able to land on that explore page, tons of free, organic clicks and views are guaranteed.

But before you can appear on YouTube’s homepage, your channel must have received a lot of engagements (likes, shares, clicks, and views) over time.

Luckily, we’ve already established that helping channels get tons of engagements is the forte of most YouTube SEO companies.

8. A YouTube SEO service understands the YouTube algorithm better than you

Unless you, too, are in the business of helping others grow their channel, chances are you don't know so much about how the YouTube algorithm works.

To understand the algorithm, one needs to play around with it over and over again. The more you play with the algorithm, the better you get at it.

As you know, YouTube SEO companies have the experience of working on various channels, which means they've played with the algorithm for quite some time and know exactly how to beat it.

Even if you don't hire a pro YouTube SEO Company for any other reason, you might want to consider them for this reason.

9. Your competitors are probably using YouTube SEO services

Whether you like it or not, you’re most likely competing in an industry filled with YouTube-SEO-Service Optimized channels.

Honestly speaking, I can’t imagine in what world a normal YouTube creator, like you, will beat a lifelong YouTube SEO expert.

Even if you get the best YouTube SEO knowledge, you can’t beat the works of people that have been doing this for longer than you.

In the end, you might just get frustrated because you’ll be putting in a lot of effort to get your videos to rank higher, but you’ll hardly find anyone to click on them.

The only way to level the playing field is to hire an expert service yourself.

How to hire a YouTube SEO service

Hiring a YouTube SEO service is the easiest task you’ll ever take on. Simply reach out to the company and ask them about the channels they’ve worked with.

Once they provide the names, enter YouTube, and search for the channels. Check their numbers (views, subscribers, likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc.).

If convincing, don’t stop there. Reach out to a couple of the channels – you can ask for their emails in each channel’s comment section.

Once you get that, all you got to do is ask them what they think about company XXX.

This way, you’re sure you’re leaving your channel in the right hands.

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