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January 22, 2021

Addressing the Pressing Issue of Noise Pollution- Sound Fighter® Systems LLC. Putting Technology to Good Use

It wasn't until 1990 that climate change became a political issue. Since then, there has been a significant shift in the topic's exposure and has now reached multiple disciplines. As the global concern grows, there has been ongoing controversy around this topic. Public policies and agendas continue to appear disjointed in identifying the severity of pollution’s impact and how to respond to it.

Consequently, there are a lot of beliefs about the subject of pollution. Due to this, not many private organizations and enterprises have been tackling this issue as a real problem. On the other hand, many US corporations talk about controlling their pollution levels; however, they haven't been implementing their various policies. During this time, a few individuals have taken up the responsibility of playing their part, providing their services to reduce pollution.

Among the handful of organizations addressing pollution as a 'real' issue is Sound Fighter® Systems (SFS). Started in 1973, SFS is managed by Patrick Harrison as the President and co-owner Rand Falbaum. Headquartered in Shreveport, Sound Fighter® Systems is one of the chief producers of absorptive noise barrier wall systems, which has provided its services to thousands of businesses over the years.

A High-Quality Solution for Noise Pollution

With the company providing soundproof solutions to businesses, SFS has acquired a renowned space in the USA's business world. The SonaGuard® Absorptive Noise Barriers are an effective method to diminish noise pollution. With the UV resistant coating, the outdoor sound barrier panels and soundproofing materials are incorporated according to the client's need. Personnel doors, vehicle swing gates, mobile noise barriers, and acoustic louvers are some of the soundproof products that have been designed by the company that absorbs the noise.

With the rise in technological advancement, the demand for customized products is high. Keeping this in mind, Sound Fighter® Systems provides the option of customizing color schemes and unique cut-outs according to the requirements.

Among the different types of pollution, noise pollution is downplayed the most. Most people fail to recognize that the propagation of noise can impact humans and animals too. Another efficient soundproof product of SFS is the LSE® Noise Barrier Walls, manufactured seasonally. Like the SonaGuard® barrier, the LSE® Noise Barrier features sound absorptive technology, a quality rarely found in the USA's noise-proof products. The barrier walls' unique quality makes Sound Fighter® Systems stand out amongst the competition.

Loud and unwanted noises don't just diminish people's productivity, but they also lead to health issues such as neurological problems, high blood pressure, hypertension, and several nervous disorders. Wild and domestic animals also suffer, and chronic exposure to loud and unpleasant noises can cause anxiety, distraction, and hypervigilance, and lead to hearing loss. For example, Budweiser Frogs have significantly lost hearing, so they struggle to locate other frogs to mate with. Research shows that their reproduction process has been hugely affected due to hearing issues, which could even lead to their extinction.

To combat the harmful effects of the loud noises produced by the urban areas and megacities, Sound Fighter® Systems LLC has a solution. The soundproof products manufactured are not just worthwhile but are also highly durable and long-lasting.

The RetroSorb® Sound-Absorbing Panel System is another jewel in the crown of the Sound Fighter® Systems. With the influx of climate change, rust and corrosion have now become a common issue. RetroSorb® panels are not just sound-absorbing but are made from aluminum that promises no rust. Manufactured for structures that are either reflective or elevated, RetroSorb® panels are a long-lasting investment for businesses.

With the rise in climate change and its extreme consequences, now is the time to take care of the environment. Addressing this pressing issue is Sound Fighter® Systems, a company dedicated to reducing noise emissions and creating a better and more peaceful environment.

Many responsible architects, constructors, engineering teams, and developers have now started investing in services that eliminate sound waves impacting the environment. Sound Fighter® Systems LLC provides its services to clients interested in cutting down their noise emissions and working towards a better environment. With its increased clients, the company has widened its network to Chevron (News - Alert), Dominion Power, Navy Federal Credit Union, Verizon, and many others. Their innovative solutions paired with the ultramodern touch have enabled them to be named "2006 Small Business of the Year," becoming one of the USA's top rising companies.

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