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January 22, 2021

Creating A Website Isn't Enough. Here's Why You Should Promote It Too

Once you've launched a properly designed website, its promotion is one of the most crucial steps you need to take. For most businesses, this is the most overwhelming step. Most of the time, businesses undermine the importance of website promotion and think that having a website will take care of things. This is not true.

Developing a website is one thing, and promoting it is a different ball game altogether. However, promoting a website is not a simple task. It requires a strong strategy, finances, time investment, and overzealous commitment.

We have listed five reasons why website promotion can take your business' marketing efforts to the next level. Have a look.

Be Visible To Your Target (News - Alert) Audience

Out of numerous reasons for website promotion, this one is the most important. Your target audience needs to know that your business exists. Leaving visitors to find your site in the rubble won't allow your business to grow. Remember, your competitors are doing the best they can to outrank you. Promoting your website to gain more leads, and customers will mitigate this threat.

Eliminate Competition

Billions of web pages are uploaded on the internet every day. Out of these, just a handful are unique. This means that your website may not be so different from the others.

However, promoting your website and delivering your company's goals and objectives to people can help you distinguish your site from others. Promotion allows you to explain to people what makes you different from your competitors and how your business can improve people's lives for good. If your brand messaging is on point, you will get tons of leads and customers.

Improve Brand Awareness

Promoting your website is essential for the growth of your company's brand. Promotion exposes your website to new people, visitors, and users. All these add up to make your brand more recognizable and visible. These translate into more sales, higher click-rates, more page views, and other goals you're trying to achieve with your website.

Increase Website Traffic

According to Statista, over 89% of New Zealand's population uses the internet every day. Most of these people use Google (News - Alert), and this trend is similar across the globe. These searchers could end up on your website if enticed or pushed to do it through SEO or paid marketing.

Promoting makes your website more visible and available to the large pool of massive internet users worldwide. These could potentially visit your website and make a purchase, depending on how your site is structured. For most businesses, traffic is the biggest motivation for promoting a website because once you have the visitors, you can do whatever you want with them.

Increase Website Authority

One of the biggest signals that determine website visibility in search engines is its authority. It is built by backlinks and your domain's age. Search engines like Google or Yahoo do not assign website authority because it is one of their hidden ranking factors.

However, Moz's domain authority is widely accepted in the digital industry. It is a score that ranges from 0 to 100. Higher the Moz domain authority, the more your website's chances of ranking in search engines. Website promotion also includes creating backlinks for your website, which ultimately adds up to its authority.

Increase Sales

Studies have revealed that conscious promotion of a product (in this case, a website) translates to increased sales. So, it is important to segment the audience and implement well thought out website promotional activities to the target audience. This will increase the chances of converting visitors into real buyers of particular products or services offered on your website.

Building A Pool Of Loyal Customers

A well-planned marketing campaign targeted towards your target audience can fetch you good results. One effective marketing tactic includes getting people's contact information (phone number or email ids) in return for an ebook or template that addresses their pain points.

Implementing tactics like these over time can allow you to create a vast pool of loyal customers who will engage with your company's new product launches. This is possible through website promotion.

Eliminates Negativity

Effective website promotion helps your business deliver the right brand message to the people, eliminating any negative talks about your business that can hamper its reputation. It can also address people's concerns regarding your brand, enhancing your brand reputation.

Wrapping Up

Your competitors are working hard day in and out to outrank you. You must stay alive in the game with website promotion. Take cues from the tips mentioned in this article to craft an effective website promotion strategy.

However, it's advisable to outsource important marketing tasks like website promotion to an experienced Digital Marketing agency. Search for "Auckland web design services," and you will find quality agencies that can get the job done for you.

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