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November 18, 2020

Why are Online Casinos so Popular in the UK?

Hardly a month goes by without a new online casino launching in the UK. It’s a market where leading brands want to dominate and new companies want to gain a foothold. But where did Britain’s love story with betting games begin?

History shows gambling in the UK dates back to the 16th century. The government first sanctioned some forms of betting in 1694 and authorized online casinos much later in 2005. Nevertheless, online gaming has become a past time for thousands of people, mainly due to these six reasons.

UK Casinos are Safe and Secure

Online casinos in the UK are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (UKGC). It’s a protective agency that enforces strict regulatory measures to help British citizens play casino games in a safe and fair environment.

When an investor applies for a casino license, the UKGC spares no expense to vet and verify that he or she is fit to run an online casino. It also requires the new operator to secure their website and apps and to work with safe payment and game providers.

Importantly, the UKGC also features rules and tools to protect vulnerable players. Casinos are directed to help you quit and not overspend when you experience addiction. Alternatively, you get tools to limit your budget or suspend your account.

The measures mentioned above ensure British citizens that want to experience casino games can do it safely. They don’t need to worry about scams and data security because many gaming sites in the country are safe.

All Casino Games are Available Online

Nearly all forms of gambling are legal in the UK. Due to that, gaming websites provide as many games as possible, from bingo and slots to poker and blackjack. Some operators provide a diverse range of games to please players with different interests.

But it’s also pretty common for brands to have websites dedicated to specific games. For example, they have bingo sites that unite bingo fans. Or they have poker sites that feature all types of poker.

The bottom line is that British online casinos provide nearly all gambling games. And as a result, everyone can find great titles to play regardless of their likes and dislikes. To expound more, most games also come with variants. So, even if you don’t like classic slots, you could choose jackpots, Megaways and VR games.

Cheaper than Land-based Casinos

Think about it. A trip to a land-based casino comes with plenty of costs. First, you need to drive or take a flight for the best establishments outside your city. Then you need to book for a hotel and carry enough money to take you one night of gambling.

Depending on your budgeting skills, you could spend £100 to £2000 at an average brick and mortar casino. In comparison, £10 is usually all you need at most online casinos. What’s more, £10 can buy you 100 spins on a game with minimum bets of 10p.

With a budget of £100, you can play slots like a high roller, engage in a few rounds of blackjack and spare change for Texas Hold’em. In other words, online casinos are cheap. And with so many banking options that support micropayments with little to no fees, anyone that wants to gamble online can always do so.

Irresistible Bonuses

Casino bonuses add value to money, which is why so many people can’t resist them. Picture this. You have a budget of £50. But then a generous website promises to double your money if you choose them over a competitor. Wouldn’t you sign up?

Things get better when you realize that nearly every online casino in the UK has bonuses and promotions. They just vary in the amount they give and the terms of their offers. Some companies match your first deposit 100%. Others give you free spins before you even create an account.

The guys over on delve deeper into casino bonuses in the UK. They have guides on how to pick free spins, safety checks and recommendations for the best casinos in the UK. They also talk more about bonus policies, which can help you learn how to find bonuses that offer the best value to you.

Available on Mobile Devices

A study published in the Telegraph shows some people in the UK spend up to 40 hours on their smartphones every week. The average Internet user spends an entire day every week browsing through their mobile devices.

In total, 78% of the UK population enjoys browsing the web on their iPhones and Android (News - Alert) devices. Unsurprisingly, nearly all online casinos are also available on smartphones, allowing players to experience unlimited fun playing roulette, bingo slots and poker.

According to research firm Statista, mobile devices are already the most popular gaming devices in the UK. And that’s true for both video and casino games. People no longer find cell phones inferior to PCs, and that has something to do with technological advancements.

Unlike a decade ago, mobile devices today support high-quality graphics, lag-free videos and instant-gaming. Due to that, all the issues that plagued mobile devices for business or gaming a decade ago are no longer there. Instead, smartphones have become much more convenient that consoles and desktop computers.

The UK Gaming Culture

As we mentioned earlier on, gambling has been part of the UK culture since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. A lot has changed in the last five hundred years ago but not the people’s love for games of chance.

From pubs and high streets to restaurants and football stadiums, gambling shops are located in nearly every city and town. What's more, gambling knows no age in Britain. And that's evident in the growing number of young casino players and the continued dominance of bingo halls.

Surprisingly, casino players in Britain don’t always spend a lot of money. Compared to the US, Australia and Ireland, the UK ranks fourth for the average amount lost to casinos every year. That means most people play to have fun and not necessarily to win money.

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