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January 05, 2021

Businesses must stay digitally competitive to drive sales amid COVID-19

Online shopping already began to emerge as a trend in 2019, but with the impact of CoronaVirus more people are shopping online than ever before. To remain in their own home, 76 percent of consumers have turned to online shopping for items they may have bought in person before.

With that said, it is ideal for online businesses to stay competitive and have the edge over the other various sites out there. To attract the online shopper, companies will have to get smart about the way they market and sell their products. Attracting your ideal audience isn’t always easy but following these trends may help you succeed.

Mobile shopping is on the rise

In 2019, Statista predicted that by the end of 2021, 73% of online sales will take place on a mobile device. With that said, it is ideal that your website is mobile-friendly and users can still have a great buying experience on their mobile device.

With more consumers using their phone or tablet, it is a great option to turn to social media advertising to attract the ideal customer. With apps like instagram and Facebook (News - Alert), people can be easily targeted as they are scrolling. Newer generations like millennials and Gen-Z definitely spend a lot of time on their mobile device– meaning businesses will have to take that into consideration. There are great tools to help you grow your customer base like DataQ!

AR enhances the online shopping experience

Augmented reality has become a big game changer in 2020, because it helps shoppers visualize what they are going to buy. Shoppers can now see what an item will look like on their body or in their home before actually buying it. Early adopters like IKEA and HomeDepot pave the way for other businesses.

Consumers are already beginning to use AR to make their buying decisions. If companies don’t start thinking about implementing AR into their website, they may be left behind.

Chatbots improve customer service

The long waits of customer service phone calls can be over with chatbots. Chatbots allow businesses to communicate with thousands of customers while giving them the personalized experience they crave. Surprisingly, a growing number of consumers prefer to interact with chatbots over any other digital self-service application. 60% of customers prefer chatbots to answer their basic inquiries.

With AI technologies and other visually appealing features, chatbots are predicted to continue to become adopted by online businesses.

Video attracts users

With apps like Tik-Tok taking off in 2020, it is no wonder that video is trending. Other popular search engines like Youtube use video to attract millions of users each year. Videos can help showcase your products better than a simple picture. Video is engaging and also gives the customer a real-life picture of what is going on. Not only that, but it is easy to share across many other platforms, thus expanding your audience reach. If you’re not already taking advantage of video, this is a great time to start. 

Storytelling is the future of marketing

Using your brand to tell a story is crucial in today’s market. Instead of over-saturating the user with ads, facts, and testimonials– consumers now prefer to buy from a brand that tells a memorable story. Anything that provokes an emotional response is a great starting point.  Whether your brand has an interesting history or challenge, it is a great idea to share this story with your audience!

There is going to be growth in voice-activated search

People are already relying on voice assistants like Alexa or Google (News - Alert) to answer their questions or to buy products online. Per Loup Venture, “ 75% of US households will have smart speakers by 2025.” This statistic proves that a large number of the population will turn to voice commands to make their purchases for them. With more people turning to a voice assistant, comes potential for businesses to use this to their advantage.

Sustainability is becoming more important to buyers

Notice how everyone is going vegan these days? It is no surprise that climate change has affected our earth in more ways than one. Fortunately, people are becoming more aware of the impact of their buying decisions on the earth. More consumers are expected brands to be involved in sustainability. One survey revealed that 50% of consumers who desire sustainable fashion would be more likely to buy clothes from companies that are committed to sustainability.

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