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September 30, 2020

4 Key Tips to Optimize Your Blog's Performance

One of the biggest questions people ask themselves when running a blog is ‘does anyone read this?’  If so, what impact is it having?

It's almost a pre-requisite for a business to run its own blog these days, but if you're not doing it right, it may indeed be a waste of time. That said, running a blog properly can be a hugely effective tool for brand engagement. 

Here are a few tips for turning your blog into a market stall voice for your operation.

1) Have Your Server Prepared for Success

A cloud server may be the answer to problems that could drastically reduce your blog's effectiveness. You want your blog to experience a high volume of traffic, and using a cloud server helps you prepare for an influx of future visitors. 

One advantage of cloud server hosting is the scalability it offers. A rush of traffic might slow down a regular server, and this will turn people off your blog. Nobody likes slow speeds. However, if your blog is experiencing high traffic, a cloud server adapts to that easily. A cloud server increases and reduces its capacity in real time, which makes for a very efficient operation.

Find cheap cloud server hosting and get your blog ready to perform on the big stage. Otherwise, all that work will have been for nothing.

2) Put Your Customers at the Center of the Operation

You know what customers love hearing even more than your brand's voice? They like to hear each other's voices talking about your brand.

Engage with your audience and ask them what they think. Focus it on your brand — but people love any forum to talk about all kinds of things. Have a bit of fun. You know how strong your offering is; Let your audience tell each other about it.

Promote their voices and respond to them. If people feel they're being heard and engaged with, they tend to spend much longer on a webpage. Search engines notice this behavior and reward you for it with a rankings boost.

3) Eye on the Goal

One of the most common shortfalls of business blogs is that the writers don't know why they're writing.You know there's an obligation to write about something, but you need to know why you're writing it:

-You're writing a blog to answer questions for your audience. 
-You're doing it to create a strong brand voice. 
-You want to create better engagement with your audience. 

Any blog piece which doesn't meet these criteria in aim and execution isn't worth much.

Your goal with every aspect of your business is to advance your business's success. A blog is no different and should be treated as such.

4) Vary Your Offerings

If writing is going to work in any form, it has to catch and hold a reader's interest. What sparks interest? Variety.

Don't write the same middle-length post over and over again. Listicles are endlessly popular (just look at Buzzfeed), but they're one of many options.

Another great choice is to offer some in-depth, long-form content. Your customers want to take you seriously, so giving them a serious, thoughtful posts that give them insight. After you offer some dense technical material, switch up your offerings with a poll or notice of a giveaway.


A blog is as useful to you as you make it, and you'll want to prepare for maximum success with a host that you can trust. Always keep your eye on the prize, hone your voice, vary your offerings, and your hard work will pay dividends.

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