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November 25, 2020

Starscope Monocular Review: Is It A Scam?

Imagine what it would be like to turn your smartphone into your own observatory, transforming that slick piece of tech into a miniature Hubble telescope to study the universe around you through.

Sound too good to be true?


But if you’re willing to try the StarScope Monocular out the odds are pretty good you’d be whistling a different tune.

One of the most impressive monocular options on the planet today, not only are you going to be able to use this piece of hardware as a smartphone “telescope” when paired with the onboard camera but you’re also able to use it as your own personal (and miniaturized) telescope, too.

Best of all, thanks to the compact nature of the StarScope Monocular you’re able to bring this with you anywhere and everywhere you go, as all the Starscope Monocular reviews confirm.

Toss it in your glove box, a backpack, or hang it from a lanyard and you’ll be able to do a bit of stargazing whatever you want. You can even use this StarScope Monocular for Android and iPhone (News - Alert) devices out in the woods or at the park, getting crystal clear smartphone snapshots open world around you when the sun is up and the stars are yet shining.

Still on the fence about whether or not you should get your hands on the StarScope Monocular?

Let’s dig a little deeper into this detailed StarScope Monocular review to point you in the right direction.

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What is the StarScope Monocular?

As highlighted above, the StarScope Monocular is a cool little piece of technology that basically does double duty.

On the one hand, the StarScope Monocular is a very compact monocular telescope that works wonders even without your smart phone close at hand.

You’ll be able to put this up against your dominant eye and use it as a monocular or telescope during the day or at night, checking out things all around you in stunning high definition and full-color with the 12X zoom really bringing you closer to the action.

Of course, on the other hand you’ll also be able to use the StarScope Monocular for iPhone and Android (News - Alert) devices to turn your smartphone into your very own observatory. This is a functionality many Starscope Monocular reviews say works amazingly well.

Slide it over the main camera of your mobile divides and it will magnify EVERYTHING you go to take a picture of – letting you take crystal clear pictures of the moon, the stars, and other planets (as well as meteors, asteroids, and more) in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Yes, there have been other products on the market that promise to do exactly what the StarScope Monocular really does. Most of them, though, were long on promises and short on delivery.

That’s not going to be a problem with the StarScope Monocular.

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How Does the StarScope Monocular Work?

The way the StarScope Monocular for Android and iPhone devices works is really simple and straightforward.

Think of this as one half of a pair of binoculars.

You have a couple of pieces of magnifying glass tied together with a tubular steel/aluminum barrel, a magnification and focus ring, and a couple of other pieces of hardware that let you zoom in on the action all around you and up in the sky above us.

The coolest thing about the StarScope Monocular is that it also works as a telephoto lens of sorts for a telescopic lens for your smartphone camera.

All you have to do is hold the eyepiece over your main camera lens on your phone and you instantly amplify your zoom capabilities by 12 times. That’s more than enough to take gorgeous photos at night of the moon and the stars. 


Many Starscope Monocular reviews share even pictures of the moon taken with the StarScope Monocular that will knock your socks off. The level of detail and the clarity of these photos is just off the charts. You’ll be able to pull in a lot of light with this monocular, too, giving you an opportunity to shoot in really dark situations without your photo qualities degrading.

What Makes the StarScope Monocular Special?

A couple of things help to make the StarScope Monocular so special, but the biggest thing has to be its overall build quality.

For starters, the entire body is made out of ruggedized tubular steel or aluminum materials that give the monocular a lot of strength and a lot of durability.

You don’t necessarily want to drop or kick this around very much – but you’ll know that if you have an accident in the monocular slips it isn’t going to smash into tiny pieces thanks to the quality of the materials it’s made out of.

 Secondly, the glass inside of the monocular is really impressive, too.

The lenses themselves are 100% multilayered green lenses that have eye relief of 20 mm and a field-of-view of 293/1000m. The lenses are also coded with a scratch free protectant, helping to make sure that the 12 power zoom and 50 mm objective lens is always protected.

You’ll be able to suck up a lot of light for incredible images and viewing in low light conditions (like nighttime views of the moon or the stars), and the height magnification power and extreme lengths diameter guarantee that you’re going to get great shots with nothing more than your regular smartphone, too.

There are so many Starscope Monocular reviews saying they are being able to upgrade their smartphone cameras without having to invest over $1k dollars in a brand new expensive smartphone.

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 How Easy to Use is the StarScope Monocular?

It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone having a hard time using the StarScope Monocular.

All you really have to do to use this “naked” is to pop the StarScope Monocular for Android and iPhone devices out of your pocket or pull it out from your lanyard and bring it to your eyes, peering through it as you appear through a binoculars set.

If you want to use it in conjunction with your phone just put the viewing lens of the StarScope Monocular for iPhone and Android devices up against your camera lens and you immediately improving magnification capabilities of your phone camera right away.

It’s that simple!

In fact, you’ll have a nightmare of a time finding ANY StarScope Monocular telescope review out there mentioning this being a difficult to use piece of hardware. It’s just not.

Everything about it is simple and straightforward to use, super intuitive, and really convenient.

That’s a big piece of the puzzle behind the popularity of this hardware.

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Who is the StarScope Monocular Designed For?

Honestly, anyone that wants to do a bit of stargazing or is really into astronomy and photography will absolutely love everything that this monocular has to offer.

Whether you just do this every once in a while when you get an itch for it or absolutely love heading out to stare at the stars and the moon every chance you get, the monocular is going to help make the heavens open up for you.

On top of that, more serious photographers will appreciate just how well the StarScope Monocular works the first time they try it out, too.

The beautiful thing about this hardware is that it turns something you always have on you (your phone) into a very capable piece of photography hardware that can take the kind of photos you’d expect from much more expensive and professional grade cameras.

Where Can I Buy the StarScope Monocular?

There’s really only one place you’ll be able to find this monocular and one place that you’ll be able to get the best StarScope Monocular price – and that’s directly from the manufacturer.

The company that makes this monocular sells them directly to consumers, eliminating the middleman altogether and keeping the overall price low while still getting top-tier hardware into the hands of people that want to see the night sky in vivid detail.

If you are thinking about getting your hands on this amazing piece of gear but want to get the best possible StarScope Monocular price there’s no better approach than buying it directly from the folks that make it!

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Pros and Cons

?        Crystal clear visuals and high definition images even under extreme magnification

?        Works with all Android and iPhone devices

?        Works without a phone or tablet, too

?        Incredibly lightweight and compact

?        Super high quality construction materials throughout

?        Affordable thanks to a direct to consumer sales approach

?        Getting it lined up with your camera lens takes a bit of practice

?        Panoramic shots can be tough to pull off sometimes

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, hopefully you’ve got a lot out of this in-depth StarScope Monocular review.

There are a lot of monocular options out there for sale right now, most promising the moon and the stars but never able to deliver the goods, so to speak.

This is not one of those.

No, when you get your hands on the StarScope Monocular you’ll learn straightaway that it is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in this product category.

Lightweight, compact, a dream to use, and capable of some pretty stunning visuals right out-of-the-box there really isn’t anything else out there like this.

The odds are pretty good you’ll fall in love with all that the StarScope Monocular has to offer almost right away!

Starscope Monocular is available only at the official website here:

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