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June 25, 2020

Why All Business Should Have an E-Commerce Website

In these times, more than ever, all businesses should have an e-commerce website. Although having a traditional brick-’and-mortar site still has its benefits, operating an e-commerce website can take your business to the next level.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the projection for e-commerce growth was seeing a steady rise. Post-pandemic, however, Forbes reported a “massively accelerated growth” of e-commerce, with numbers in May 2020 up at 77% growth. With most sectors of business down because of the pandemic, the growth in e-commerce is a welcome beacon of hope.

What Is E-Commerce?

Loosely defined, e-commerce refers to any commercial transaction occurring on the internet to trade goods or a service. An e-commerce business may take some time and planning to set up. However, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Here are a few reasons why your business can grow with e-commerce.

Global Reach

A brick-and-mortar site is limited to purchases completed within the store, which places both a physical and metaphorical ceiling over your business.  Unlike a brick-and-mortar site, an e-commerce site has access to anyone with an internet connection. With an e-commerce business, you can go global. Your business has access to the world as its client base.

Competitive Edge

You may think the goods or services you provide aren’t conducive to e-commerce. If you’re in any kind of retail, your business can move to an e-commerce format. If you think your service isn’t something that can pivot to e-commerce, you’re wrong.

For example, twenty years ago would have been unheard of to have health assessments by healthcare professionals performed over video. Now, many medical offices have changed to a video assessment format, allowing them to assess, treat, and bill patients online.

Save on Marketing

Advertising is a necessary — but expensive— hassle for most business owners. Traditional avenues of advertising can be expensive and limiting. Digital marketing for e-commerce costs much less than traditional ones.

Save on Overhead Costs

Instead of expanding into another brick-and-mortar area, consider creating an e-commerce arm of your business instead. E-commerce saves you on rent and staff. You can also outsource the maintenance of your e-commerce site, making your life easier.

Improve Data Collection

An e-commerce site allows you to easily collect general information about your clients. This allows you to target your services and marketing to specific demographics. You can streamline your marketing, making it more cost- effective. The data also allows you to see which of your services sees movement and which are stagnant.

All Businesses Should Have and E-Commerce Website

Here’s an excellent example of what is possible with an e-commerce site. As a local business, the NYC Hypnosis Center could very well be restricted to the NYC area. After all, how do you set up an e-commerce business model for hypnosis? With a little creativity, it was possible. Eli Bliliuos the President of The NYC Hypnosis Center sells pre-recorded downloads for clients. Downloads are an ideal passive income stream, because there’s no need for a tangible product. Downloads provide a passive income stream, with no need to interact with a client unless they have questions about the product! Look into expanding your business and find out why all businesses should have an e-commerce website.

Eli Bliiuos is a certified hypnotist with an office in New York. He helps clients quit smoking, overcome anxiety, improve confidence, and lose weight. He has been helping clients for almost 15 years by providing in-person and Skype (News - Alert) sessions.

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