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November 12, 2020

Content Marketing Agency Dubai - What services are provided?

Good marketing requires sound content. The power of the written word can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your business. Who better to consult than the experts? Here’s a look at all of the services you can expect an agency in Dubai to provide you with...

What is content marketing?

There are various roles which can be allocated to a content marketing team, from strategists to producers, editors and designers. While some people may be able to perform more than one of these roles, it often requires diverse skill sets, especially when multimedia is involved. Other roles include researchers and managers - each of which is vital to the overall marketing strategy and implementation.

Outsourcing content marketing can ensure that these roles are performed to the best of their abilities. Having specialists on board can provide you with insights, inspiration and capabilities not available to your internal marketing team.

Content is therefore not only used to communicate with your audience but also as a means to drive traffic to your website and generate leads. Take a moment to consider the last time you read a compelling subject line in your email, opened it and was enticed by the content and visuals and then clicked on the link to the website. You may have then been led to sign up for more content which is gated by a lead form. And thus, your entry into the sales funnel begins. Another aspect to consider is that email is just one example of this - content is required for all of your outlets, platforms, sites and communication.

This includes eBooks, webinars, videos, podcasts, infographics, case studies, animations, slides, listicles, quizzes and digital magazines. With diversity in your range of content, you can reach and appeal to more people. Much of this content can be repurposed in a way that is cost-effective and lends itself to an integrated marketing approach overall.

Services provided for by a content marketing agency

The agency will create content for your business that speaks to your audience. Their goal is to spark interest in your business and answer any questions that your audience may have. This function is a contributing factor in your overall marketing strategy.

An agency creates various forms of content for your business. It will have a consistent brand voice and appeal to various multimedia formats, through various consumer touchpoints, whether that is through the likes of email or social media marketing. They will create content that is aimed at people at various points along the sales funnel, generally providing more in-depth information the deeper they go. Content can therefore be seen as a guide for consumers which is trusted and reliable so that there are no barriers or doubts for the consumer.

Content marketing is generally understood as a long term investment which continues to yield results, though there is a waiting period before this occurs. It is also a technique which has become commonplace and continues to grow, meaning consumers are constantly presented with a variety of high-quality content. It has therefore become an expectation for audiences. It is also a marker of your business in terms of separating you from your competition.

An agency will assist you in producing this, as well as the tools necessary for the optimised distribution thereof. This way, you can benefit from the best automation and scheduling programs, without having to manage or pay for them.

What makes Dubai special

We at Nexa have a knack for content marketing. Based in Dubai, we understand the complexities of this cosmopolitan city. With so many different audiences, your business needs to know who they’re speaking to and how to appeal to them. We’ve helped many companies in Dubai to develop their goals, strategy, content production and distribution needed for content marketing. From writing to videography, our team is ready to take your business to the next level.

As you may have noticed, content marketing by and large appeals to online or digital marketing. Dubai is an emerging market with high levels of internet usage. These are the markets in which content and all things digital becomes especially important.

The short of it...

By understanding the services available to you, as provided by content marketing agencies, you can better understand their ability to add value to your business’s content marketing. Content remains an integral part of marketing in today’s world, especially in emerging markets that are tech-savvy like Dubai. An agency can:

  • Improve the quality, formats and scope of your content
  • Improve your content distribution
  • Improve audience understanding and brand communication
  • Improve the storytelling of your business
  • Ensure the customer experience is optimal in terms of content consumption
  • Increase your output of content in order to improve your traffic and leads

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