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October 23, 2020

5 Ways to Improve Customer Service via Technology

While customer service still relies heavily on human involvement, technology is what separates the great from the good. There are dozens of new technologies making the rounds out there, and early adopters are already reaping the benefits. Read on for five ways you can use technology to enhance customer experience on your site or store.

1.Simplification and unification of interactions

With the help of case management software, you can unify customer data storage and simplify access, analysis, and data-driven decision-making processes. This software is built to handle a vast range of customer service procedures, from content and customer history management to incident management and data analytics.

2.Easier handling of support requests

One of the most widely accepted ways of handling support requests is through the use of help desk ticketing systems. These are simply systems that place support requests of all forms – phone calls, text messages, emails, and live chats – in a single, unified storage system. They simplify the process of sorting out requests and ensure that the oldest or more important or urgent queries are handled first.

3.Use of augmented reality to provide in-store experience virtually.

Augmented reality (AR) is not a new concept, but its application in service delivery is still under exploration. Most businesses that have adopted the technology are using it to help customers view products from the comfort of their homes. For example, a furniture outlet can use AR to enable prospects to check out tables, couches, TV stands, beds, etc. and see how they fit in their homes. Other companies use technology to assist customers with basic procedures such as connecting cables and performing repairs.

4.Personalization of marketing content

Sales and marketing funnels have been around for decades, but their digitization is what has contributed most to their recent rise in popularity. Funnels help you monitor your customer’s progress from their various traffic sources to when they make a purchase or schedule an appointment. They help you understand your customers’ activities and know which content they like the most.

5.The use of voice assistants to increase productivity and efficiency

Voice assistants are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and their job is to listen to requests, interpret them, and find solutions. They have been shown to be a vital asset in customer service as they can listen and respond to queries and follow up on orders. This is particularly useful for understaffed businesses or companies still in their infancy.

One thing that gives voice assistants the edge over humans is that they don’t need breaks. This makes it possible to take queries and appointment requests from your international customers and anyone who may not be able to do it during business hours.


Technology is transforming everything in the corporate world. If you have been wondering how technological advancements can help your business stay abreast of the trends and make accelerated headway, this article provides an excellent place to start. Feel free to conduct further research to identify the many other technologies that can help improve your customer service.

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