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June 08, 2020

30 Best Press Release Distribution Services In 2020, Detailed Review

When you think about starting a new business or launching a product, you reach the market with lots of creative ideas. But are these ideas enough to take your achievement on the right track? Do your ideas include any of the best press release distribution services? Yes, this old marketing tool is the most effective way of promoting your services.

From creating awareness about your brand to reaching the wider audience, a press release can never prove you wrong.

After learning its importance, now, you might be thinking about selecting the press release distribution, considering all the services are the same. But actually, all the press release services are not the same. What is the benefit of selecting any random service if nobody sees your press release? Your story needs to distribute effectively, only then your business will get a boost.

You must be wondering now which press release distribution would be worth your selection. To make it easy for you, we are listing here the best 30 press release distribution services of 2020.

But before that…

What is Press Release Distribution Service?

When we are talking about press release distribution service, it is necessary to understand what the service is. Well, this is the service that sends your brand message through press releases to your target audiences and to different locations. When the press release is sent, journalists search and find releases that are linked to organizations and businesses.

So how can you submit your press release? Basically, there are two different ways:

  • Post your release to your selected press release distribution service
  • Send to different locations like magazines, newspapers, etc.

The cost linked to both the services varies.

As you are now aware of the press release distribution service, now let us know about the top press release distribution services in 2020.

Our Best Press Release Distribution Services

To make the selection process easier for the users, we reviewed the various release distribution services and selected the best press release distribution services. Our best picks are on the bases of quality, usability, pricing, and other important features that are necessary for a press release service.

1.       Linking News

  • 100% White Label service
  • Guaranteed placement on top tier sites
  • Business-friendly prices

2.       GlobeNewswire

  • Widest distribution network
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Customized online newsroom

3.       PR Newswire

  • Focuses specific region
  • 3000 newsroom
  • Customized distribution

4.       PR Web

  • Great media coverage
  • Powerful SEO
  • Video embedding

5.       Business Wire

  • Analytical algorithms
  • Multimedia strategies
  • The facility of refining message


1.       Linking News

With the highest-ranking, and affordable pricing, and strongest PR network, Linking News tops our list in the best press release distribution services. The service trusted by a number of businesses, as well as various digital marketing companies, help you publish your press releases on the most prominent news outlets. These include ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MarketWatch, USA Today, Yahoo.

Linking News is the most trustworthy name and preferred service among entrepreneurs. All this is because of its connection with above 90 million influencers, near about 900,000 journalists, and also with approximately 330,000 publications.

Why Linking News?

If you are still wondering why to opt for Linking News services, these points will surely clear your cloudy thoughts.

100% White Label Press Release Distribution Service

Publishing your press release without including any third-party name proves beneficial for your business. Isn’t it? Of course!

Linking News offers you the facility of publishing your press releases with a 100% White Label service. Apart from not including its label on your press release, the website does not even publish your press releases on its website. Publishing a press release with your own brand name is the biggest advantage of your business.

Guaranteed Placement on Top Tier Sites

As said above, the company has the strongest connection with the leading media publications. Linking News guarantees you to get your press release placed on leading channels like Yahoo, ABC, FOX, NBC, USA Today, MarketWatch, etc.

How does It work?

  • Select your package
  • Submit your release after creating it
  • See your news spreading like wildfire

What Makes Linking News Better Than Other Services?

During your research, you might find a number of press release services. But finding the one with a 100% white label can become challenging. If you work with other services, you might find their name showing in your press release. Moreover, they also publish your release on their websites.

To stay ahead in business, you need to keep certain things undisclosed, and Linking News always respects its client’s privacy. So, this best press release distribution service, never let your competitors know with whom you have worked for publishing your press release.

Publish your press releases with your own brand name with Linking News.

2.       GlobeNewswire

When you want a better PR workflow, GlobeNewswire makes you available with all the required tools to drive media results. To gain access to these, and share your news across the world, all you need is one login at this best press release distribution service. The platform allows you to monitor, publish, and measure the results at a single place.

Why GlobeNewswire?

