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January 11, 2021

6 Reasons to Complete an Online Nursing Degree

2020’s ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has served as a stark reminder of the importance of frontline medical workers, including nurses. These everyday heroes came to the fore in the world’s battle against this virus. Not only were they doing lifesaving work, but they offered comfort and company to sick COVID-19 patients at a time when they were forced to fight the virus without the support of loved ones.

For some of us, the crucial role that nurses played in this crisis has provided the inspiration for a career change and spurred us to seriously weigh the benefits of a career in nursing. Furthermore, with there being a global shortage of nurses, you likely won’t struggle to find work once qualified in this field. For some of us, the logistics of physically attending college might seem difficult, especially when you account for social-distancing rules currently in place. For this reason, it is perhaps worth considering completing a nursing degree online.

Advances in technology and increased internet access really have opened up a wealth of opportunities when it comes to learning. Online courses offer people greater flexibility when it comes to managing their own schedule and learning at their own pace. If you are considering studying nursing, here are a few reasons why online study might be the path for you:

Convenience of Self-Paced Study

Nursing isn’t necessarily something people choose to study straight after high school. For many, this a career choice that is made slightly later in life. Perhaps you already have children or need to work, well the days of having to clear your schedule completely to attend class are long. With an online nursing degree program, you’ll be able to schedule lectures around other aspects of your life. This is a draw for those already working professionally or those with personal commitments. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection and you can study from almost anywhere in the world.

Increased Choice

The increased availability of online nursing degree programs means that you have a larger number of institutions to choose from. You are no longer restricted to choosing from a handful of nursing schools in and around the area. You can now even choose to study a program created by an institution in another country. For some insights into the best nursing programs available online as well as more traditional campus-based courses, take a look at the listings here.


Attending a traditional bricks-and-mortar university can be pretty expensive, which is often what puts many people off attending college in the first place. By opting to study online, nursing students can save on the cost of accommodation and travel expenses, as well as tuition fees. Online courses are generally more affordable as fees won’t need to cover the cost of hiring lecture halls and providing print-outs, for example. This saving can then be passed onto students.

Quality Learning Opportunities

You may think that online courses lack quality because they are somewhat cheaper. However, most legitimate online nursing degrees are accredited in the same way that regular campus-based programs are. You’ll even find that some programs are created by well-known campus-based universities that have come to acknowledge there is a need for distance learning options.

Support and Mentorship

People are often mistaken in believing that online programs essentially leave students to fend for themselves. This is really now the case. Sophisticated online platforms allow students to interact with the professors and peers via chat functions, message boards and forums. Some programs will even assign each nursing student their own mentor who can offer advice and support.

Opportunities to Specialize

Perhaps you already have your Bachelor of Science in nursing and are busy working in the field? Now may be a good time to specialize. You’ll find that there are also more opportunities to advance your nursing career with online courses in pediatrics or mental health nursing, for instance. There are also Master's degrees in nursing that you can complete through online platforms.

Nursing is a highly fulfilling line of work, which is why, for many that pursue this path, it provides a career for life. Furthermore, the fact is that the world is desperate for more nurses so once qualified, you’ll likely have the pick of jobs. Online learning and advances in technology have created a way to overcome this shortage and make it easier for more people to access the degree necessary to qualify. If a career in nursing is something you’ve been pondering for a while, enroll for an online course and you can make that dream job a reality.

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