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January 05, 2021

6 Ways How Coronavirus Changed The Private Jet Industry

Many new trends are paving the pathway to the new normal while the world economy attempts to adjust to the Coronavirus upheaval. And in this process of recovery, the private jet industry is not far behind.

The industry is rapidly adapting to the demands of these difficult times. Let's see how the industry has changed while battling the impact of COVID-19.

1.  New fliers

Post COVID-19 pandemic, the private aviation industry is already on a path to recovery. Industry experts believe that new fliers are expected to get on board the private jets, since there are far more compelling reasons for flying privately than ever before.

In fact, McKinsey had indicated that only 10% of the people who could actually afford private jets were choosing it as a mode of travel just before the pandemic. With commercial flights availability being hit adversely in the Coronavirus times, new fliers are turning to private jets to meet their travel requirements.

2.  Biosecurity and sanitization

Hygiene and safety have become the prime focus of every industry since the pandemic. The private aviation industry has also quickly adapted to the demands of the new normal. Private jet companies have evolved highly focused biosecurity protocols for dealing with the challenge.

The new safety procedures include frequent COVID tests for the crew, sanitization of the aircraft interiors, and intensive cleaning protocols, to name a few. It is evident that customers prefer private jets over commercial aircrafts considering the advantage of fewer contacts and chances of contamination.

3.  Last-minute bookings and availability

The private aviation industry was associated with flexibility and ease of flight bookings. People considered booking their charter flights closer to their travel dates and got reservations comfortably.

But the industry is witnessing a remarkable shift in terms of customer behavior in relation to last minute reservations. Since the pandemic, the demand for private jets is burgeoning. The traffic suggests that the availability of private flights may be affected and that's why customers seem to be more inclined towards making advance bookings for their dates.

4.  Discounted offerings

As soon as international and local travel restrictions were imposed in view of the rising number of Coronavirus cases worldwide, the whole travel industry experienced a nose dive. Needless to say, the private jet industry was brutally affected too and suffered heavy losses in the summer of 2020.

In order to recoup from the setback and attract more fliers on board, the private jet companies are offering lower prices and enticing offers. Jet card members are being offered significant deals and rewards for their flight hours. While new fliers are actively giving more business to the private jet companies, the existing customers are also busy hoarding flight hours on their jet cards.

5.  Business travelers

The pandemic still shows no definite signs of settling down, but businesses are already targeting to regain their operations. In fact, most businesses appear to be resuming operations and actively seeking business travel options.

There are many businesses that are including more employees in the list of qualifying members for private air travel for business meetings. As such there is a huge surge in the number of business travelers on private jet flights.

6.  Customer experience focus

Although the private jet companies have managed to acquire new customers during the Coronavirus pandemic, only time can tell how many of the new fliers will remain loyal to the industry when the COVID impact wears out.

It's only likely that the private aviation companies are trying their best to win loyal customers by offering the best in class travel experience.

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