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December 22, 2020

Blaux Portable AC Reviews: Dog Days Are Over

The New Blaux Personal Air Conditioner Delivers Lightning-Fast Cooling in Under 30 Seconds — and Purifies and Humidifies the Air Too

Blaux Portable AC has hit the market, but it has already generated overwhelmingly positive Blaux Portable AC reviews from consumers and industry experts.

Blaux Portable AC packs in rapid cooling action, dust-filtering technology, and effective air humidification. This unit has quickly outperformed some of the bigger players on the market. As sales continue to grow, so do the enthusiastic Blaux Portable AC reviews.

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What Is the Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux Portable AC is a truly versatile unit that combines all the properties of an air cooler, a regular fan, a humidifier, and an air filter.

1.   Air Cooler

The Blaux Portable AC achieves effective cooling in as little as 30 seconds, as it has been confirmed by many Blaux Portable AC reviews. It comes with an adjustable louver for directing the airflow and three fan speeds that help optimize performance and power consumption and cut down electricity costs. The highest fan speed of 2.7 meters per second is recommended for the hottest days of summer, while the medium and slow settings are better suited for more moderate weather.

2.   Air Humidifier

Unlike most conventional AC systems, the Blaux Portable AC does not dry out the surrounding air. By releasing moisture into the environment, this unit can help prevent common conditions such as dry eyes, irritated skin, and lackluster hair. What’s more, by helping maintain the natural moisture barrier of the nasal passages, the Blaux Portable AC can be an effective aid in reducing the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria.

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3.   Air Purifier

Blaux Portable AC also improves the air quality by filtering out dust particles and airborne pathogens thanks to its refillable water curtains.

4.   Compact and Portable

This USB-powered device is cordless, lightweight, and features an ergonomic handle. It weighs less than two pounds when unfilled and is no larger than a car battery. That makes the Blaux Portable AC ideal for carrying from room to room, on road trips, while camping, in the gym, and more.

When fully charged, the rechargeable lithium battery can support up to eight hours of uninterrupted work. To ensure optimal performance and a longer shelf life, it should be kept fully charged. The built-in LED ring indicates the battery charge in real-time and sends automatic charging alerts as needed.

5.   Quiet Operation

For all its functionalities, the Blaux Portable AC is surprisingly quiet. The noise it generates is under 40 decibels. Some Blaux Portable AC reviews claim it’s much quieter than standard window ACs and suitable for use when working or at night.

6.   Stylish Design

In addition to its compact size, the unit features a minimalistic design and a neutral white-and-grey color scheme that should easily fit in most interiors.

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Blaux Portable AC: Facts & Specs

?     Cordless

?     Rechargeable battery

?     Battery life up to 8 hours

?     Rapid Cooling in 30 seconds

?     3 fan speeds

?     Weight: 2 lbs when unfilled

?     Nominal power: DC5V

?     Power type: USB rechargeable

?     Noise level: Up to 40 dB

?     Negative ion working power: 1 Watt

?     Removable network cover

?     Removable water curtain

?     Water curtain can also filter dust particles in the air

?     Easy to fill from the top, no removable tank

?     Compact and Portable

?     Mood Lighting

?     Adjustable louver to direct air

?     Product Dimensions: 172.8 x 173.2 x 151.5 mm

?     Product Weight: 873gr / 1.9 lbs

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How Does the Blaux Portable AC Work?

Blaux Portable AC employs a process known as thermoelectric cooling. One side of the unit stays at room temperature, while the other is much cooler. The device sucks in the surrounding air, which cools down as it passes through the vent. Once cool, the air is released back into the environment.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up the Blaux Portable AC. There is no refill tank. All it takes is to pour cold water or ice cubes directly into the top of the appliance, insert the removable water curtain, and turn the unit on. Pre-soaking the curtain helps the air cool even faster.

Once set up, the Blaux Portable air conditioner requires minimal maintenance. As the mesh receptors attract moisture and dirt, they tend to get clogged and should be cleaned as needed. However, the detachable network cover makes the unit easy to clean using a dry cloth and disinfectant. The water curtain should be changed every six to eight months.

Overall, this product delivers high efficiency and fuss-free operation at such an affordable price that the enthusiastic Blaux Portable AC reviews come as no surprise.

Blaux Portable AC Main Features

?     3-in-1 air cooler, humidifier, and filter

?     Lightweight, portable, and cordless

?     Cools the surrounding air in under a minute

?     No installation required

?     Easy to maintain

?     Quiet operation

?     Cost-effective

?     Environmentally-friendly

?     Elegant and minimalist design

?     Money-back guarantee

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What Blaux Portable AC Reviews are saying?

Blaux is known for its reputation as an industry innovator and leader in the world of air cooling technology, and the Blaux Portable AC certainly lives up to the hype. The device has already set a new trend in personalized AC units and is attracting significant consumer attention all over the globe.

People have started using the Blaux Portable AC in their homes, rentals, offices, as well as while traveling, camping, or working out. Clearly, the device has a wide range of applications in all aspects of modern life. What’s more, with the advent of climate change, the rising temperature levels worldwide, the demand for personal AC and air-filtering units is likely to keep growing in the coming years.

Overall, the Blaux Portable AC unit is a cost-effective and risk-free investment for the hot summer months. In addition to the raving Blaux Portable AC reviews, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee, whereby customers can receive a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the product.

About Blaux: In an increasingly polluted and stressful world, Blaux is dedicated to improving people’s health and the quality of the air we breathe in one household at a time. Blaux builds on the latest innovations in air filtration and ionization to create highly efficient and practical products that do not cost the earth.

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