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July 30, 2020

Moisture and Mold Control Companies' Solutions to Moisture Problems

Moisture and mold are some of the problems you can encounter in your household. If left untreated, can leave an unhygienic and unpleasant effect on your home. Several companies are dedicated to fixing these kinds of problems with a wide array of services. This article will discuss solutions and services that moisture and mold control companies do to help treat moisture-related problems.

Moisture and Mold Problems

Before we get to the solutions, let us learn more about these problems, where they are from, and how it can affect the people in the home. Moisture refers to the condensation of liquid in small amounts.

Moisture occurs due to unattended damp parts of the home, such as leaks and flooding and unchecked drains and pipes. This will lead to mold formation, which will increase the risk of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies. It can also serve as home to cockroaches and bacteria.

Moisture Control Businesses and their Treatments

With the problem of moisture and molds in many households, some companies cater to ending this problem. Such a company is composed of professionals with experience and training who can quickly assess your problem and treat it effectively. But what kind of treatments do they do? The following are common moisture problems and how they are treated.

Rising Damp

Rising damp occurs when moisture rises through walls. This moisture is groundwater, sucked up in the surface in the walls, and can travel through its salts. Some visible effects of rising damp are deterioration of paint or plaster, loosening of wallpaper, and the emergence of a stain in the walls, often colored black.

You should consult a professional who diagnoses these kinds of problems. The following are a few solutions to rising damp. One of the treatments for rising damp is through undercutting the walls and installation of a waterproof barrier. The lower parts of the wall will be trimmed off, and then a barrier will be put in place of the trimmed parts. The purpose of the barrier is to avoid any moisture to rise the wall, as the material of the barrier is waterproof.

Another treatment for rising damp is injection. Certain chemicals will be injected to the wall that can stop the further traveling of moisture. These chemicals may vary in the product used by companies.

One variant is in the form of a gel that expands when injected in the walls and stops the moisture. Another one is in the form of a cream that combats moisture through absorption. This cream will afterward turn into waterproof protection to further avoid moisture.

Leaking Moisture

Leaking moisture is a problem found in outer walls, where it is susceptible to rainfall, or other outdoor activities involving water. This problem occurs when water easily penetrates through a weak and vulnerable façade. The following are two solutions to treat this problem.

One of the treatments for leaking moisture is to impregnate the façade. This kind of treatment is for facades that are not that damaged or vulnerable. In this process, an invisible waterproof layer is placed in the vulnerable parts of the wall to prevent moisture from being soaked in it. This offered service gets expensive; the more area of the façade is there to treat.

Another treatment is to set up a new façade. This option is for those whose façade is turning weak and can easily be damaged by moisture. There are many choices for façade cladding, whatever is best for your house and available in your area. This service is often costly.


Condensation occurs when humid air makes contact with a cold surface, cools down, and becomes condensed into a liquid. This problem can occur on any glass surface, such as windows. It often happens in two parts of the house, which are the kitchen and the bathroom. This problem can be solved even without a moisture control company unless there is a worse effect brought about by condensation.

The primary solution to this problem is ventilation. You can buy and install a type of ventilation to your liking to prevent condensation. It can be a simple kitchen ventilator or an exhaust fan in your bathroom. You can observe that many restrooms in offices and restaurant kitchens have them installed to prevent condensation moisture.

Basement Moisture

Basements are often vulnerable to moisture, mostly because it is under the ground, which can easily absorb water, with heavy rainfalls being the worst-case scenario. If unattended, this problem could become a rising damp, which can affect the house above. The main solution to this problem is to waterproof the basement. You can do waterproofing in several ways, such as draining and sealing.

Draining is an option for those with a specific amount of groundwater pressure. This solution drains away from the water in the basement to the sewers. On the other hand, sealing is the process of applying waterproof seals to the basement surfaces to avoid water from penetrating through the walls.

Other Services and Conveniences

Besides the actual services that they offer, companies on moisture control should have other ways to be able to help people with the problems they have on moisture. This can easily be solved with a website. With today's society reliant on the internet, companies with a website can easily make themselves known.

The website must contain their contact information, their different services, and price. A good example is that of Opstijgend-vocht, a Dutch-based company. They provide their services and price and provide further information on moisture problems, or Vochtproblemen, as they call it. The site defines moisture problems, its causes, and solutions that even you can do alone.


There are always people who work hard to solve the problems that we have in our homes. Moisture problems can affect the house to the extent that it may risk the health of its inhabitants. It is urged not to recklessly attempt to fix a problem, especially if you barely know anything about it and seek help from a professional.

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