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June 26, 2020

ICC Women's T20 Word Cup 2020- The Most Happening Women's Event in World Cricket History

Women’s cricket, yes, you should be proud of. In this year the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 is said to be one of the most trending women’s events in the world cricket history. The global audience of 89m is said to witness a 131% increase as compared to the ICC Women’s World Cup T20 2018. the global viewing hours have increased from 55.9m to 113.5m, which is about a rise of 103%, along with 75% of global viewing is only from India alone. The live coverage hours also increased from 62% to 1530 in this year. The T20 Final was the most-watched match in the history with over 53m of viewers.

The event has recorded to have 1.1 billion video views through the ICC digital channels which are about 20 times more than the video being viewed in the previous edition played in West Indies in the year 2018 and about 10 times the last most successful women’s T20 world cup match held in the year 2017. The above figures made ICC Women’s T20 World Cup the second most-watched events after the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 and the trend continued more with the record-breaking scale viewed worldwide.

From Australia, the live viewing hours were 13.45m, which is about 470% higher than the 2018 event taken the record from the hosting, and there is also an increase in the coverage on free-to-air channels. The final played between the host country and India recorded an average audience to be about 1.2m viewers making it the most-watched women’s event in the broadcast history in Australia. One of the major reasons behind the success of this match and the audience interest is due to India’s success to come to the finals. The total viewership during the knockout stages recorded to have 420% higher than in the year 2018.

It is seen that the live viewing hours in India were 86.10m, which is about 150% higher than the match held in the year 2018, which is mainly driven by India’s success. The broadcast was made through the channels like Star Sports in 5 languages- Tamil, English, Kannada, Hindi and Telegu.

In South Africa, the live viewing hours were 600,000 or more, which is about 40% higher than in the year 2018. The semi-final which was played between South Africa and Australia was the most-watched tournament with more than 35,000 average audiences. This is 50% higher than the audience in the match of 2018 played between South Africa and England.

As per Manu Sawhney, the ICC chief executive, we are delighted with these outstanding global viewership numbers that demonstrate the power of women’s cricket to attract huge audiences across the globe. It reinforces our belief that there is a significant opportunity around the women’s game and collectively we must promote it further so more fans can enjoy it, more kids are inspired by it and sponsors and broadcasters want to be a part of it.”

The ICC T20 Women’s World Cup 2020 is the event that is being loved by cricket players all over the world. This indicated women empowerment and made people proud. This also shows that women can be successful in every role they play. To get more updates and information about online cricket betting, check news channels and sports news.

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