This new generation platform for communication offers you real-time monitoring of online news, print, and social media. You will get a 360-degree view of your performance. This is all that is required to achieve more success with a simplified workflow.

How does It work?

Fill your details – name, email, company, role for which service is required, country, and you can also write an optional message while signing up. After filling these details, you are ready to experience GlobeNewswire services.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Real-time monitoring and connection with the relevant influencers and media make it different from others. You will get a press release that speaks the complete story of your brand. At GlobeNewswire, you get a fully customized online newsroom that keeps on updating automatically to create engagement among your audiences.

Share your news and grow your brand awareness with the best press release distribution service,GlobeNewswire services.

3.       PR Newswire

Counted among the industry’s best press release services, PR Newswire (News - Alert) is among the best press release distribution services that helps you in achieving your communication goals. This Cision owned media distribution platform provides all solutions for content distribution, media monitoring, and various other services.

Why PR Newswire?

With more than 3000 newsrooms, Newswire has its media monitoring service. The service allows you to achieve your communication goals with its short and quick press releases. Whether it’s local marketing or international, PR Newswire does all for you with its wide network.

How does It work?

Sign up, give instructions, and PR Newswire will make you available with the best press release distribution service that covers a wide social network. The website offers you three payment plans; select the one that fits your budget and requirements.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

If you are the one who is looking for a service that focuses on a specific region, then PR Newswire is the ideal service for you.

4.       PR Web

Same like PR Newswire, PR Web is also owned by Cision. The service helps you in impacting customer’s behavior with its wider network distribution. If you aim at increasing digital word of mouth, then PR Web is the right service for you.

Why PR Web?

Above 30,000 organizations – business owners, PR and Marketing professionals, Social Media Experts, Industries, and various others use PR Web. You will get a simple, effective, and affordable solution for every requirement. PR Web offers you a Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Premium plan that suits everyone’s budget. 

How does It work?

Whether you are thinking of launching a product or preparing an event, PR Web has all the tools to create and deliver your dynamic story. Increase your company or brand’s digital appearance with the three easy steps of the PR Web.

  • Create a story
  • Share news
  • Measure your performance

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

With an extensive experience of 20 years, PR Web helps companies to boost online awareness about their brand. The powerful SEO and greater media coverage of this best press release distribution service, drive more traffic towards their business.

5.       Business Wire

Counted among the leading services, Business Wire fulfills the demand of marketing with its various multimedia strategies. Newsrooms, analytical algorithms are some of them. With the help of these technologies, your press release is distributed and you get connected with your target audiences.

From the past 60 years, millions of press releases reached countless readers with Business Wire services. With its more than 20 global offices and 100,000 media outlets, this press release distribution service swiftly reached above 160 countries in 190 plus industry and trade categories.

When you are working with Business Wire, you can enjoy both local and individual services. The website makes you available with everything this is necessary to spread your story.

Why Business Wire?

Thousands of press releases are distributed daily. Business Wire can help you cut this clutter and make your voice heard through press releases

How does It work?

Sign up at Business Wire to avail of its services. Once you become a member, you are all set for distributing your press releases to make it reach your target audiences.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

With its latest educational resources, tips, guides, webinars, case studies, and many more, the website enables you to stay at the top in the industry. You also get the facility of refining your message and tracking your result at Business Wire.

6.       MarketWired

GlobeNewswire and MarketWired have now merged. So, avail the facility of distributing your press release to influencers, investors, and custom stakeholders throughout the world. Users now can use hyperlinks and multimedia and make the releases reach a vast group of your target audiences.

The multiple distribution options provided by the company suits the requirements of companies and agencies of all specialists and sizes.

Why MarketWired?

The great customizing features and multimedia options in the user-friendly service help you in increasing your brand's visibility. With a high success rate, this social-responsible press release service makes your brand reach to a wider audience quickly.

How does It work?

Register to join the service for distributing your press release on social media and to make it reach your audiences. If you wish to follow any specific company’s press releases, then you can sign up for getting email alerts.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Despite the inclusion of multimedia media options and various other customizing options, the platform is very easy to use. You can consider this service to experience emerging marketing ideas.

