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January 19, 2021

Mastering Instagram Live: Everything You Need to Know


While many people may know Instagram as the best place for sharing their most beautiful photos, the video has become an integral part of this social media platform. After being launched Instagram Live in 2016, the platform is embracing both short-term and long-term video.

If you don’t already have an Instagram video strategy, there are more compelling reasons to convince you. Instagram videos generate 21.2% more interactions as opposed to static images. They produce 18.6% more interactions than simple carousel posts. If you don’t know how to go about streaming live on Instagram, here are the tips to guide you. We will even cover the apps you need, like Instagram feed WordPress plugin, and others.

What’s Your Purpose for the Video?

The very first thing you need to do is to determine the objective you hope to achieve with your video. If you intend to speak directly to the audience, you will need to find a good reason to convince them to listen in and watch. You need to have a goal for every occasion that you are on the air. Some popular reasons for hosting an IG live could be:

  • Announcing a product launch
  • Hosting a Q&A with your audience
  • Explaining how to use a service or a product
  • Hosting a virtual trunk show or sample sale

Irrespective of what your reasons for hosting a live stream might be, you need to think about the action you would like your audience, and then use the video to remind them about it. Come up with the metrics you will use to decide whether the live stream worked successfully or not. Also, have all the apps and tools ready, like the WordPress Instagram gallery.

Practice and Prepare

Make sure your videos are not too much rehearsed or scripted. However, it always helps to have a plan. When preparing for your live stream, come up with a loose script, and then go through the things you intend to say. This way, you will cut out chances of making silly mistakes when you are live. You should also know roughly how you are going to be live.

After practicing your script a couple of times, do some tests to figure out the areas that need improving to make the audience experience even better. The following are the things you will need to pay attention to when reviewing the test videos:

  • How steady is your camera?
  • Are there any distractions in the background?
  • Is the audio clear?
  • How well lit is the video?

Promote Your Stream Ahead of Going Live

After deciding on the time and date of your upcoming Instagram Live, promote it so your followers will know it well ahead of time. This enables them to create time for it and ensure they tune it when the time comes. One suggestion is to use Instagram Live. It’s a fantastic platform for pre-live promotion as your followers are already used to seeing your company on their Stories. Also, you can use all of the platforms you have to build buzz about the upcoming live stream. Another great option is email, more so if the add to calendar feature is included for readers. Take advantage of important tools like Instagram feed WordPress plugin, among others.

Embrace the short-lived nature of IG Live. 

Remember to mention the fleeting nature of the video, as well as any offers that might be available. Take full advantage of the FOMO of your audience. Make it appear to them that this live stream is unmissable. Another idea is to offer a limited-time coupon code. You may also promise to make an important announcement in the live stream to encourage your followers to watch it when you go live.

Nurture Relationship with Your Followers

Instagram lets you see who is tuned in to your live stream. You only need to tap the eye icon that’s found on your screen’s top left corner. Later after going live more often, you will start seeing specific followers. After identifying these users, continue nurturing your relationship and engagement with them. Speak to them directly in your video, ask them a question, or even give them a shout-out. This is an important way of appreciating them.

Use Face Filter to Boost Playfulness and Engagement

If you notice that your audience begins to dwindle during the live stream, add a face filter to inspire likes and comments. Instagram says that the best filters for the face are the Puppy Ears. These are closely followed by bunny ears, sleep masks, heart-shaped darts, and koala ears.

Share your video on your Instagram Stories 

Saving your video to your Stories enables it to have a greater number of views and reach as many people as possible. Also, it enables those who didn’t catch it when you went live to watch it, and they have 24 hours to do so. Also, you can create a post that alerts your users to check out the video before it goes away.

Take Advantage of the Add a Friend feature to interview a user during your live video.

If you want to create a more interactive experience, you may consider adding more users to your Live Stream. At the same time, it also lets you tap into the followers of these people. In the end, it will expand your Livestream’s reach well beyond your audience.

And, adding a friend is a breeze. You only need to tap the two icons of smiley faces from the live screen, and you will be prompted with a list of your friends. To invite a person, you only need to tap on their name, and they will be able to join your live event. Ensure that you inform your invited friend to be tuned in when you go live. That’s because you cannot invite someone who isn’t watching your video already.


By now, the importance of live streaming is as clear as daylight. Video content generates much more interaction than a still image. Also, a live video is many times likely to be watched than an on-demand video. With these advantages in mind, it’s no wonder that companies are in a rush to host live events. But amid the fanfare, several people don’t know how to organize a live event successfully. The tips above will help you to master Instagram Live like a pro.

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