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January 04, 2021

Starscope Monocular Reviews: Is this 47$ Telescope worth the hype?

Odds are great that you’re familiar with the names – telescope, binoculars or even monocular. What these devices share in common is the fact that they are optical devices that enable you to view distant objects in a magnified way, as though they are actually close. Objects that are not within the normal range of visibility for naked eyes can be beheld with the help of these devices. What however, differentiates them are their features ranging from size to magnifying abilities and so on.

 The traditional telescope which is gradually becoming obsolete is a more bulky but advanced device with more functionalities for viewing distant objects like the heavenly bodies. On the other hand, a monocular is distinct from a binocular in the sense that a monocular, as the name suggests has only one optic lens, requiring the use of one eye as opposed to binoculars.

Monocular is the most portable of them all and is fast increasing in demand in the market as a result. You can take it with you anywhere you go and it serves as much a purpose as binoculars. With the market buzz on Starscope, Starscope monocular is definitely the monocular you want learn more about. Get straight into this starscope monocular reviews and find out more!

What is Starscope Monocular?

Starscope Monocular just like any monocular or binoculars you know, can be used to view distant objects, but with up to x10 magnification. You can view, with this device, quality images of distant landscape, wildlife or even your favorite club in the stadium. Its x10 magnification means you will get quality images of clear precision.

The benefits are too numerous to be listed here but you can use it for any creative purpose you can imagine. It is compatible with Android (News - Alert) and iOS devices to enable you attach your smartphone and take your pictures. The grip for the phone attachment is firm and can hold tightly to your phone.

It is very compact and lightweight, which makes it very easy to carry along anywhere you go. The packing case of this device makes it even additionally portable. Slide it into your pocket and have endless fun capturing beautiful images on the go. This device is also very affordable compared to the worth.

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How does Starscope monocular work?

You may be wondering what actual roles do monocular play. The traditional role, which I’m sure you guessed right is to bring far objects close to you due to magnification. Similar to the binoculars, it helps you to see far away or to make tiny objects not originally visible to your naked eyes, visible.

Monocular makes focusing a lot easier since you have to use one eye. Another role this monocular plays is to enable you take beautiful photos and videos by simply attaching a phone to it. This makes it very possible for people to obtain varied images of wildlife and natural environment even from afar. You can monitor and take pictures of your crop to know how they fare, without necessarily visiting your farm, as long as your farm is within a coverage distance.

 When you travel or take a tour, you can make sure you don’t miss any moment. Capture as much images as you can with your Starscope monocular and you won’t be the same with someone that is without it. Nature is very beautiful and most times we wish we could get all the details of the trees, landscape, waterfalls and whatnot, but we can’t reach some of these locations on our foot sometimes, however with the help of a Starscope monocular, the story is always different.

Benefits of starscope monocular

Compact and lightweight

The most fascinating thing about Starscope monocular is its compactness. Traveling, outdoor gaming, camping, hunting, visiting the stadium…? no problem as long as you’ve got Starscope Monocular. Nobody needs the extra baggage, traveling smart is the new bet. When you have a compact and lightweight device that you can easily slide into your pocket without it competing for space in your bag, what more can you ask!

Your outdoor experiences will be double amazing by just adding Starscope Monocular to it. Think about having to take pictures or videos of the amazing wildlife around you even from a great distance. Starscope will bring it closer to you and you can take a picture of it with your phone attached to the device.

 Save money

 The major difference between binoculars and monocular is that building two lenses requires more, which is why binoculars are more expensive. Save your money today and get yourself a Starscope monocular with amazing features competing with that of binoculars.

This device is very affordable when compared to binoculars or any other optical device with the kind of features it possess. Nonetheless, its relative cheapness is an advantage traceable to its less bulkiness and not a prize for inefficiency. Think of it this way, a monocular is a binocular with half the size of a binocular. If you love hiking, hunting, mountaineering…, this device is surely a good bet for you.

A way to save cost for a good product. You probably have seen hunters with monocular fixed to their helmets or heads to help them see around them, track their enemies or any source of harm nearby. You can do all of these with a product of a pocket friendly price – Starscope Monocular

Extremely beneficial for visually impaired persons

Star Scope Monocular has a very wide application which even makes it more useful for people with vision issues. All thanks to its image magnifying abilities, it is extremely useful for distant reading of discrete images or signals such as street signs for visually impaired persons.  Nonetheless, it is the perfect monocular for them. No need for a bulky binocular or telescope when this can serve just fine.


This product is made of very quality materials as you can see from the product specifications. Starscope is made of Bak4 prism type – An expensive technology mainly used in binoculars. It is made for outdoor purposes which is why is waterproof and fog proof. You can use this product for as long as you want. It is durable and made of quality materials.

It has a very versatile application

Speaking of outdoor activities, one of the things you need to have is a monocular. Starscope monocular will not just help you to view distant objects, but it gives you room to attach your phone and take the pictures or make your videos.

