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October 20, 2020

Music Videos with the most Likes on YouTube

Even though streaming services are now very popular, YouTube (News - Alert) remains one of the websites that users like to watch music. Streaming services, like Spotify, are ideal to listen to music on the road. YouTube, on the other hand, is great for viewers that want to watch the music videos. Some popular YouTubers, even record songs of their own, that they later promote on their channel. When you have enough subscribers, you can also try writing a song. To promote it, you can use your social media and buy YouTube likes.

In this article, you will find out which music videos have gathered the most likes on YouTube.

#1 Despacito, by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

When “Despacito” was released in 2017, it took the world by the storm. In the summer of that year, everyone was watching the video and listening to Luis Fonsi’s song. “Despacito” is now the most liked music video with 38 million likes.

#2 See You Again, by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth

“See you again” was released in 2015 for the soundtrack of the movie “Furious 7”. Both the song and the movie were very emotional, due to the loss of its protagonist, Paul Walker, in 2013. “See you again” was a tribute to the late actor and gathered more than 29 million likes.

#3 Shape of You, by Ed Sheeran

The 2017 hit song defined that year. It is Ed Sheeran’s greatest hit that has 4.9 billion views and over 23 million likes. However, Ed Sheeran is a big start that is easy to gather so many views. If you want to become successful on the platform, you have to try harder and buy YouTube likes.

#4 Faded, by Alan Walker

The 2015 hit song from the Norwegian music producer and DJ, Alan Walker, follows with 20 million likes. This song became very popular, gaining more than 2.8 billion views. YouTube users are still listening to it to this day.

#5 Baby Shark Dance, by Pinkfong Kids' Songs & Stories

Kids' songs gather a huge amount of views and likes on YouTube. However, in 2016, “Baby Shark Dance” became a viral sensation, starting from the South Korean company, Pinkfong Kid’s Songs and Stories. Right now, kids from all over the world know and love this song, giving it 19 million likes.

#6 Gangnam Style, by Psy

In recent years, Kpop is a phenomenon that has conquered the Internet. However, in 2012, things were very different. YouTube users didn’t know what music from South Korea was when they discovered “Gangnam Style” by Psy. The song remains a viral hit to this day, with 3.7 billion views and 18 million likes.

#7 Alone, by Marshmello

The EDM music producer, Marshmello, released alone in 2016. It quickly became a hit entering the US Billboard Hot 100 list. Over time, the song managed to gather over 1.7 billion views and 17 million likes.

Whether these songs come from popular singers or started as viral hits, they managed to capture the attention of YouTube’s users. No matter the case, though, a viral video will boost your career on the platform. To do that, buy YouTube likes and promote your channel on every social media.

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