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August 03, 2020

5 Reasons to Use Residential Proxies For Shoe Bots

Every time you connect to your internet, you do that using your IP address. If you are using a shoe bot without a residential proxy, then retail websites can track your IP address and ban you from using their site. This is where residential proxies are so useful. It masks your real IP address and lets you buy multiple pairs of limited edition sneakers when used with a shoe bot.

What Are Residential Proxies?

Residential IP proxy is an alternative IP address provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to surf the web as a real user. Proxies help route your internet traffic using a substitute server, helping you remain anonymous while browsing the web. They are provided to homeowners, and you can choose a proxy for any country, city, or mobile carrier.

What Are Shoe Bots?

Shoe bots or sneaker bots are automated programs that can complete the shopping process on your behalf using shoe proxies.

Imagine you wish to buy multiple pairs of limited edition sneakers online like those from Adidas or Nike. Any retailer website would not allow you to do so because a single person can’t buy so many limited edition shoes. This is where shoe bots are useful. You can run shoe bots on residential proxies and complete the shopping process multiple times using different IP addresses without getting banned by retail stores.

Why Are Residential Proxies Good For Shoe Bots?

Shoe bots mimic a real user activity like the random delay between requests and automatically solving the captcha challenge.

If you use shoe bots without a residential proxy, then the retailer website will easily recognize your activity and trace down your IP address. The system will automatically ban you once the IP address is tracked.

Hence, residential proxies are needed to mask your IP address from the retailer sites selling limited edition shoes. This way, you would be able to buy several pairs of shoes without getting banned.

How to Use Residential IP Proxy For Shoe Bots?

You should have an internet connection before you start using IP proxy and shoe bots.

To use a residential IP proxy for shoe bots, follow the below steps:

  • Configure your chosen residential proxy in your system.
  • Send a request to connect to the proxy server.
  • Choose your target location. You will be assigned an IP address based on your chosen location.
  • Run your shoe bot application based on previous settings like the type of sneaker to buy and the store to select.
  • That’s it! Your shoe bot will start buying pairs of limited-edition sneakers for you.
  • Remember to change your location from time to time to avoid getting banned.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Residential Proxies For Sneaker Bots

Here are the top five reasons to use residential proxies for shoe bots:

1- Anonymity is Guaranteed

By using a residential proxy for shoe bots, you have guaranteed anonymity. You are assigned an alternate IP address, and all your internet traffic is routed through an intermediary server. Not just your IP address, the residential proxy also helps to protect all your browsing data and shopping habits.

2- Subjected to Less Scrutiny

Between datacenter proxies and residential proxies, the latter is superior because they don’t get banned easily. Datacenter proxies use IP addresses from known ISPs, which can be detected easily. Residential proxy is assigned to an individual or a residence. Hence, they are subjected to less scrutiny. This offers you mental peace and satisfaction.

3- Offers an Extra Layer of Protection

The proxy server acts as an intermediary between your residential system and the main network, the internet. Buying multiple pairs of shoes involves the use of different credit or debit cards.

Hence, the chances that your private data will get stolen over the internet are high. These days, hackers are rampant, and they are always looking for loopholes in the security to target online shoppers.

Residential proxies offer an added security layer between hackers and your personal information like the credit card details.

4- Keep Your Sneaker Bots Safe From Ban

Retail websites selling limited edition shoes are well aware of sneaker bots. Hence, they keep an eye on such activities where software is used to add items to the cart to speed up the payment process.

Because the deal is limited, just one pair of shoes is reserved for every customer. If a customer tries to use bots to make multiple purchases, the sites ban the IP addresses.

Using a residential proxy, you make sure that your IP address can be tracked down by the retail sites. Therefore, you can continue to buy multiple pairs of shoes without the risk of getting banned.

5- You Can Cover Lots of Locations

Residential proxies let you cover several locations to buy your favorite sneakers from different areas using shoe bots. Including a lot of places offers a high success rate.

Final Thoughts

If you want to buy multiple pairs of your favorite sneakers before the sale ends, you need to take shoe bots and residential proxies. Remember, without a residential proxy; shoe bots won’t be there worth because they will have the risk of getting banned. It would help if you always buy good quality proxies to get the maximum protection and high success rate.

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