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July 30, 2020

How Can Technology Help with Online Marketing this 2020?

The world panicked as a small virus that started from the east paved its way to every major city around the globe. One by one, people became infected until the catastrophe became a global pandemic that everybody feared. With that, the world froze, every business and asset were suspended. The global economy took a sizable hit after a peaceful century.

From your local bakeshop to the largest international trading, everyone suffered from the pandemic. Many businesses have postponed their operations while others were forced to shut down to lessen their losses. All resources were redirected to the health and research departments in hopes of finding a solution to this dilemma.

Nevertheless, as the pandemic lurked into the corners of the globe, many individuals coped up with the new norms. Luckily, our technology has been most helpful in times of difficulty. The economy is starting to become alive again as our advanced innovations gave us comfort and security to work from our homes.

Technology and Online Marketing

As the majority of the people become highly dependent on technology, businesses are eager to reach out further to their potential customers. Though traditional marketing is still proven effective, many have advanced as they try to adapt to the society through online marketing.

Online marketing is the expansion of their platforms through web-based channels. This strategy highly included participating in social media, reaching out through emails, display advertising, and search engine optimization. This method is possible because of technology, along with its other perks.

Online Marketing Strategies

Artificial Intelligence

This technology is a computer-based smart program capable of performing tasks that would require human intelligence to complete. An AI uses a meta-analysis of broad-spectrum data sets to make decisions. In the field of online marketing, artificial intelligence includes services like content creation,  face recognition, chatbots, and many more.

The AI analyzes user data to keep up with the preferences of the user, thus helping the marketer adjust its content for its potential customers. It also deciphers facial features giving the consumer a secure and safe purchasing experience. Additionally, chatbots are AI-driven programs that can answer inquiries from clients, even when you are away.

Social Media Management

According to Statista, about 3.6 billion people are using social media regularly. Thus, online marketing through social media channels can help build brand identity. It can help reach out to their customers at the same time reaching out to new audiences.  With social media, online marketing is uncomplicated, as it can help businesses connect directly to clients.

Besides connectivity, presence in social media can boost up a business’s visibility to the public. It also enhances your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. However, take note that there are companies that offer the best SEO services besides relying alone on these channels.

Influencer Marketing

With the widespread use of social media comes the rise to fame of some individuals who rely on web-based channels to maximize their platform. These influencers are often paid to directly or indirectly market products and services. This strategy has been effective in business campaigns but predicted to be used as a strategy for online marketing.

During this lockdown due to global pandemic, many people have been actively watching streamers and other influencers on the internet. As fans, people will most likely consider buying products that are endorsed by the influencer to boost their relationship. Since the influencer has a regular audience, it can help build quality leads in an instant.

Blockchain Technology

The internet connects us with potential consumers. On the other hand, it can also be full of frauds and scammers, especially for the online market. A solution to this concern is the growing popularity of blockchain technology. It is a digital ledger that is the basis for anonymous and highly secured apps.

For online marketing, fortifying the security and avoiding potential fraud is the utmost priority. With the help of this technology, it can help provide a secure and smooth transaction from the market to the client. Though business security is significant, take note that the blockchain technology is not yet regulated. 

Marketing Automation

Another helpful strategy or tool for online marketing that technology has provided the world is marketing automation. It is a tool that minimizes manual actions from people through the automation of tasks like track and calculation of campaign performance. It can also help businesses develop better and effective marketing campaigns suited to their clients.

Online marketing can be difficult, as you need to keep track of everything from visibility, productivity, the return of investment (ROI), and many more. Marketing automation can help you lighten up the burden at the same time, double your productivity for the day. Merely remember to choose the right automation software for your platform.


The global pandemic might have permanently altered our way of life, but that doesn’t mean you need to close opportunities. All you need is a digital upgrade for your business to keep up with the new methods of marketing. With the right technology and strategy, it can help you achieve your dreams in no time.

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