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June 18, 2020

How Technology is Changing The Courier Industry

We are living in an on-demand society, where technologies are constantly improving methods of efficiency and convenience. This is vital to the day to day running of both personal and professional life.

This is no different when it comes to the courier industry, with the market constantly changing and adopting new technologies to improve customers lives.

With the rise in e-commerce, the courier industry is growing exponentially. Increased demand can result in long waiting times and delays in deliveries, causing a loss in money, disruption to business and unnecessary stress. Not to mention when it comes to urgent deliveries such as Medical Specimen Delivery, lost samples and late specimen deliveries can cause delays to patient diagnosis and wasting valuable healthcare resources.

Luckily technologies are paving the way for the courier industry to improve services. As they provide the tools to operate supply chains to at maximum efficiency and provide solutions to the complex logistics and operational challenges.

Having reliable couriers with cutting edge technology is more than just a delivery service its peace of mind for everyone with a delivery need.

The Right Tools

There is not a day that goes by without a parcel being delivered and it is vital that these deliveries arrive in perfect condition.

Modern technology has produced courier vans that can be refrigerated, climate-controlled and have adequate storage. Ensuring that the packages that are being transported are delivered intact, and for certain packages that they kept sanitary and at the optimum temperature.

Accurate Tracking

The rise inconvenience has led to the rise in expectations in delivery times. Consumers are no longer happy with vague delivery times and expect the item to arrive within days, sometimes hours of ordering them. Real-time tracking keeps minds at ease.

In some cases, seconds really do count, and being able to rely on a professional courier for your urgent deliveries is crucial. GPS tracking has enabled us to not only provide accurate time estimates by monitoring the status of the goods they are carrying, but you can also collect and record data. Touchpads have provided us with the ability to track signatures after delivery, verifying that the delivery was made on time and in good condition.

By increasing visibility through feeding back accurate real-time information, expectations are managed, ensuring client satisfaction.

Route Planning

Not only are delays in business costly, but in medicine, they can be life-threatening. The introduction of Satellite Navigation Systems has opened up a world of opportunity when it comes to route planning.

Faster deliveries are available through the ability to feed real-time data to a device allowing you to plan trips in advance, anticipating roadworks and congestion. As well as find the fastest and most efficient path between multiple stops, eliminating wasteful practices and ensuring urgent deliveries arrive on time.

It’s amazing how technology within the courier industry has developed, it has improved the range of services offered and the methods of execution, resulting in client satisfaction and exponential growth for the courier industry.

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