With this, you can keep record of your amazing moments as well as very important details. You can use this monocular for educational purposes as much as for entertainment, use it for your survey and field works and bring better results. It is also used by force people - the military and the police.

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Starscope Monocular Specifications

  • 320grams in weight
  • Made in advanced polymers
  • Bak4 Prism Type
  • Sure-grip and streamlined design
  • Field view of up to 114 to 1100m
  • Every relief of up to 20mm
  • HD glass and lenses are fully multi-coated
  • 3mm exit pupil diameter
  • 50mm objective diameter

Features of Starscope Monocular

Magnification: This is a very essential feature of a monocular and it’s identifiable by two numbers usually assigned this way: 10×50. The 10 is the magnification and 50 the size of the object lens; the diameter. The image is usually brighter with a larger diameter, and a high magnification great for distant objects. The magnification between ×8 and x10 is what is used for a general purpose monocular like the Starscope monocular which has x10 magnification.

Field of view (FOV): The problem with larger magnification is a resultant smaller image view because the bigger the magnification the lesser the size of the displayed image. You’re going to get a high-definition image but then, the field of view will be decreased. Relatively small magnification gives a clearer image and makes tracking of objects and viewing wildlife easier. Starscope monocular has a x10 magnification which provides a clear image.

Optics: Another very important feature of a monocular is the optics. Irrespective of the magnification, a good optics is crucial. The two main elements are the lens coatings and prism type.  Starscope monocular is made of a fully multi-coated HD lens.

The BAK4 is a generally recognized prism type for a clearer image. There is also the BAK7 type but the former is more advanced.

Exit pupil: Eye relief is known as the distance to which your eye is maintained from the eyepiece to view a full and clear image. Starscope monocular has an adjustable exit pupil.

Case: The materials by which the monocular is constructed is important. It is part of what determines the weight and handling, and the comfort of use. Star scope monocular provides a rubberized section for shock proofing. O-rings help keep out dust. It’s filled with nitrogen, which neutralizes oxygen and hydrogen, thus reducing fogging. It is overall packaged in an appealing case.

Why use a monocular?

A lot of what we do as hobbies ranging from hiking, viewing wildlife, hunting, tourism to any form of object surveillance; optical devices are increasingly forming part of these routines and interestingly making them more fun and worthwhile. To speak of the most compact and portable of the optical devices that can come in handy for anyone with the above hobbies and for just anything is to speak of a monocular.

Monoculars as compact and as lightweight as they are, about less than half the size of a binocular, have a wide range of application similar to that of binoculars. Apart from the few recreational uses I mentioned above, binoculars can also be used effectively in research, surveillance, security operations etc.

Monocular means there is only one optical channel which implies that you can only look into it with only one eye. Contrary to binoculars, monocular create a single image instead of double. Be that as it may, a basic monocular consists of a lens, a signal amplifier which functions as an image intensifier tube, and an eye piece. By means of magnification, a monocular makes visible to the naked eyes, images that are ordinarily impossible to behold with the naked eyes only.

What makes Starscope monocular unique?

An awesome thing about this monocular is not just the quality materials but also advanced technology like the adjustable diopter. This makes it possible for people to readjust the device to their eyes as they wish. It also has an amazing feature that makes things easy for people wearing glasses - the adjustable eyecup. It’s the best type, to enable everyone adjust their eyes successfully.

The tripod stand attachment is an addition that makes it possible to use this device hands-free. You can keep the stand somewhere on top of a thing, and then attach your device to the monocular and use it just fine. It is possible with every smartphone of your choice – iOS and Android.

Your hunting or outdoor gaming will become a lot more interesting with this device. Track the wildlife from afar, spot your target, survey your environment, become security conscious – all is possible with Starscope monocular.

Starscope Monocular Customers' Reviews

“Overall, I was quite impressed this monocular telescope:
- The focus dial has a large range; you can view things from very close to somewhat far away.
- I really like being able to take photos with my phone and share them.
- The hard case is robust and feels nice.

When the subject is not too far away, there is a lot of sharpness and detail. I was able to take good photos of these pesky stink bugs on my lemons! While there is a bit of blurriness at the edges, but I normally just crop the photos anyway.”

“I think for the cheap price, it feels robust and it performs well enough for a beginner. Product was delivered in 4 days.
Came as per advertisement and product performed well as expected.
Good quality components, and carry case is awesome.
Also, great value with all the extras.
Instructions a little small to read is my only real issue.
Overall, very happy with my purchase.”

 “I bought this for my son's birthday and he was delighted to see it. The package contained a Monocular, a tripod, a phone holder, user manuals and cleaning cloth. A pocket monocular was included as a bonus. My son was able to easily attach the Monocular to a phone and record videos. Will be a very good gift for kids and adults!!”