7.  Newswire

Target major media by delivering and distributing press releases at the right time to your right audiences with Newswire services. This press release service delivers your message to thousands of media outlets. These trusted outlets will, in turn, help you in gaining publicity for your brand and making people aware of your company or brand.

Why Newswire?

Newswire’s flexible and cost-effective service assists you in customizing your regional as well as international press releases. The service also allows you to add your image, brand logo, and even embed video in the press release.

How does It work?

Newswire press release distribution service makes you available with four plans. Select the one that suits your requirements and begin your campaign.

  • Better visibility  with Newswire Digital plan
  • Make your release spread quickly and reach various outlets with Newswire Digital Plus plan
  • Newswire State plan increases exposure by letting your release reach specific media of any particular state
  • Distribute press release in near about 50 states with Newswire National plan

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Newswire is the best press release distribution service for those who do not want to bind themselves in long term contracts. Moreover, the customized distribution plans, database tools, analytics, quick editorial process, and excellent customer support provides a great help in your marketing.

Newswire also provides you the complete details about the press release in the PDF report. This also includes the place where the release is published


Generate business and reach millions of people online by distributing your press release everywhere with This dynamic service covers various sectors to attract customers and increase business visibility.

Startups or businesses that come with a fixed budget can find as a perfect solution for their requirements.


When you want the quick results in restricted time, could provide you the best solutions for your requirements.

How does It work?

Create your free account and join your preferred plan at This press release distribution service will help you attract new customers, journalists to gain better visibility for your brand.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Along with providing you the required information about its services, products, also provides you wide exposure. After joining with an affordable plan, you are all set to release your distribution to your target region. You can also post your brand logo, profile information, and other information about your brand in your press release.

9. PR Log

PR Log is the ideal service for all business types and sizes that allow you to distribute your release to various news websites.

Press Room Hosting, Business Directory, Press Release Distribution, etc. are some of the services offered by PR Log. Small business with a limited budget or if you want the service for the distribution of financial news, then PR Log is the best pick for you.

If you are looking for improving search engine ranking, then also PR Log fits your budget. This distribution service offers HTML back-linking as well. It uses the latest marketing press release tactics there.

Why PR Log?

Search engine optimization for your web page, press room, real-time alerts are some of the reasons that make it a good to go press release distribution service. PR Log also gives you offsite sharing facility, automatic posting on Facebook (News - Alert) and Twitter are included in this. You also get the facility of adding a photo, logo, text link and embed a video in the press release.

How does It work?

Create a free account at PR Log by providing the mandatory information. Once you have successfully created your account write and submit your release after customizing it with the features available at PR Log. Now you can spread your press release across a wide network.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

The facility of HTML backlinking and the usage of the latest tactics for distributing press releases give you a reason to opt for this service.

10. Send2Press

Send2Press has been delivering its best press release distribution services since 1983. The targeted distribution and professional writing of Send2Press give your press releases a new direction and makes them reach wider audiences. For more than 30 years, the accredited team of Send2Press has been delivering outstanding services to every industry.

After signing up for free at Send2Press, you will save 10 % on your first release.

Why Send2Press?

The primary focus of Send2Press is on traditional media and provides a wide network of regional outlets as well as local media. You will also get excellent customer support on email as well as phone.

How does It work?

Signing up and working with Send2Press is very easy with these steps:

  • First explore all the service plans, prices offered by Send2Press
  • Review the requirements
  • Add desired services to your shopping cart
  • Submit project

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

With 6000 media outlets, Send2Press offers you the widest network for distributing your press release. For broader marketing, the company works with the approach of same-day scheduling as well as releasing of your press releases.

11.           24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release service has made distribution simple with its user-friendly cloud-based platform. Since 2004, this is among the best press release distribution services that has been serving small to medium businesses with its best marketing strategies. 24-7 Press Release distributes your services across a wide network. These include numerous online locations, print media, journalists, social media, television, radio, as well as bloggers.

Why 24-7 Press Release?

