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July 30, 2020

Tom Kalous Explains How an Organizational Consultant Can Benefit Your Company and Your Employees

Is your organization not meeting its objectives and achieving its true potential? If the answer is yes, you might benefit from hiring an organizational development consultant — or ODC for short. The role of an ODC is vital to assisting companies of all sizes (from fledgling start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises) with realizing and achieving their ultimate vision.

With their expert knowledge in business and process management, the ODC focuses their efforts on evaluating a company’s current culture and operations and suggesting improvements that will ensure the company can become healthier and more profitable in the long run. In short, an ODC serves as a valuable support that can effectively reposition an organization towards greater long-term success, by aligning personnel, redirecting their resources, and refocusing on the organization’s true purpose. They can also provide professional assessments, training, and workshops to positively change employees’ attitudes and beliefs — boosting company morale — that lead to a stronger and more cohesive organizational foundation. But when is the right time to hire an ODC?

If your company’s morale is sagging or your growth is faltering or has become static, these are strong indicators that you require an outsider’s perspective and support, says Colorado-based ODC Tom Kalous. Located in Westminster, Tom has a Ph.D. in Psychology has over 25 years of ODC experience under his belt. Tom has built a successful career for himself as an ODC, specializing in Emotional Intelligence and leadership training. Dr. Kalous outlines the top three ways in which an ODC can benefit a company and the employees who work there, in both the short and long term.

Outsider’s Perspective

Owners and senior management have invested so much time, resources, and energy into their companies that they develop a bias and can become blind to problems right in front of their nose, says Tom Kalous. By hiring an ODC, you get a fresh and new perspective, unsullied by bias. The ODC will be able to swiftly identify any problems that have been developing in a company and openly share those findings with you.

Expert Market Knowledge

When determining which ODC to hire, you’ll want to choose someone that has spent time with similar companies (some which may be your own competitors), says Tom Kalous. That way, the consultant will have a solid understanding of what these other companies are doing and what strategies you will need to take in order to get to their level of success or even outperform them. Along with the necessary strategies to take, the consultant will be able to fill you in on current business trends and methodologies to support your understanding of your company’s current state and how you will reach your preferred state.

Save on Time and Resources

Initially, companies may forego hiring an ODC, thinking that they can independently analyze their operations and culture, re-position their resources and lead themselves towards growth. However, with the outsider’s perspective, organization development strategies that work, and expert market knowledge, hiring an ODC is a worthwhile investment that will provide swift company-wide benefits. One immediate benefit is the time you’ll be saving, says Kalous. For many leaders and managers, it can be hard to find enough time to develop effective strategic plans while also completing their host of other duties. Consequently, important projects may be rushed or never completed. By hiring an ODC, managers can focus on their main responsibilities, while being at ease in knowing that an expert consultant is preparing a well-rounded strategic plan that will analyze the current situation and provide viable options to ensure the company can achieve healthy long-term growth and sustainability.

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