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August 10, 2020

3 Steps for Creating a Mobile-only Banking App

If you have an idea for a new mobile-only banking app, there has never been a better time to turn your concept into a reality. With the rise of mobile apps, and mobile-only banking plus the need to limit close social contact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile-only banking is a simple alternative to the brick-and-mortar bank.

What is a Mobile-only Bank?

Mobile-only banking is simply a term for banking that only requires a smartphone and the banking app. All transactions and operations are done through the app – there are no physical bank offices. A mobile-only banking app offers the user a convenient, simple banking experience and is quickly gaining popularity.

Creating Your Mobile-only Banking App

Here are three tips that can help with mobile-only banking app development:

1.Define your app

Before doing anything else, start by asking yourself these questions:

What problem is your app going to solve?

To achieve long-term success, you want to make sure your app solves a problem that other apps do not. Write a brief overview of your app and what unique services it will provide to users.

Who is your target audience?

You must identify who will be using your app. Is it going to be targeted to a specific niche or the general public? Think about what makes the most sense, based on your answer to the first question.

2.Research Research Research!

When starting the process of mobile-only banking app development, it is very important that you start this process by doing your research. You need to be aware of what other mobile-only banking apps are on the market, what features they offer, and what their users have to say about them.

It is important that you know what appeals the most to your target audience and to be aware of what people don’t like. Don’t just read it; type up the main points so you can look back during planning and development to remind yourself what to avoid and what to incorporate.

3.Design Your App

This is definitely one of the more challenging phases of your app development. Sketch up some ideas about how it will look. You will want to keep your app design simple to use, but you need to keep it from being boring by coming up with an attractive interface. Think about how your app features will flow together.

Don’t forget about security – be sure to put some thought into how you are going to protect your customer’s valuable information.

If you are struggling with any part of the design step, it may be time to start looking for a development team that can help you. You want to partner with a team that has experience developing other mobile-only banking apps. Be sure to check their portfolio and references. The right team should be able to provide you with some creative input and advise you on some of the tougher decisions.


You should now have enough information to start creating your mobile-only banking app – remember, app development is not an easy job, but if done right, you could end up creating the next big thing! Good luck!

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