24-7 Press Release is counted among the top-rated websites that are in business for more than 15 years. Moreover, the website has also achieved an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 24-7 makes your press release available on popular search engines. These include Google, Yahoo, and various others. Every press release is accompanied by quick links, so that viewers can share it on LinkedIn (News - Alert), Twitter, and Facebook.

How does It work?

Register yourself at 24-7 Press Release and opt from any of the below plans to begin with publishing press releases:

  • Mass Media Visibility for maximum online visibility, as your press release, reaches 4500+ websites
  • Integrated Media PRO to distribute your press release on online as well as traditional media
  • PR Network PLUS to distribute news to online media partners and associated press
  • Visibility Boost for increasing online visibility

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

This award-winning and leading press release distribution service is user friendly and provides its services to all industries. Whether you are from arts and entertainment, business, computer, education, or any other industry, you can find an ideal solution for press release at 24-7.

12.  PR Wire Pro

PR Wire Pro is also one of the best services that are counted among the top 30 press release services. With our 250 news and media outlets, the company offers a wide network to spread your release. The 24-hour editorial staff schedule and submit your press release to publish it anytime.

Why PR Wire Pro?

The fast press release service distributes your release anytime and also provides you the reports in PDF formats. You are available with the report on the same day on which distribution is done.

How does It work?

PR Wire Pro makes you available with the four distribution options. Depending on the plan that you select, you get the option of 1, 7, 14, and 30 press releases.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Full newsroom access, media contact database, above 250 news sites to submit your press release and free templates are some of the options that make it different from others.

13.  eReleases

The US national newswire service with major media outlets sends your press releases to above 1.7 million contacts that require it. These include 700,000+ bloggers and also social media influencers. Real editors in the company make your release reach to the major news outlets to increase your online visibility.

Why eReleases?

From PR writing to PR distribution, eReleases, the best press release distribution service, makes you available to all. The company has a record of making your press release reach television, radio, bloggers, reporters, journalists, and other major media outlets with the help of real editors. 

How does It work?

Boost your company’s sale by selecting the one pack from the below:

  • Buzz BuilderTM to get 400 words with one industry target
  • NewsmakerTM to get 500 words with two industry target
  • PR ProTM to get up to 600 words with three industry target

The number of media sites also varies as per your selected plan.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

eReleases makes you available with a detailed report about engagement, audience, and traffic on your press release.

14. Express Press Release Distribution

Counted among the largest and the best press release distribution services, Express Press Release Distribution is affiliated with more than 30 industry-specific blogs and 12 US-based sites for the press release.

Why Express Press Release Distribution?

Being in the industry from the past 10 years and above, the company works in various innovative press release projects. As the service distributes more than 10, 000 press releases every month, so it is counted among the trusted press release groups.

How does It work?

Submit your press release after selecting any of the below plans and make your release spread across a wide network.

Free plan to submit press release only on the main site

  • Standard plan to make your press release live within 24 hours of submission. The press release is available on the main site as well as 12 State-based sites throughout the US
  • Featured plan for more services in addition to Standard plan’s services
  • The extended plan makes you available with all features of Express Press Release Distribution

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Start publishing multiple press releases at an affordable price and give greater exposure to your press releases with Express Press Release Distribution service.

15. Realwire

The global press release service is specialized in online media and is helping PR professionals from the past 10 years for increasing their online impact.

Why Realwire?

When you are a first time user of Realwire services, the company gives you instant access for sending and receiving press releases.

How does It work?

Realwire completes the press distribution process in 5 easy steps. These include:

  • Release
  • Distribute
  • SEO
  • Social
  • Evaluation

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Tech-focused, and professional team of Realwire work behind the scenes to publish every accurate, and targeted press release.


The free press release service offers its service to a number of individuals and businesses every day. Along with the free press release service, the company also provides you writing tips and small press releases.


The company offers you free service and valuable writing tips that help you write engaging press releases on your own.

How does It work?

The different packs associated with the press release service are:

  • Free
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Ultimate
  • Ultimate Plus

Go through the different features of the different plans, and select the one that fits your requirements to make your first press release published.

