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August 10, 2020

9 Car Tech Trends for 2020 with A1 Auto Transport

Car technology is changing all the time. Whether it’s driver convenience features or health and safety related technology, cars are evolving and becoming better each and every year. So, here are some of the big trends in car tech for 2020 according to A1 Auto Transport.

1. Autonomous Vehicle

Notice I purposefully didn't say fully autonomous vehicles. The reason? Because it is not going to happen for 5 or more years. The technology simply isn't there yet. However, by the year 2024, you can expect to have a lot of different vehicles capable of being fully autonomous in various driving scenarios including driving in rural communities with the right circumstances. Think about the introduction of cruise control.

2. Driver Override Systems

This is another piece of tech that can relate to autonomous technology. However, it differs because it is the action of your vehicle making decisions for itself versus you having to give it specific commands. While we already have vehicles that are capable of stopping if you don't apply your brakes in time, but soon you can expect to have vehicles that are able to apply brakes even if the driver is pressing the gas pedal. This type of sensor technological improvement has really given vehicles much better control of making its own decisions without the driver's input.

3. Biometric Access

While there have been vehicles that have keyless entry, that is only the start. Soon, you will be able to not only enter the vehicle without a physical key, but you will be able to start it as well. You will be able to do all of this with just using your fingerprint or perhaps your iris. However, fingerprint technology is far more advanced and readily available than iris technology. Does it sound a lot like the tech you can find on your latest smartphone? That's exactly what we are talking about with this.

4. Vehicle Tracking

A lot of insurance companies and governments are looking at implementing some sort of fee-based system that is entirely based on how much someone drives. Soon, you can expect insurance companies to begin offering a reduction in insurance prices for any driver that agrees to integrate tracking into their driving behaviors. While it would be better for this type of invasive technology to remain something you volunteer for, it is likely going to be mandatory at some point in the future to get auto insurance.

5. Active Window Displays

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) tech has really been improved upon since the early days where it projected as a washed-out green display. However, soon, you can expect to see a fully active glass that is capable of projecting vibrant high definition images. Can you imagine having a built-in navigation system that flashes an arrow through your windshield as you are approaching an intersection? If so, that future is not so far off.

6. Remote Vehicle Shutdown

While this is tech that already exists, it is something that you can expect to see more of in vehicles. After all, you may know about OnStar leveraging this tech on a regular basis. A lot of vehicles have this technology installed to minimize stolen vehicles. Soon you can expect this technology to enter the mainstream.

7. Active Health Monitoring

There have been brands like Ford (News - Alert) that have looked at what the future would hold if seat belts or steering wheels were capable of tracking the body's vital statistics. Think about having a cell phone or wearable that connects with your vehicle. By combining these technologies, you have a vehicle that is fully capable of sensing you are having a heart attack and that will be subsequently capable of pulling over for you and calling 9-1-1.

8. 4-Cylinder Supercar

You can find brands like Ford who are showcasing their brand new supercars. While it may not seem normal for a purist, you can expect to see fully-fledged supercars powered by a 4-cylinder engine that is capable of topping out at over 200 miles per hour.

9. Smart Personalized In-Car Marketing

You can expect by a date in the near future to see average cars that are not only connected, but that is capable of customizing personal messages based on where you go and other information that it learns about your behaviors.

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