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July 10, 2020

Top 4 Internet Service Providers in New York

Best Internet in NY – Plans That Fit Any Budget

There are so many great things about living in New York and getting high-speed Internet is one of them. 100% of all residents of NYC have access to wired ISPs. Most households are enjoying up to 25 Mbps of broadband speed and some even faster. It’s also one of the most connected states in the United States.

Types of Internet Connections

Cable, DSL, and fiber are three of the most common types of Internet available in the state. Households prefer fiber broadband connection (no wonder 75% of the residents are fiber users) because of high speed. The fiber infrastructure has also expanded in the rural counties of the state.

Top Internet Providers in NY

In case you are moving to New York or simply planning to move to another neighborhood, this blog introduces you to top ISPs in New York. Check out your options:

1: Spectrum (News - Alert)

Spectrum Internet is one of the most reliable providers if high speed is your priority. Their speed starts from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. They have both broadband and fiber optic cable services. Their Internet-only plan starts at the price of $44.99 per month. It’s available throughout most parts of NYC.

Their contract-free services is another reason why New Yorkers prefer them. There are no commitments. You can cancel your services anytime without paying an early termination fee.

2: Optimum (News - Alert)

Optimum is known for its wide coverage and, of course, a variety of budget-friendly Internet plans. In selective areas, they are offering 20 Mbps speed. But in general, their plans start from 100 Mbps.  

A great quality of Optimum’s Internet services is the price for life offers. Your monthly Internet bill stays the same. Their plans and pricing vary by location. If you like to stream and play games or you are just a casual Internet user, Optimum has something for all types of users.

3: Verizon (News - Alert)

Those who prefer DSL will find Verizon’s plan great. But the provider isn’t just limited to DSL plans, Verizon FiOS (its fiber connection) is available in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The speed starts from 200 Mbps to 940 Mbps.

Its DSL service may not be the fastest since the plans start from 15 Mbps but it’s available to 97% of the residents. The standalone internet plans have no annual contract. Its fiber-optic technology has 9.99% network reliability. The only drawback is you have to be in the area to sign up for its fiber Internet plans.

4: RCN (News - Alert)

RCN is another reliable cable and fiber Internet service provider. You can surf, stream, and play games by choosing varying internet plans. Their services are widely available in all boroughs. The services vary from one location to another.

The speed varies from 50 Mbps up to 100 Mbps. There are no contracts so customers have the liberty to cancel the services anytime they want.

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

New York City is filled with public places to get access to free Wi-Fi service. Public networks are widely available. You will find free Wi-Fi in:

  • Public parks such as Central Park and other big names
  • Subway station
  • Coffee shops
  • All public libraries including the Grand Central Library

How to Choose the Right ISP?

It’s natural to get overwhelmed when bombarded with so many options. But don’t fret, you can narrow your options down based on certain parameters. Here’s are some of them keeping which in mind you can settle for the right provider:

Price and Quality Trade-Off

An ISP selling a plan under $50 might have unlimited data. On the other hand, a provider that’s selling for $100 might have data caps. A higher price doesn’t always mean great services and speed.

Do a price and quality comparison before narrowing down your options. There’s always a catch that you have to dig up yourself by doing research.

Service Performance

Casual web surfers might not be much concerned with this. However, if you work from home, a high-speed provider with reliable up-time should be your utmost priority. Test the speed, peak period hours, and uptime. Look for online forums for reviews to see how the provider addresses the customer concerns and the reliability of their services.

Cost and Contracts

Remember to take this into consideration that each provider has an introductory price for the first year. After that period expires, the standard rates kick in. Do inquire about those rates because that’s the actual price you will be paying down the road.

Also, learn about the equipment charges, installation fee, and other costs associated with the service. Preferably, choose a provider that doesn’t bind you with contacts. Month-to-month service is convenient because you can cancel the service anytime you want.


New York will not disappoint you when it comes to amenities, entertainment, or Internet service providers. Do all your homework and settle for only the provider that meets your lifestyle and Internet usage requirements.

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