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August 28, 2020

Advanced Technology is Changing the Cannabis Industry

The marijuana industry has seen a lot of growth with every passing year. It is a fact that has made investors take notice, and through it, they have made sure that they use their money and incorporate technology in the cannabis industry and offer the best brand. Using new technology ensures that the cannabis industry keeps getting better and better.

Technology has revolutionized how business happens in the modern world. The cannabis industry has not been left behind. As long as innovations are happening and technology is improving, then the cannabis industry will continue to flourish. The improvements will continue because the policies are less strict compared to the past.

It is a good idea for anyone who wants to invest in the marijuana industry. Technology has changed the way people conduct their businesses, and the cannabis industry has not been left behind. Here are several ways in which technology has changed the cannabis industry.

Job creation

Financial analysts predict that by 2015, the cannabis industry will be worth more than $6.59 billion or more. Technology has played a big role in helping the industry as well as reducing federal interference.

Almost all fifty states in the United States have legalized marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. It shows that people and governments have come a long way from the famed "War on drug" to accepting that marijuana can help people with medical conditions.

As a result, a lot of people have benefited from the legalization of marijuana. Its medical benefits are great, and a lot of people have gained from its benefits since it became legal. When marijuana was legalized in most of the states, people were able to create sites where they could market the product and earn money in the process.

DNA Sequencing

As mentioned earlier, many states in the U.S. have been passing laws that legalize marijuana. It is vital to understand that allowing these products to trade in the market has also opened up many avenues, including several scientific breakthroughs.

Marijuana is a plant that has made many scientists wonder because of its brain-altering compounds. However, there are many chemicals associated with the plant, including CBD, THC, and hundreds of other compounds.

A company based in Colorado is already leading the way in trying to come to sequence the plant's DNA in an attempt to understand how the plant has so many chemicals that are beneficial to the human body. The company is using the CRISPR gene editing to grow marijuana, which does not have CBD or THC compounds.

The company expects that if the experiments are successful, they can come up with customized crops that will be easier to grow, and they also expect that they will have different flavors. The scientists also expect to grow plants that have more rare forms of cannabinoids such as CBC, which is known to have very strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Personalized weed products

Coming up with the correct blend of CBD and THC is a challenge because when people try to do it themselves, the processes are usually incorrect, and the end product is not what one would expect. Technology solves this problem by helping the experts to put in measured contents when processing cannabis contents.

Some companies are using new ways to personalize how the cannabis products are administered, including using a saliva swab test, which makes use of more than 70 genetic markers to come up with a profile of your response to cannabinoids. After the analysis is complete, it generates a report which shows your compatibility with different cannabis strains.

App retail

Buying and marketing cannabis products have changed a lot since its legalization. Technology has made it possible for people and companies to develop applications through which people can buy marijuana products without problems or fear from federal authorities.

There are stores out there where marijuana products are on sale, and they are clearly labeled. Some of those stores are so professional that they rival Apple (News - Alert) Stores.

To sum it up

Technology will continue to influence the cannabis industry.  There are many apps and websites out there where you can get marijuana products. It is even possible to have the products delivered to your doorstep.

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