“The Monocular is a great product. I was able to see birds and different wildlife from a far away and safe distance. It also clipped perfectly to my S10 for amazing pictures.
My son loves the mini-Monocular that came with it. Yuk
This was a really good purchase for my family of explorers!!”.

Starscope Monocular Price and where to buy

Starscope monocular telescope has bbeen trending in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia. It is quite affordable. No wonder why everyone is freaking about it. The price list is as follows:

One Starscope monocular is sold at
Two starscope monoculars can be gotten at
Three starscope monoculars at

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. It will be advisable to buy the product now, if you are interested on getting it.

To buy the product, we advise you buy directly from the official website of the manufacturer. This will ensure you do not get the fake version of this product. Buying directly from the manufacturer also gives you access to any offer available for this product. You can place your order directly from the manufacturer’s site by clicking the link below.

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General Information on monoculars

A monocular is more like a small telescope that you can hold in your palms and view with one eye. There are several shared features among monocular, binoculars and telescope but the obvious seems to be the size. A monocular is the smallest and most compact of them all. It is the kind of device that you can easily slip into your pocket because it’s nothing more than the size of your arm.

Monocular is generally convenient to carry along quite unlike the binoculars and telescopes that are bulky, that even the most compact of them is still bulkier than any monocular. Therefore, the best time to consider getting a monocular is when you need portability the most. You can use it on the go, to read road signs and whatever catches your attention. What bird is that flying above? You can quickly get the answer by pulling out your monocular from your pocket.

A monocular can also serve as a magnifying glass by turning it over and holding it over the object you want to see and you will see it magnified.

A monocular is a modification of a refracting telescope that is used to magnify images from a distance by passing light through prisms. The average weight and volume of an average monocular is less than half of a pair of an average binocular, with comparable optical properties.

This makes a monocular more lightweight, compact, and easy to carry about, plus it’s less expensive than binoculars. Monocular possess half the optics of a binocular owing to the fact that it processes one image instead of two images in the case of binoculars. Monocular present two instead of three-dimensional image presented by binoculars due to its perception of depth in a person with binocular vision.

Monocular is very advantageous to people with visual impairment as it enables them to see objects from a distance more clearly. Reading texts from a chalkboard or a projector may be a lot easier for them. You can use this monocular in museums or art exhibitions to get a closer view of art exhibits.

Frequently asked questions  (Starscope monocular reviews)

Is Starscope Monocular worth it?

Starscope monocular is awesome for all ages and it may be the valuable Christmas and new year gift you have been looking for.

 To use Starscope is very easy. Turn around the wheel on the monocular to focus on your desired distance, and that’s it. Accompanying this product is a camera adapter mount, a lens cleaning linen, a tripod, a neck strap, a wrist strap and a carrying case – all these to make usage much easier. Just focus your eyes and have endless fun.

Will it work with any smartphone?

 Starscope works with every mobile phone. The clip is firm and can hold tightly your phone to the monocular, so that you can take endless photos and videos.

What is the Starscope Monocular made of? Are the lenses good?

The Starscope Monocular is made of a high-quality optical GLASS. Star scope lens is fully multi-coated with BAK4 prism for high quality, precision images. This is the technology used by for most high-precision binoculars and monoculars

What is a BAK4 prism?

 BaK stands for BaritleichKron (German for "Barium Crown"). This is the best and recommended prism type for constructing high quality lenses. It is superior to that of BAK7 prism type.  BAK4 is the prism found in Starscope monocular.

 How do l clean the lenses on the Monocular? 

Star scope monocular comes with a piece of line for cleaning the lenses from time to time. It is not advisable to use fingernails, paper or any rough object in cleaning the lenses of this monocular, to avoid damage to the coating of the lens.

In order to clean away dust and dirt on the lens of your monocular, apply a lens cleaner and use the piece of linen accompanying the package to clean off.

What does 10*50 mean?

The magnification of a monocular is usually represented this way:10×50. The numbers being for the magnification and the objective lens diameter respectively. Those two numbers go a long way in determining the quality and nature of images you can view with your monocular.

Is it durable?

The Starscope Monocular was manufactured with an advanced polymer which gives it an overall strength, ruggedness and durability.

Conclusion  (Starscope Monocular Reviews)

The main factor to consider when purchasing an optical device is what to use it for and where to use it. This will help you to determine what kind of device you need. The user for instance may need it for hiking, stargazing, hunting, etc. Monocular is suitable for use with one eye which is beneficial for visually impaired persons. Monoculars are easy to use and carry about and they function by passing light through lenses and prism to magnify objects.

 It is always necessary to consider the magnification and lens diameter as they determine the image quality of the monocular. Starscope monocular is a quality device with several advance features like the BAK4 prism type and let’s more others. Nonetheless, a lot of consumers have given their positive feedbacks on the device. Starscope monocular is definitely worth a try, subject to the above considerations.

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