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June 22, 2020

How the Quantum Supremacy Signals Do Make a Huge Breakthrough in Computing

Google is pushing civilization towards Quantum (News - Alert) Computing. It is the type of development that has changed the concept of marketing entirely and also the world. The quantum computer developed by Google called the Sycamore solves all the problems in just a few seconds that will take the normal computer about 10,000 years or more.

Are you thinking, is this an age of quantum computing? Does Google (News - Alert) has achieved quantum supremacy, or what does quantum computing means?

What Do You Understand By Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing alters the process of how a computer works with data with the help of quantum physics. If you check the regular semiconductor that you find in the laptop or in the smartphone, generally use the ‘bit’ of information—the ‘bit’ processes as 1 or 0 as like the switch that is on or off. The ‘bit’ will only work as the 1 or 0 in the traditional software. On the other hand, Quantum computers make use of quantum bits, which is called the ‘qubits.’ They exist as both 1 and 0. The ability in which the ‘qubits’ hold both the 1 and 0 states is called the superposition.

Superposition makes multiple calculations at the same time. But, for doing this, the ‘qubits’ should be synchronized using the quantum effect, which is known as the entanglement.

What is Quantum Supremacy?

You might think it is the name of some action-packed Hollywood movies, but Quantum Supremacy is much more than this. It is the name given to the moment when the computer completes calculation faster than the traditional systems. Google says that the Sycamore Quantum Processor (News - Alert) has attained the total quantum supremacy.

How Much Is The Quantum Supremacy Important For You?

The terms like the Quantum Supremacy or the Quantum Computing are not familiar for the normal computer users. Quantum Computing is the iterative method. First, Google declares that as the normal computer takes time, Quantum Computing will do the same. Secondly, a quantum computer needs a lot of cooling. Quantum computer needs liquid nitrogen for the functioning. There is no way to replicate the amount of cooling needed to bring quantum computing to your smartphone and laptop. Such type of technology actually does not exist. Taking into account the first point, it is mainly a long-term goal. The first computers that were established had the size of an entire room and took a large team for running the program. Quantum Computing is now at the same stage.

Some people think that whether Quantum Computing will replace the traditional semiconductor or not. As per Moore’s Law, the number of transistors used in the processor will be double in the next two years. Hence, it will increase the power of the computer. If Quantum Computing starts to function, it will be a serious breakthrough.

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