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August 18, 2020

Things to Consider When You Are Designing Your Logo

A logo is the face of the business - both figuratively and literally. A good logo design is the one that delivers the business mission statement accurately and speaks with every inch of its details.

Let’s see some of the details and techniques you need to consider to create a logo that adds value to your business.

Create a Logo with Turbologo Of Different Types

There are fundamentally three types of business logos, with each one having a different purpose.

Wordgram: As the name indicates, a wordgram uses text-only logos. It is best suited for businesses with a short or an unusual name. 

Monogram: A monogram uses the initials of the business name. The secret lies in how cleverly you integrate the initials in the design to convey the business goal. 

Combination: The most popular type uses the combination of pictures and texts in an accentuated manner to create a logo for the business. 

Things to Consider Before Making A Logo

You can use any software to build the logo design of your choice. For instance, you can use Turbologo for creating the perfect design. But before putting your ideas on the canvas, you need to consider the following things.

  • Be Clear with the Mission Statement

Before finalizing a logo design, make sure it clearly depicts at least one major aspect that makes your business stand out from the rest in terms of service. 

  • Create a Focal Point of the Logo Design

 Be sure about the major highlight of the logo. It can be a pattern or a color and use different details to accompany that point.  

  • Test Different Color Schemes

Going with one color palette is not a wise approach for a logo design. Make sure to test it with at least five to ten different schemes and see what suits your business the best.

  • Follow the Trends

The ongoing trends for logos include being minimalist, friendly, and casual. The laid back scheme is in the market that is a wise point to follow while designing a logo.

Keeping these things in mind will help you get the perfect logo for your business that will help you attract the targeted audience.

How to Create a Logo With Turbologo

Turbologo is a free logo generator that gives you a quick and easy solution to create the perfect logo design for your business. You can create a logo with Turbologo through following the steps:

  1. Type in the name of your business or brand
  2. Select suitable icons, color scheme, and other details
  3. Choose the option you like the best from the generated results
  4. Customize the chosen result according to need

These were some simple steps following which you can generate a logo with high-quality details using a free logo generator for your business.

Final Word 

It doesn’t matter how simple your logo is, if it’s well-thought and well-portrayed, it can convey and attract the targeted audience you want in the best manner possible.

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