What Makes It Different From Other Services? allows you to take the first step towards press release for free. So, create better social networking as well as web presence for free.

17. PR Distribution

With more than 18 years of PR and marketing experience, PR Distribution is the most preferred choice of retail and ecommerce businesses.

Why PR Distribution?

Going for PR distribution would be your best decision because of:

  • Lowest price plans
  • Recommended Public Relations & Marketing Agency
  • Guaranteed press release on Google (News - Alert) News, Yahoo, Bing, and Google

How does It work?

You can opt for single, monthly, and press release distribution service and then select the plan accordingly.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

The service has the ability to reach top-tier news networks, TV and radio stations, search engines, industry journals, and blogs to distribute your release all through the world. You can also get a targeted email distribution list from PR Distribution. This will help to catch the attention in your niche market.

18. Pressat

Pressat is the best press release distribution service that offers you to distribute your release at a fixed price. From targeted journalists to your influencers, you can make your release reach everywhere with the best services of Pressat

Why Pressat?

The company provides you a cost-effective solution to communicate your story across the UK and other places.

How does It work?

Sending a press release is very easy at Pressat. You only need to follow these three steps:

  • Add Profile
  • Upload your press release
  • Publish

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

The reliable distribution service provides you with media coverage to increase the visibility of your business with the powerful distribution techniques of Pressat.

19. Accesswire

The global distribution service provides complete coverage to your press releases. Distribution channels of Accesswire are perfectly aligned with the investor calendar and network, and company outreach platform. 

Why Accesswire?

If you are wondering why you should select Accesswire for your press release, then the company gives you several reasons to develop trust in its services. These include custom newsroom, custom data feeds,  webcasts, compliance needs, and press release reports.

How does It work?

Starting with Accesswire services is very easy.

  • Register for free
  • Create your releases
  • Select and then purchase your distribution

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Established in 2008, Accesswire has grown to a new level in all these years. This fastest growing press release distribution service has its connections with 98 countries. So, opting for Accesswire services gives you a chance to grow with each passing day.

20.  PitchEngine

Built for creating strong public relations, this modern software does press releases differently. PitchEngine has various smart products that help in increasing brand communication and visibility for generating more sales and developing the best relationship with the audiences.

Why PitchEngine?

PitchEngine’s PR toolkit built for developing public relations has six new tools for the progress of your brand.

  • Smart Pitch™
  • Newsboard
  • Assets
  • Tiny Pitch™
  • Compressor
  • Ping Analytics

How does It work?

Whether you are an agency or a single brand, PitchEngine keeps things simple and provides you much more for your money. Sign up and opt from any of these plans to begin using the PitchEngine services:

  • Basic with 1 brand profile
  • PR Toolkit with 6 products
  • An agency with unlimited users

Subscribe to your preferred service to begin your journey with PitchEngine.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

PitchEngine is not a wire service, in fact, it is a collection of various tools that are designed for the press release and for communication with professionals.

21. Prowly

From finding media contacts to eye-catching press releases, you will get everything for media coverage on this amazing website.

Why Prowly?

Starting at Prowly helps you in saving costs, increasing effects, and saving time.

How does It work?

You can try Prowly for free by entering your business email on the website. Prowly allows you to connect with all the PR activities at a single place.

After a 7 day trial period you can opt for your preferred plan from – basic, pro, and premium.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

From finding the right media contacts to keeping them under control, personalizing emails, and preparing newsrooms and press releases, you can access all the PR activities at Prowly.

22.   PressPage

PresPage is awesome software that helps you grow your brand with a simplified PR workflow. Managing online newsrooms, email newsletters, analytics, and media databases is very easy at a single place at PressPage. The world’s leading brands trust this service.

With maximum customer reviews and support satisfaction, this user-friendly service is worth using.

Why PressPage?

The website is secure, flexible, and easy to use. It keeps your data protected by providing a higher security level. The fully supported setup and its simple functionality save your hours of work. Easy onboarding and excellent training for the new members is also a plus point in PressPage

How does It work?

Select the plan that fits your requirements and deliver high value to your company with the PresPage services.

