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September 15, 2020

How technology has changed the entertainment and online gaming industries

The rate of development of technology is faster than ever. With artificial intelligence and virtual reality becoming a bigger part of our lives, the world and our society now involve technology in almost everything we do. Day to day tasks require a laptop or a smartphone.

But how has technology changed the entertainment and online gambling industry?

Music to your ears

The music industry has certainly been impacted by the increase in technology. 20 years ago, it was not uncommon to walk into a house and see a bookshelf full of CDs. Or to carry around a few different CD’s to change on your Discman.

With the development of streaming services like Spotify (News - Alert) and Tidal, you can now easily stream music from your smartphone while out or to your wireless speakers at home. This is a stark difference to even 10 years ago when Spotify gained its first billion subscribers.

This advancement in technology has allowed more flexibility in the industry, with many artists able to stream online concerts or create music faster with the most up to date equipment. It’s also easy for upcoming artists to gain a following from early on.

There’s no denying that online music streaming services have drastically changed the industry, both for the artists and label companies but also for third parties like CD manufacturers, who have now become obsolete. 

Online Gaming and betting

Whenever you wanted to play a game or place a bet on the Grand National, you would have to pay a visit to your nearest game arcade or bookmaker. But nowadays, online gaming have become a massive industry that has generated billions of jobs and massive amounts of money around the world.

Not only have the physical, tangible casinos and games become obsolete, but the experience and functionality of gaming has become fully optimised. Not only that, but gamers now expect to be able to play against players from the other side of the world.

The same goes with online casinos, where a UK based player can easily play with someone based in Russia within a matter of seconds and from the comfort of their own home.

Technology has made online playing and betting highly accessible and has created a whole new development to both the gaming and betting industry.

A technology that has really helped speed up the online gaming growth is fiber internet. Fiber is much more reliable than a basic cable because it facilitates speeds more consistently.

Sweden was one of the first countries in the world to integrate fiber, and that has helped their online businesses to grow. Online providers like had the opportunity to grow and to this day, they are still providing an overview of great casino sites to their visitors.

Movie madness

Again, much like with the music industry, the filmmaking industry has been affected by technology.

Of course, with the development of Netflix, Disney (News - Alert)+ and other streaming services, but also with the emergence of Netflix productions. Many popular movies are produced by Netflix’s own production company, making it a successful venture for the company. This has added competition to other film production firms, where costs are a lot higher and the rights are stricter.

On the flip side, technology has given production companies more freedom in the way they shoot, edit, and finalise films. Better cameras have better functions and higher quality, resulting in a better end product. Editing and inserting special effects is easier and more accessible in the industry, with films being awarded for exceptional CGI (News - Alert).

There is no doubt that technology and the internet have affected almost every aspect of our lives, and entertainment and gaming is certainly no exception.

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