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October 23, 2020

5 Compelling Reasons Why Today's Businesses Needs Podcasts

Today, everyone knows about the existence of podcasts. This form of leisure is not new: already in the early 2000s, podcasts were created and were very popular. Now it is impossible to ignore the rapidly increasing number of materials in this format and listeners, expanding the range of interests and podcast genres.   

We believe this is the best time to start working with podcasts as a marketing tool. When the interest is already clear, but the market has not yet formed, this is a great opportunity to jump on the first seat of the train. So why is making a podcast a winning strategy for businesses?

1.Ease Of Presenting Information

Podcast is a purely conversational form of presenting information. Not a dry statement of facts and their description. We might hear such a conversation from our friends or colleagues - it naturally inspires confidence.  And the abundance of podcast genres (interviews, dialogue, detailed statements) opens up the possibility for businesses to present anything in an exciting format. From educational content to economical such as announcement of furlough scheme UK, it presents every type of information in a lively format.

2.Saving Time and Money

The process of creating a podcast is, of course, less expensive than, for example, the advertisements. There are fewer specialists involved in the work and lesser time and money are invested. The list of techniques that are involved in production are also much shorter. As a result, businesses can produce unique material by spending a small budget.

3.User Friendliness

You can drive in a car, play sports, walk, do household chores - and at the same time receive new useful information. The standard length of a podcast track ranges from twenty minutes to an hour. This timing is comfortable for listening: the average concentration time of an adult falls within this time frame.

A user can listen to a podcast related to new restrictions in winding up a petition against the other business or how to write an essay depending on his choice. This means it does not torture the customers to gain knowledge forcefully, but organically fit it into the day by their choice. Consequently, through the podcast, the company gets daily contact with its listeners - potential customers.

4.Opportunities For Distribution 

As we open "Apple (News - Alert) Music" and then the system itself offers us a category in which we can select tracks on the topic of interest to us. Similarly, lists of podcasts recommend listening to different topics. Therefore, the situation where a customer has nothing to listen to most likely does not arise.

In other words, each project is in its own user niche, and it is not so easy to find competitors that are identical in content and tone of voice. This allows a business to create material without the itchy thought in the head about the need to overtake someone and jump in originality and ingenuity.

5.Wide Range of Themes and Genres

Documentary, educational, conversational - and many more options can become a podcast genre. You can know what business is more beneficial in 2020 or how to make an account on Instagram; literally, you can find information related to any genre on it. Just know who is our target audience and you can provide them with relevant content.

Podcast (regardless of what topic it has and what genre is chosen for its development) is a search for a new perspective on the world for both users and creators. Of course, for a company, creating its own podcast is an opportunity to popularize the brand and attract new customers. But the most valuable thing seems to be something else: namely, the opportunity to talk with your audience in the same language and on a common topic, initiate a dialogue, and establish horizontal connections.


Businesses are interested in the podcast format for its autonomy: this is something that is interesting and useful for both the users (the target audience) and the businesses. The podcast serves both an entertainment and an educational function while remaining a universal medium and this is its main advantage.

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