The plans offered by PressPage are:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

PressPage simplified the complex workflows by providing all tools on its single platform that is easy to use.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for content creation
  • Simple newsroom
  • 860,000 media contacts as well as influencers
  • Best contact management system
  • Centralized email
  • Social media distribution
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Reports for better insights

23. Wiztopic

Simplify your work, boost your communication, regain control over your reputation, and do much more for your business with Wiztopic solutions.

Various companies like Allianz, Capgemni, Engie, Loreal, and many others use Wiztopic services to get the best results from their content

Why Wiztopic?

Wiztopic is the best press release distribution service that is created for and by communication professionals. Without causing any disruption to your work, Wiztopic easily connects all your tools to a single and simple interface.

How does It work?

Wiztopic seamlessly integrates into your system and helps you manage your resources. Get your content certified from Wiztopic, and it remains secure with the company. You also get the facility of optimizing your campaigns to create engagement among your audiences.

Wiztopic allows you to measure the impact of your communication for better results.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

The platform provides you the solution for managing, certifying, broadcasting, and measuring your content.

24.  Presswire

Presswire, the state-of-the-art SaaS (News - Alert) platform uses the leading media contacts to send your press releases. This best release distribution service ensures to make your business release reach businesses and consumer releases reach your consumers effectively. Presswire also has the facility of tracing your releases for calculating engagement.

Why Presswire?

You can upload, translate your press release, target, and even track it with the best press release distribution service of Presswire.

How does It work?

Signup with the service after going through the plans and prices specifically indicated for your region. Place your order to make your press release wider audiences and gain traffic for your services. 

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Geo-targeting your press releases to specific territories language is the ideal way of obtaining success with the press release service. Presswire is the best press release distribution service that makes you available with this facility. 

25. PRLeap

Whether you are a press release expert or not, reach bloggers, influencers, and customers with PR Leap best services. You only need to pay once per release to save up to 39%.

Why PRLeap?

Whether you want publicity to launch for raising money or for launching new products, PRLeap is always there to help you with its services. Spread the word about your company and see the positive results within the next 24 hours.

PR leap also offers you special plans, if you send more press releases per month.

How does It work?

Sign up for the service, write your release, and decide the time when you want to pick your plan and reach audiences with your press release. Remember you always have the facility of fine-tuning it later.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

The facility of special packages for high volume senders is the best feature of this service. Modern templates, social sharing, distribution of press releases to various news outlets, search engine optimization, and publicity reports are the most catchy features of PR leap.

26. Prezly

Enjoy better and faster communication with the best press release distribution service of Prezly. It allows you to do all from the single place - manage your contacts list, publish and pitch your stories. You can book a demo and select the plan as per your requirements.

Why Prezly?

Get everything that is required for creating less fuss and more press releases with the best services of Prezly. The software is built specifically to let communication teams focus on their tasks.

How does It work?

Prezly works effectively on the following grounds:

  • Manage your contacts
  • Send pitches and your campaigns
  • Track communications
  • SEO-friendly content editor
  • Get better insights and reports about your releases

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

The service keeps your contacts as well as other interactions organized in one place. You can create a branded newsroom for your audiences to publish and share your releases in minutes. Personalized and multimedia campaigns help you in building better relationships with your audiences.

27. ReleaseWire

From release to results, Releasewire gets you covered for all. You can create, distribute, and analyze your press releases. With ReleaseWire services you can respond effectively to the changing and the new media engagement process.

Why ReleaseWire?

ReleaseWire helps you in getting noticed without going out of your budget. Showing trust in its services means you will gain better visibility and hence excellent response for your brand. Web-based tools of Releasewire are designed to fit businesses of all sizes. ReleaseWire keeps on developing its ways of improving its services.

How does It work?

Signup for the service with your preferred plan and share your news with its user-friendly authoring tools. After distributing the news to the leading media outlets, search engines, and bloggers, you can analyze the success to make improvements for gaining valuable audiences.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

With Releasewire services, you gain better visibility without breaking your budget.

