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August 24, 2020 Your Best Shipping Insurance Partner

Shipping insurance is a service provided by certain insurance companies that aim at reimbursing senders the value of goods shipped in case something goes wrong during transit. The insurer will refund you in case your parcel is lost, stolen or damaged.

Shipping insurance from an insurance company is always cheaper and more convenient than purchasing insurance from the carrier. If a parcel is damaged or lost during transport, you will only be reimbursed by the carrier if the fault is admitted. But shipping insurance covers all possible occurrences when fault has not been proven.

How does Secursus insure your parcel?

Secursus is a renowned digital shipping insurance company that covers all kinds of goods during shipment. You must pay an insurance fee that is fixed at 0.6% of the value of the shipped goods. The process of insuring the goods is straightforward, as you are only required to create an account and add a payment card. You can insure your goods on the very same day of departure.

Why should you opt for Secursus insurance services?

Hassle-free method of insurance

The process of registering your parcel for insurance is straightforward. Upon signing up in the registration portal, you can secure your goods within minutes. The service is not discriminatory and is open to all individuals and businesses who are shipping their products nationally or globally.

If your goods are lost, stolen, or destroyed during transit, claiming compensation is easy. You get the full payment within less than 30 days after your claim is approved by the insurance company.

Diversified services

The Secursus shipping insurance deals aim at covering an innumerable number of goods. They aim at diversifying their services to ensure that they benefit a large number of people. Most of the goods excluded by carriers are covered by their insurance policy.

Also, they insure both new and used items. The insurer just needs to have the most recent sale value of the product to determine the insurance costs.

Prevent you from suffering financial losses

The shipping process of high-value goods is full of risks. The products can be stolen, damaged, or lost in the transit process, and such misfortunes impact you negatively and can lead to major financial losses. Secursus mitigates such risks and ensures you get full compensation for the value of the shipped goods. The insurance is the only way to ship valuable goods in full peace of mind and it prevents you from huge financial blows.

No extra costs for the release of your goods

Accidents may happen in the shipping process leading to damage to delivery truck or plane. Secursus insurance company takes full responsibility for the goods and hastens the process of goods release and recovery. As a result, you will not incur any costs for the release of products from damaged vessels.

Lastly, the insurance company Secursus offers premium insurance packages for people shipping their goods to other countries. The insurer covers all types of commodities being shipped to all parts of the world. However, it does not cover parcel shops and parcels that are dispatched using sea containers.

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