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January 07, 2021

Top Tech News Stories- Amazon are Adding Translation Capabilities to Alexa

If you have not been keeping up with tech very much over the last week then this is the guide for you. Here you will find out everything about the tech scene as well as some major updates which have had a great influence on the market in general.

Amazon are Adding Live Translation to the Alexa Device

Amazon have announced a brand-new update this week which is going to add to Alexa’s very own extensive skill set. When you look at the details of the update you will soon see that Alexa will be able to translate French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Brazilian and Portuguese. This has come about as the result of the translation boom that the internet has experienced over the years. Nowadays, you can go onto just about any live casino and have the entire website translated for you, not to mention that a lot of live casino games come with translation capabilities too.


Google (News - Alert) are Supporting Chrome OS

This last week alone, it would appear that Google has been able to obtain a software called Neverware. This is a company that has been able to provide users with the chance to turn any of their computers into Chromebooks or even Macs with just the software. With this acquisition, it would appear that this is a huge step forward for the tech industry. With this acquisition, it would seem that Google is now going to be implementing their own plans to try and make a formal rollout. With this acquisition, users are going to be able to effortlessly update any software that they have as well as making sure that it is going to be given the same amount of support that Chrome users are getting too.

Twitter (News - Alert) are Shutting down Periscope

Twitter have also shared that they are going to be shutting down their Periscope app. Twitter are going to be discontinuing the app and they are going to be stopping new sign-ups through the app too. Twitter has disclosed that their app has been in a state where the maintenance required is not worth the effort and that the whole thing is now very unsustainable. The usage is in decline too and the company is now recognising that the continuation of the app is just not good for anybody.

Microsoft (News - Alert) Teams are Now Getting Outlook Integration

Microsoft is going to be rolling out an update very shortly and it is going to enable outlook integration. This is something that a lot of people are looking forward to and all of these new developments are going to be saving people so much time. This is especially the case when it comes to the meetings that are being held internally. The feature is at the moment in development and the new processes that are in place are almost certainly going to save so much time. This is especially the case when it comes to future-proofing their systems in general.


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