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August 19, 2020

Out with the Old, In with the Renewable: 3 Renewable Sources to Power Up Your Home

It is through fossil fuels, the remnants of plants and animals that died million years ago, that power and produced electricity in the present. However, there will come a time that fossil fuel will be depleted as this is non-renewable—and will eventually banish just like its source.

In the past few years, the extraction of fossil fuel on land and seas has become unobtainable. As a result, there is the least electricity generation production that entails a higher cost of payment, which is unfavorable to those who are economically insufficient. Moreover, it also has downsides that slowly deteriorate the environment and the ozone layer as it produces harmful smoke that pervades in the atmospheres.

To address this alarming issue, the government and people in countries are gradually adapting and embracing renewable energy sources to power up the homes, cities, and perhaps the country.

Now, what is a renewable source of energy, and how it generates electricity? Renewable sources are heat, water, wind, etc. which transform their energy into electricity through various machines and equipment. Although obtaining this kind of energy source for the home is expensive, there are numerous benefits that the individual and global scale will experience in the long run.

Further, to shed light on the various clean energy solutions for houses, here are some electricity-producing machines and equipment that only require the powers of nature.

Solar Energy

Sunlight is essential to every living thing on Earth. It allows vegetation to flourish for peoples’ consumption, and plants rely on the sunlight to produce their food through photosynthesis. And while the sun still shines, why not utilize its sunlight to generate electricity?

Solar Panel

Solar panels are arrayed in an ordered series on the rooftop or in a wide space outside. Each panel is made from silicon cells, a metal frame, a glass casing covered with specific films, and wirings.  And the responsible for the conversion of heat energy is called photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight during the day.

Most solar panels are installed on the roof as it directly receives sunlight. However, if you think that your roof is not sturdy and could not carry the panels’ weight, then do a Roof repair to fix it before everything falls.

This type of renewable energy also has its downside. Since solar panels acquire power from the sun during daylight, it only works during the daytime. Thus, it is suggested to have grid electricity or install secondary renewable energy generating equipment.

Solar Oven

If you love baking and cooking, you can do it through a solar oven without consuming and using too much electricity. Solar oven locks the heat from the sunlight that cooks the food. You can either buy or build your own using cardboard, insulation, and aluminum foil. Using this oven in cooking is a precursor to living in a world of renewable energy.

Solar Heaters

Don’t have a water heater, which consumes more electricity? Why not try this solar heater, besides that it is economical, it is also an excellent way to start conserving power. The sunlight heats the water reservoir, and the heated water is distributed to the house’s faucets and showers through radiators and pumps. Hence, allowing you to enjoy bathing during winters or cold days.

Wind Energy

The air that we breathe keeps us alive, and without it, every living thing wouldn’t survive. Besides that it sustains life, it also helps generate electricity. As the wind naturally flows in the atmosphere, it allows the turbine in the equipment to keep rolling to produce electricity.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbine utilizes the power of the wind to generate electricity. Since wind exists during morning and evening, unlike sunlight, it is good for acquiring sustainable electricity. For houses, it is preferable to use the distributed or “small” wind. It has a single turbine that induces 100 kilowatts to provide power for the home. Moreover, it also caters to small farms and small businesses. Most importantly, you are not connected to the grid.

Hydro Energy

Hydro energy uses the current of waters through turbines installed in the rivers or bodies of water. If you live near rivers, then this type of renewable source of energy is possible. The process of electric production is similar to wind turbines. Further, it allows you to store energy for future uses.

However, this type requires a large investment as it is expensive. You also have to consider the location and state of the water in different weather situations. Further, strong currents in the river due to heavy rain could possibly destroy everything—and another expense shall be spent.


Embracing the renewable sources of energy, in this era where scarcity of resources, is essential. As we utilize the power of nature, we continue to preserve her magnificence—as these renewable sources of energy do not exude harmful chemicals. However, most of the machines and equipment are expensive, but the benefits that the people and the world receive are immense and go in the long run.

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