28. IssueWire

Distribute your press release on more than 150 media outlets with IssueWire services. Submit your press release and post the first release for free at this best press release distribution service. Distribution, promotion, and coverage is guaranteed with IssueWire services.

Why Issuewire?

Issuewire helps you in making your release reach wider audiences as the service distributes your release on major search engines like Google News, Bing, and other popular websites.

How does It work?

You can make your news reach wider audiences with these four steps:

  • Create
  • Optimize
  • Distribute
  • Promote

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

The website allows you to experience its services by posting your first press release for free.

29. Pitchbox

Pitchbox helps the brands, agencies, and publishers promote their content in record time. With its services, you can find influencers specific to your niche within seconds. The website is also integrated with the top SEO providers like SEMRush, LRT, Majestic, etc.

Why Pitchbox?

Thousands of users have shown interest in Pitchbox services. All this is because of their best press release distribution services. You can book a demo to know its services.

How does It work?

Create campaigns and customize settings with the Pitchbox software. Pitchbox assists you in making data-driven decisions by refining outreach strategy that helps in optimizing efficiency and maximizing results.

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

Personal outreach and follow up save your hundreds of hours every month. You can customize every outreach mail for gaining target opportunities too without any manual input. On average there will be a boost in response rate with automatic follow-ups.

30. JustReachOut

Get yourself featured in the press without any PR agency. You will get PR software as well as guidance at a single place. JustReachOut allows you to pitch with confidence as you can find the relevant journalists, press opportunities, publications, broken links, and podcasts with the help of software.

Why JustReachOut?

JustReachOut makes you available with the best tactics and strategies to make you get consistent exposure on a regular basis.

How does It work?

JustReachOut helps you in amplifying your press release in these three steps:

  • Search
  • Outreach
  • Guidance

What Makes It Different From Other Services?

With JustReachOut services you can attract journalists and pitch with relevance to get the maximum exposure. 

Why Press Releases Have Become More Important Now?

From the past many years, press release service has changed a lot. This change is especially because businesses now understand its importance more than before. But you can use this service effectively only when you understand the different strategies. This is possible only when you are using the best service.

Let us understand the various reasons that have made this service so important.

Launching a new product

When you are thinking of launching a new product or service in the market, marketing is very important. What is more beneficial than a press release? Immediately draft your press release and let it spread across different search engines as well as social media networks. Thousands of journalists reach your release and make it spread more.

Make your brand more visible

With the invention of technology and opening of a number of good press releases services, publishing and distributing press releases has become a lot easier now. You can send the number of as you want. When you are doing this you are increasing your brand’s visibility as well as earning a reputation in the market.

Grows the interest of target audiences

As already said, press releases have improved more than ever and have become more communicative now. These include videos, images, and various other types of multimedia that make them more interesting. All this helps in making your stories and messages more interesting and convey your message effectively across your audiences.

Spread message instantly

Before the invention of the online press releases, if one wanted to use this service they needed to send the release to the journalist first, only then your message is spread across a large audience. Sometimes the release was even left only in their desks and never made their way to the public. But now with the help of online press releases, your message is spread instantly across millions of people through their social media and also emails.

Provide more knowledge about the brand

You also get the opportunity to make people aware more about your brand. Wondering how? Well, you have the facility to add links to your web pages in your press release. When the user clicks on that link, your brand or company is directing readers to more information about your services. All this results in getting more traffic to your brand and making it reach wider audiences.


Just because of the invention of the online press release, it has become more portable now. People find it convenient to read it anytime anywhere on the web from their laptop or smartphone. Reading it while relaxing on the couch or traveling increases the chances of making it viral. When people find your release interesting and engaging they will instantly make it viral by sharing it across different social media networks. Was this buzz possible with your traditional press release? No! So, why not take it’s an advantage now.

Search engine optimization

To make people easily reach your press release, you can even optimize with specific keywords. Use certain words that are linked with your brand and are popularly searched among users. Include them in your release to make it rank higher in SEO and grow more traffic for your service.

We hope our review about the top 30 best press release distribution services will prove beneficial to you!

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» More TMCnet Feature Articles