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July 22, 2020

The new Sandox Multiplayer VR Gaming experience

Recently I was finally able to install the famous game Forenite and experience for the first time the 100 people real-time multiplayer most famous game, which has shaped this generation. And now I see what all the fuss is about. No surprise that in 2018 in UK nearly twenty percent of all divorces filed that year considered forenite addiction as one of the causes of the divorce. Shocking!

I have always been a video gamer from the old Atari, having PC gaming as my forte, all the way to the new consoles. But technology is moving so fast in recent years that is virtually impossible to keep on with all games, tech advances and apply these into my gaming experience. The learning curve, cost barriers and finally my free time have lapse me behind, specifically now that the gaming industry is bigger than ever, through the use of the internet with online gaming. It is said to be a larger industry than the music and the film industry combined.

One of the most attractive new technologies besides AI (Artificial Intelligence) of course, is Virtual Reality VR or Augmented Reality AR. Until not long ago experiencing VR was too costly for the mainstream. But now, that basic VR equipment can be found for just under $500 bucks, which it is a still expensive for some of us, considering the lack of software yet available for VR.

Nonetheless, Virtual Reality is booming everywhere in the world. Each of the tech giants: Apple (News - Alert), Microsoft and Sony have developed their own gaming platforms (consoles) and business segment. While other pioneering companies like Sandox have stepped up, which has franchised the virtual reality multiplayer experience for the price of 30$ to 50$ dollars you can immerse yourself along with your friends in the best up to date and full VR game.

Over the past few years virtual reality has tried to integrate itself firmly in our daily universe. And brands as HTC (News - Alert), Sony and Oculus continue to develop new games and evolved VR technology. But until now, the fact still remained most VR was a single, on your own, individual experience.

Now that a startup called sandbox is hoping to change that by meeting with a team to play a VR  game. Sandox believes entertainment is better experienced with friends. Therefore they have developed a fully integrated multiplayer VR environment system for different VR games to take place. Imagine four up to six of your friends getting together to come to one of Sandox's few world locations and play that kind of multiplayer VR experience!.

One of the game experienced focuses on the curse of Davey Jones, another is named Deadwood Mansion. In them for 30 minutes you and your friends play hardcore suited up action. The VR plus 4D gaming experience is enhanced by the use of a haptic bodysuit filled with sensors so the players should feel everything that's going on, like bouncing against walls or being hit. These haptic vests have 40 senses solely on the fabric which creates new vibrations to mimic the physical effects of the game such as contact with aliens impact and explosions. Once zipped up it really differs from other VR experiences in its motion capture technology, which enables the game to follow each player's movements and also on the VR contact representation technology. So that each player can see where their teammates are and feel what happens to them in the VR world. This is new and truly futuristic.

So, in Sandox franchise games there are state-of-the-art motion capture cameras all through the room. Same cameras used in movies. Over a dozen throughout the ceiling. The cameras use infrared technology and only really see the sensors motion. The motion capture is a process that tracks a person's real movements and then turns it into a 3D animation. The roof cameras follow the sensors on your body for six people in a room. Thus, imagine how complex technically that is, these sensors allow the cameras to capture and send to the game exactly where you are in virtual reality at all times. Then, there are the objects and the interaction, like grabbing the gun, an actual Hardware which connects to a high-performance computer built into a backpack/suit, which is then hooked up to a HTC Vive probe VR headset the brains of the operation. Each frame is then communicated by Wi-Fi with the main server so that each player and object can interact. And play the VR game to work as a team to defeat the enemy. It feels like being in the Matrix in your head to have entered the virtual world. Really weird, isn't it?

In the VR game Amber Sky 2088. Besides weapons, players can also have a shield, which they can throw like Captain America. Common remarks among its players are that it does actually feel like being in a movie, but as soon as the team is immersed in VR it is not allowed to admire the view for long. The team gets attacked right away. Fortunately, the game is easy enough to take you to the next level which is an even more immersive 4D experience. The team fights all sorts of beasts. Guarding each other's backs to make sure all survive. Players say it is a real blast for $40 and well worth it. There are just over 50 places around the world where you can play the Sandbox VR experience and none yet in the UK for example.

The fact that players can have a friend or potentially multiple friends in the experience really adds to it. In the nearby future there should be many more locations and companies providing similar VR experiences, costs are ought to diminish, and games and VR environment will be many more and improved to the minimum detail. Hopefully, the lack of movement of gaming, computing, internet which are bound to a screen can be flexibillized and through the investment in interconection between the IoT (internet of things) and the use of tech in Augmented Reality, we may experience a very enjoyable freedom of being, doing and movement in a full virtual world soon enough!.

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